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$10 off $100 Minimum Spend On Your First Click and Collect Order @ Woolworths Online


Woolworths -$10 off $100 on first pick up order (click & collect)

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  • Is click and collect avaliable now? Not only for elderly?

    • Not sure, it hasn't been available for me for about a month, but on Friday they had it all day Saturday and today they have it all day Monday for me. But all other windows are unavailable. I think it's coming back slowly. I feel the panic buying is over. But maybe still a few weeks off before windows open more. They have increased staff a lot

    • It's available to everyone at Coles (they just changed it) not sure about Woolworths.

  • are you going to get more than 50% of your order filled?

  • from website: Unfortunately due to the ever-evolving and challenging COVID-19 situation, we’ve had to cancel our “$10 off your first Pick up shop” online shopping offer with code PICKUP10. With the increased demand for online shopping we are focused on prioritising our most vulnerable customers through our Priority Assistance. We apologise for the inconvenience.

    • "With the increased demand for online shopping…"
      Online shopping closed down for most a while ago, so seems an old update. Now being restarted.

      It's undated info towards bottom of Pickup (below app links) - likely out of date.

      Seems some Woolies Updates from March are now out of date as their systems change.

      The deal photo shows this is an active offer dated 31/3 - 29/4/20 & offer ends 30/6.
      But may not be available at all stores. OP is in Sydney, according to Profile.

  • Additional 10% off first order this week for those with Woolies Insurance or Mobile.

    Should stack with this code - if you've never ordered for pickup before.

    Normal weekend offer extended to Friday this time.
    For April, we have extended the offer dates to support the new social distancing measures in-store as well as the online delivery window availability. You can shop your 10% off your first shop in-store or online until Friday 17 April.

  • 100-(-10) = $110

  • Supermarkets should just start delivering & shut half their stores.

  • "Sorry, your Coupon: "PICKUP10" has expired."

    Thanks anyway OP :)

    • Have you ordered for Pickup before?
      Code only works for first order.

      • That’s probably it, cheers

      • Same message here, "expired" is a strange way to phrase it :)

        • It's intentionally misleading (and therefore unlawful).

          On the offer page/picture you click to get the offer it says nothing about new customers only (only after you click it, it says new customers only).


          Edit. Actually under Australian Consumer Law it doesn't matter if someone means to mislead or not (the intent is irrelevant).

          If it's misleading, it's unlawful.

          The matter is probably too trivial to report to the ACCC, but it really shits me how companies get away with breaking the law like this all the time, with no consequence.

  • If something goes wrong, the online team who control the system are no help. Expect no help.

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