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Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones (Black or Silver) $225 Delivered @ Addicted to Audio


Greetings everyone, A2A have just dropped the price on these popular earphones once again (to $250) and this can be combined with the 10% off coupon :)

Both black and silver available.

As always, enjoy!

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    Please change item description as it is a bit confusing (implies that 10% can be taken off $225, whereas $225 is the final cost after discount ($250-$25=$225)

  • Is sony going to release their new version of this?

  • hows the microphones on these? Need a new headset for work

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      apparently poor

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        Family member bought these during the last sale, called me from a busy shopping centre. Voice quality OK, however a lot of background noise. Probably not suitable in a car either.

        • I have these, they are not good for phone calls outside. However they are fine in a quite place and also the car.

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      Seems to rate ok according to rtings review.


      I reckon if you don't need ANC you are better off getting buds+, marginally better than the Sony at most things.

    • Average on my pair

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      Apparently quite decent after latest firmware updates:

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWahIzoa20Y (Firmware 2.1.0 Jan2020)
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzADqt_TH5k (Firmware 2.3.0 Mar2020)

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      Don't use it for work. I had the WF 1000X, WF 1000 xm3 and WH 1000 XM3.

      These are ONLY good for listening to music and the occasional Skype video call.

      The price is fantastic for these!

      USB C Charging, and pairing is sooo good on this :) Highly recommend it.

    • When it's windy, it picks up a lot of the air. In a shopping centre, works just fine for me. On the train too. The ANC is top notch! You don't even realise it's on until you take them off!

    • My friends said "it's worse than [other friend's] mic", which is a pretty damning condemnation because his sounds like a buzzsaw.

      I'm using the Zalman ZM1 which they say "has no right to sound so good for $12". This guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Vee7upfjkM has it plugged into a $15 Sabrent USB Sound Adapter. It's clunky but if you already have earphones this is a cheap, great sounding option.

      https://youtu.be/lDPOtG4BRFg?t=19 If you need a full headset the ATH PG1 sounds really nice for $125.

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    The only codecs they support is SBC and AAC - so good for iPhones, not so much for Android.

    • Now thats good info

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      My lg v30 supports AAC and SBC. Why is it not good for Android?

        • Thanks. My question is more why its not considered "good" for Android. It might be "better" on iPhones due to the above technical reasons but it sounds fantastic to me on my android device.

          • @hmmz: Inconsistent and inferior performance of AAC over BT on Android.

            Different smartphones also perform very differently with AAC, which is surprising given that the same phones perform identically with regular SBC Bluetooth.

            smartphones that prioritize energy efficiency over performance will encode AAC Bluetooth to a much lower bitrate and quality

            AAC doesn’t reach frequencies high enough to match CD quality, LDAC or standard Bluetooth’s SBC in any instance. That’s concerning for anyone who prizes audio quality over convenience

            High-quality implementations, like that from the iPhone 7, are going to be very hard to distinguish from CD quality and other high-quality Bluetooth codecs. However, lower bitrate implementations like those seen on some of our Android phones are nowhere near CD quality in terms of frequency response or noise. Avoid using AAC on these models.

            It’s definitely the most unreliable Bluetooth codec on Android smartphones.

            • @alvian:

              are going to be very hard to distinguish from CD quality

              It depends.

              The real problem is being compressed more than once. If music is compressed once using contemporary codecs it's the same as the source. Yes it's lost information but it sounds the same. As an aside SBC is not a contemporary codec and was designed for voice not music so it's not great.

              If it's compressed again then you have noticeable quality loss compared to source.

              So if you use a lossless source such as FLAC streaming (eg. Deezer) then compress it using Bluetooth LDAC or AAC then quality will be difficult to distinguish.

              But if you're using MP3 streaming (eg Spotify) then the music arrives compressed once with information loss. If you compress it again using LDAC or AAC then you will notice quality loss.

              • @Diji1: The tests were performed with both lossless source signals and high-bitrate lossy AAC compressed signals. Notice the flat pink line at the top, and the pink line that fell off the cliff at 20kHz? These were respectively the artificially generated source signal and its AAC-compression. Obviously the performance suffered with double compression but the conclusions were the same: AAC over BT on Android is problematic because its quality differs widely with different implementations. (And then there are also issues with high latency and its high variability.)

                We tested AAC with both lossless, and AAC file types—both producing measurably different results.

                We’re also playing back lossless content at the moment, to test the Bluetooth codec’s compression rather than be bound by limitations of the file type.

                Just to showcase the way that AAC compression changes quite substantially depending on the content being played, here’s our square wave test too

                The frequency responses are identical for each phone whether playing lossless or AAC file types. We can also clearly see that none of the phones reach the same 20kHz limit as our AAC input file type.

    • Why do people keep repeating this garbage? SBC isn't that bad and Android supports AAC anyway. On my phone it connects using AAC.

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        Probably due to these technical tests of AAC over BT on Android.


        Not only is the [AAC] encoding quality linked to [BT] connection quality but also to Android’s Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS) algorithms. EAS governs how a phone prioritizes CPU clock speeds versus energy efficiency, and Bluetooth encoding can be assigned a priority like any other task.

        AAC is the only Bluetooth codec that makes uses of psychoacoustic modeling to transmit data, so it’s a very processing-heavy codec compared to SBC or aptX. Therefore, smartphones that prioritize energy efficiency over performance will encode AAC Bluetooth to a much lower bitrate and quality.

        Even our best Android phone in the mix, The Galaxy Note 8, is clearly worse than the iPhone 8 across all frequencies.


        The AAC codec also showcased the highest variable audio quality performance across devices we tested in the past. It’s definitely the most unreliable Bluetooth codec on Android smartphones. It’s one of the reasons why we recommend you don’t use AirPods with Android phones.

        • Thanks for the link. I think most people won't be able to hear these differences and also the majority are listening to lossy music anyway.

    • Depends what type of a player you're using on Android, I use powerapm and it's fantastic.

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    OMG, wish it back to 200$ :(

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      exactly my thought, was 200$ 3 weeks ago

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    I had these, sound great, ANC fantastic, few times I tried calls I was advised quality was not good (but this was to the wife and she complains about voice quality all the time so I try not to talk too much)

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      How did you reach that conclusion? Only a couple of days ago someone was complaining that PS4 Pro & STD were too high? Please substantiate

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    Ozbargain spirit, it needs to be lower than 199 as bargain 😁😁😁

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    Bought one for 199 but feel not very comfortable, has to change to the biggest size to have the noise canceling

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      Try changing the tips as well e.g. to foam if you were using rubber.

      • I've tried all of the sizes in the foam and rubber. Even sitting still at my desk these fall out…but I've seen someone running with these! I think some people just have an oddly shaped head lol =(

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          You did follow the instructions right i.e. twist them down? I had that same problem as well when I first got them. I have small ears and find that the foam ones tend to fall out less compared to the rubber ones

  • How are the bass?
    Reviews says it is lacking in the bass department?

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      You can use the Headphones Connect app to adjust the bass level

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    Bought a pair during the $200 deal, thinking of returning them (unsure if mine are faulty). I’m using the latest firmware

    • Half the time they don’t connect when I put them in my ear, have to go to settings > Bluetooth > connect
    • If I put them on during a call it sounds like the call is underwater. Sounds fine if I have them on and make a call though.

    Sound quality is good, NC is fantastic

    • What phone do you have ?

      • iPhone XS

        • I think your set might be faulty.

          I have an XS Max and no issues at all with connecting and its very smooth when I pull it out of the case.

          Try to forget the device and hard reset your phone.

          Have you also updated the latest IOS on your phone?

    • This happens to me too. I have to switch to phone loudspeaker and then back to BT and that corrects. Happens on occasion. Mostly for outgoing calls only. S10e.
      The RHS ear bud will not work on it's own. I did not know this and is very annoying. The samsung buds work independent of each other, why can't these! The left one connects instantly, no fussing, no app nedded. So try that out and tell me how you go.

      +1 on the ANC

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    Do they provide tax invoice?

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      Yes, with Australian ABN and GST amount.

  • I have had these for 6 months now and they sound so awesome. Got the wh 1000xm3 and the akg nc700ncm2 and these pack comparative sound to the over ears in a small package.
    Paid $350 for mine and would definitely recommend at this price. Only caveat is no water resistance. Also if you are apple user may be best to invest in the airpods.

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    Just a heads up this store got caught out price jacking before there recent sitewide sale.

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    Bought when they were $199. Great for the price.

    Noise cancellation isn't as good as over the ear headphones like my QC35s, but the sound quality is better. certainly more bass.

    It's essential to get an airtight seal in your ear, so choosing the right size tip is critical.

    Even at $225, this great value given the state of the AUD. It equates to USD$142 which is nearly USD$60 (AUD$100) cheaper than the lowest pre-tax price on Amazon US.

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    So, I have these and Bose SoundSport Free Wireless headphones. I will only compare them to QC35II when it comes to ANC since it isn't a super fair comparison.


    So, ANC isn't that good. You keep hearing people praising the ANC in this product, but if QC35 is a 10/10 for ANC then these are like a 5/10.

    There were certain cases, where Bose SoundSport Free Wireless did just as good of a job of cancelling out noise (Keep in mind, SoundSport don't have any noise cancellation).

    Where ANC is alright is when there are low frequency sounds and people talking from afar. If they are close to you then you will hear them. If the train is a little bit loud, you will hear it. However, with QC35, you wouldn't hear either.

    Sound Quality:

    Overall, they have really good sound quality. I think they are slightly better than Bose SoundSport but where it is lacking is definitely the bass. If Bose SoundSport is a 10/10 for Bass then these are a 8/10. In terms of overall sound quality, I'd say if these are a 10/10 then Bose SoundSport is a 9/10. The bass part is surprising because Sony are known to be better when it comes to Bass sounds than Bose (From what I've heard at least).

    Mic Quality:

    I've heard the mic quality as a listener and speaker, it is pretty good overall. I think people have said there will be a lot of background noise, sadly I haven't tested this.


    It is pretty comfortable tbh, like compared to the Bose SoundSport, it is day and night. If Sonys are 10/10 for comfort, Bose SoundSport is like 6.5-7/10.
    However, people have said they are loose in your ear and they were right. If you are just sitting down, then you are fine but if you are moving around then they can become loose and could possibly fall out.

    Battery Life:

    These have really good battery life and they charge really fast, unlike the Bose SoundSport that has trash battery life.


    There is only major latency with games, everything else (e.g Youtube, live streams etc..) has no issues.


    These are really good "headphones", but they obviously don't compare to the likes of QC35II or Sony XM3 but if you're like me, you were looking for earbud type headphones so you knew it wasn't going to be as good.

    If you're looking for ANC comparable to the known headphones then these are not for you. However,if you just want a good quality earbud type headphones that will feel somewhat comfortable and simple to use then these are for you.

    I would definitely highly recommend this product to others

    I'll say this though, it did make me more excited for Bose Earbuds 700 because I'm still hoping for true ANC earbuds one day.

    tl;dr version:

    Overall, really good sound quality, bass is lacking a bit.
    Comfort is pretty good, can become loose if moving
    ANC isn't anywhere near as good as people claim it is.

    • +1

      Agree with most what you've said there. I find the bass better on these (xm3) than both my sound sport and my qc35s, which goes directly to the point that in ear earbuds results vary wildly from user to user (unlike over the ear).

      But yes, sound isolation doesn't hold a flame to the qc35s. Even my bose qc20s (which I sold ages ago) had far better noise cancellation than the xm3's.

      Let's home the Bose 700's (earbuds) will be the holy grail when released!

      • +1

        One thing I noticed about ANC is the padding makes such gigantic difference.

        Just the padding with noise cancellation off with my QC35 crushed the ANC in the Sony WF.

        I couldn't believe the difference.

        I think ANC will always be a challenge in these types of "headphones" because over ear vs in ear.

        • Indeed, I can't imagine ever giving up my over ear NC cans for in ear any time soon. On long haul flights I also like to ability to wear foam ear plugs under the headphones, makes a huge difference.

          That said, the xm3's do definately have their place, I'm glad I bought them. They are certainly a very refined piece of hardware, and the app is certainly far more advanced than that of Bose!

          • @ash2000: Btw, maybe I was being unfair with the Bass part, you're right.

            I just put them on "Bass boosted" using the app and its probably equal to the soundsport and maybe even better.

            It was just a settings thing, not the earbuds themselves.

            However, maybe people don't want to play around with the app or they'll use them on the PC or something so maybe it was a fair score but worth mentioning the app settings.

    • How do they go with running? Would you prefer these over the soundsport? I'm trying to convince myself I don't need to get these over the SoundSport I already have.

      That being said, I had hate the latency with the SoundSport when watching videos

      • If you're running, it will slowly keep getting looser as you run so you'll have to re-adjust them constantly.

        Soundsport is definitely way more secure, it wouldn't even be close.

        So, for that reason I wouldn't personally recommend them for running.

        Maybe there are non official ear tips with wings that can make them more secure.

        • Thanks mate, that's made my mind up. I'll stick with Soundsport. I appreciate the feedback

    • I confirm that the ANC on this earbuds is bad. Not only I can still hear noises, but they also have a really annoying white noise at rest.
      I'm not sure if this is a common occurrence or I got a bad copy, however the experience isn't all that good tbh.

      • Mine work great, not as good as my WH…XM3s but still does a decent job.

        I think your set might be faulty as I don't have any white noise issues.

  • I would recommend these for music. Haven't had a great experience with calls in noisy environments but does fine for quiet environments.
    As with all IEMs fit is critical. Try the all the supplied tips for the best fit. If you have a poor fitting IEM it will sound bad and the noise cancelling won't be great either. Even though these have ANC they still rely on the fit to passively block some sound.

    The ANC on these is ok, doesn't compare to over the ear headphones but good enough for public transport usage. I like the ANC on this as I can use tips that are a bit more comfortable compared to triple-flange tips and still get good isolation.

    • Would you happen to have a link for those tips please?

      • I don't use triple flange tips on the Sony although I am sure you should be able to find some. I can't remember the list but certain sets of manufactures use the same inner diameter for the IEM tip.

        I used these on my Shure https://www.shure.com/en-US/products/accessories/eatfl1-6
        I don't find the design that comfortable and often people cut the last flange off anyway.

        I find foam tips the most comfortable but I find they wear out too quickly and the costs add up. You can make your own tips out of foam earplugs which works pretty well.

        With these IEM's certain tips may not fit in the charging case without being squished either so that might limit the selection.

  • does anyone know if JB hifi can do price beat this website?

  • Anyone have both these and the Aukey t10s and can compare?

  • I have the Samsung Galaxy buds plus. Is this much better in terms of sound quality? I dont need ANC.

    The galaxy buds plus are smaller and the case is small as well and has wireless charging and better battery life without using the case.

  • Spending my days waiting at the door to make sure aust post dont try a "you weren't home" style go pick it up elsewhere deal on me.
    $199 would have been great, sad I missed that but this is pretty close.

  • The price is now $260 after discount.

    • The price is now $479.95!

      • That's over RRP though ($349 or the old one of $399)