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25,000+ Free Printable Maths, Science, Reading, STEM & Other Resources for Pre-Kindy - Year 6 @ Scholastic Teachables


Greetings everyone, Scholastic has opened up their catalogue of student materials to assist students at home during this tough time :)

This service usually costs $59.99 USD per year to access (or these resources can be purchased individually for approx $3 USD each), so seems like a generous offer from them!

Open the link in the OP and sign in using the following credentials to get access:

MOD: Authentication credential removed

Scholastic Teachablesโ€”worksheets, lesson plans, learning games, and more! Formerly known as Scholastic Printables, we offer printable activities for any subject: math, science, reading comprehension, STEM, writing, and beyond. Download printable lesson plans, reading passages, games and puzzles, clip art, bulletin board ideas, and skills sheets for kids in any grade.

Note: Thanks to TheNewBargainer, some of this material may be in imperial units as this is a US resource, please make sure to check that the content is relevant before use :)

The Scholastic Watch&Learn library can also be accessed using the following credentials:

MOD: Authentication credential removed

As always, enjoy :)

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    There're thousands of printables with each 50+ pages. Does anyone know if these can be bought instead cause printing this much isn't possible for me personally. Very useful resource anyway, I'd be happy to purchase a subscription even once it e xpires, thanks for sharing.

    • Officeworks printing is 8ยข which is potentially cheaper than running a home inkjet.

      • Not as cheap as having a continuous ink printer…

        • Or a cheap laser printer. $15 for 1500+ pages, yes please.

          • @michaelpls: do some cost page calculations with some of the brother models and it's pretty cheap in mono, like 3 cents a page. Even cheaper if you use 3rd party toner. I have an old MFC-8860DN and I gt cost down around a cent a page from memory when I did the calc. Ripper old printer too, last for ever, double sided scan and doublesided print. They were a beast. The new cheap printer box (the size of 2 shoe boxes side by side. They are pretty cheap to buy and run. Plus you can recycle the paper when the kiddies are done with it too and if you really want you can use recycled paper to start with too.

          • @michaelpls: What's a good cheap laser printer?

    • Reading eggs had workbooks for sale - but they are sold out until May.

      Same with a lot of online bookstores in Australia.
      office works doesn't have a lot of books in stock as well.

      Bought some Kumon books from Boomerang books. It was a pretty thick compilation of toddler workbooks for around $20. It depends on the age of your kids.

      Got some from Amazon and Bookdepository (which is owned by Amazon now).

    • You can always look at them on the computer - the kids could look at the spreadsheets and write answers on Word and then save them. My kids have email addresses now so I can email these to them!

    • Just print to PDF

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  • thanks OP for sharing!

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  • Hey this is great! Thanks for sharing. A lot of this is Imperial measurements, even units on spelling, grammar, seasons etc can all be North American. So be careful guys

    • Pre-K probably arenโ€™t going to run into too much spelling and unit content, but agree the K and 1 age groups might get confused - the word โ€˜colourโ€™ is probably one of the first โ€˜big wordsโ€™ that theyโ€™ll learn.

      It would be great if services like this had a locale filter though. I sometimes wish Audible had a dialect filter too, but thatโ€™s getting a bit petty (Iโ€™d hate hearing Roald Dahl in an American accent… I much prefer my audiobooks in Polish Cleaner dialect).

  • Anyway to download all?

    • Yep, select each one and press the download button.

    • searching "pack or "collection" seems to bring up resources that are more like books (60pages) but that is the best i found!

    • I use the "downthemall" firefox plugin for this kind of effort. Might not fit here, but give it a go.

    • working on a way of getting all pdfs downloaded via script. Unfortunately the pdfs are named numerically so you'd have to search for key words once they are all downloaded.

      • Let us know how you go!

      • I started looking and got interested in Leveled Learning Collections. Each collection has activities / exercises split as per students' capability - At Par, Above, Below.

        While downloading, I could see a pattern in file names / location.

        https://teachables.scholastic.com/content/dam/scholastic/tea... - Is fixed for all
        LLC_227 - Is the name of the file

        Hope this helps you in your script.

      • If you're scripting this try something like:


        That will get you 120 database results per query including heaps of metadata, URL of the PDF, etc. With that it should be fairly straightforward to download and name the PDFs based on their title (or anything other bit of metadata you like).

        The start= is the index to start at - in this example we are searching for results 120-239.

        • Can we have a scripting for dummies version of this please?

          • @MellowScan: Unfortunately I don't have the time (or the skills) to produce good clean code that I'd be comfortable sharing, but I can provide a rough starting point that might help you hack something together. No doubt this will make some web developers cry or pipe up with good code. Hopefully both.

            1. Sign into the page with your browser to generate your session cookie.
            2. Bring up the developer console (F12) and switch to the 'network' tab.
            3. Perform an example search e.g. 'grade 1'
            4. Under the list of URLs retrieved (shown in the developer console) find the one that starts common-search.json… it should be near the top.
            5. Right click it > Copy > Copy as PowerShell (or whatever your preferred scripting tool).
            6. You've now got on your clipboard code that will retrieve your search results in json format. You can clean up the search query to remove some of the cruft like the 'recommended' results.

            7. (basic powershell example):
              $response = <paste your cleaned up code beginning Invoke-WebRequest blahblahblah>
              $content = ConvertFrom-Json $response.content (convert the json to a powershell array)
              $content.solrDocumentList (this will return all the 'teachables' in your results with full metadata)
              $content.solrDocumentList.PdpDoc_s (this will return just the download URLs)
              $content.total (this will return the total number of matching search results)

            8. As I indicated above add &start=x to your query to return search results starting at x. It looks like they have limited their search engine to return maximum 120 results per query, so don't expect rows=10000 to get 10000 results at once.

            I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to work out how to dynamically build and invoke the requests to work through the full list of search results, though I'm sure many will just go nuts copy/pasting/tweaking.

              • @phoxymoron: You are an awesome human being!

              • @phoxymoron: @phoxymoron: the download link is not working for me. Is there any alternate link for .csv file or if you can send to my email: [email protected]? thanks mate

              • @phoxymoron: Hi, Perhaps I am doing something wrong but when I click on your link in zippyshare for the 'whole lot' I get new Chrome tabs asking me to install different software. But I click on the download tab in Microsoft edge I get a new page freezing my computer telling me that my computer has been ransomed. Is that how zippyshare works?

        • @phoxymoron: Thanks for your json file.
          I used your json file and simplified a lot and downloading all the pdf files using a small PowerShell script right now.
          I used Fiddler to figure out what else needed. It was simple. We need to set Referer header.
          Will let you guys know the script if anyone else needed?

          • @CodeToLive: I would be interested. Thanks

              • @CodeToLive: Thank you. Worked great. I appreciate you sharing this. For Powershell newbies, you might need to alter your Powershell permissions first.

                • @Fatboy74: @Fatboy74: Great to hear my script worked for you. Sharing is caring ๐Ÿ˜Š
                  Ah yeah. Forgot to mention if you are running a PowerShell script for the first time on your computer, you have to run this command
                  Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

                  • @CodeToLive: Thanks again. Is there an easy way to have the PDF files renamed to their titles, rather than random(ish) numbers when downloaded?

                    • @Fatboy74: @Fatboy74: Good point. Yes, I can do it. Let me alter my script and the json file. I'll let you know once I tested my script.

                      • @CodeToLive: Thank you. I'm (slowly) working on finding a batch file renamer using your modified csv file. But that involves downloading the files (using your script) then renaming each file with the appropriate title and file extension. I have zero idea what you are doing creating this stuff but thank you for your black magic lol.

                          • @CodeToLive: My gosh! That's unbelievable!

                              • @CodeToLive: When using the (very much appreciated the massive effort) PowerShell runing as admin I end up with this message after typing:
                                PS C:\1> .\Download.ps1

                                .\Download.ps1 : File C:\1\Download.ps1.ps1 cannot be loaded. The file C:\1\Download.ps1.ps1 is not digitally signed.
                                You cannot run this script on the current system. For more information about running scripts and setting execution
                                policy, see about_Execution_Policies at https:/go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=135170.
                                At line:1 char:1
                                + .\Download.ps1
                                + ~~~~~~
                                + CategoryInfo : SecurityError: (:) [], PSSecurityException
                                + FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnauthorizedAccess

                                Any ideas to rectify? Thanks very much

                                • @nm: Hmm.. You can try running this command first, before running Download.ps1

                                  Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

              • @CodeToLive: Thank you very much!

              • @CodeToLive: Cant believe i missed out. Do you need to be logged in to run the script?

      • Any progress? I can't figure out how to do it as a html page pops up when I enter the pdf links. "Downloading the pdf" with a script also gives the html page.

        • I put a few of the pdf links into 'Free Download Manager' and it worked for me, but I can reproduce your experience - pasting the URL directly into a browser takes you to the description page for that teachable.

          I'm guessing their website is looking for particular headers in the request that you'll need to 'recreate' in your download script. I'd use the same trick to watch the network requests via developer tools to see if you can spot what's different between a request that gets you the html page and one that gets you the PDF.

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    Now I can open up my own Kumon centre !!!

  • anyway to mass download with softwares?

  • Great pick : )

  • That is great. Thank you kind sir

  • Thanks Op :)

  • Its like downloading a page from a textbook, one page at a time :-(

  • Great source of study material though it's hard to choose a few from hundreds of files. Thanks OP! Do we have any Australian equivalent of the same?

    The handouts that teachers use in our schools are created by dept of education or taken from some similar source?

  • Some more freebies I've bookmarked, probably posted elsewhere but figured it'd be useful here to someone:


  • Thanks Op

  • Neat! I'll be sharing this to my teacher friends and my people-with-kid friends.

  • Thank you so much, OP!

  • hm someone call r/datahoarders

  • Is there a public announcement somewhere? Or is this just sharing credentials…?

  • This is awesome! Thank you!

  • How to download all the content lol ?

  • Great find, and a valuable trove of resources. But the accessibility is woeful.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Who needs teachers when we have this? Don't pay them until they go back to work teaching full classes!

  • Credentials no longer working ? Getting this now -
    "Invalid credentials. Please try again."

  • Oh no, I am too slow

  • Anyone willing to share please?