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Kogan Black Credit Card - $0 Annual Fee + 22 Months Balance Transfers + Uncapped Rewards + Bonus $100 + Free Kogan Membership



Kogan Money Credit Cards are issued by Citigroup Pty Limited

Bonus $100 Kogan.com Credit: Spend $1,000 in the first 60 days from card approval on eligible purchases and you’ll receive $100 in Kogan.com Credit which you can use within the next 12 months of the credit being applied

No annual fees

0% p.a. for 22 months on balance transfers (+2% BT fee)

Uncapped rewards points: Earn up to 2 rewards points per dollar on your eligible purchases at Kogan.com and 1 rewards point per dollar on your eligible everyday spend, uncapped.

Complimentary Kogan Membership:Get free shipping on 1000’s of products, express shipping upgrades, and exclusive specials at Kogan.com with you complimentary Kogan First Membership, currently valued at $99 per year

Up to 4 additional cardholders at no cost

All eligible spend by additional cardholders contributes to rewards!

Visa payWave

FRAUDSHIELD® and Visa Zero Liability: Security and fraud protection with FRAUDSHIELD® and Visa Zero Liability.

This offer is for new Kogan Money credit card customers only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or offers.
Earn more than $35,000 a year.
Be 18 years or older and a permanent Australian resident.
Have a valid email address and mobile number.

Earn up to 2 rewards points per dollar.
2 rewards points per $1 of eligible spend on Kogan exclusive brand purchases.
1 rewards point per $1 of eligible spend on Kogan.com non-exclusive brands.
1 rewards point per $1 of eligible spend outside Kogan.com.
You can redeem your points in one of two ways.
Redeem your rewards points for eligible purchases made on Kogan.com. Register your Kogan Money credit card for “Shop with Points” with your Kogan.com account and this option will be available at checkout for eligible purchases.6
Redeem your rewards points for Kogan Money credit card payments made at www.koganmobile.com.au and www.koganinternet.com.au. Login in to your credit card account online or on your mobile app, select the eligible credit card payment and follow the instructions to pay with your rewards points.

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  • +4 votes

    Kogan CC sounds so ghetto

  • +3 votes

    Yes, we all need to support Kogan more, and get more Kogan in our life…………….

    Most of their clients will be people with credit card debt.

    Ouch:$30 each time we do not receive the Minimum Payment Due and any Overdue Amount by the Payment Due Date
    Interest free days on retail purchases (unless you have a balance transfer) Up to 55
    Balance transfer rate at end of offer period Reverts to cash advance rate

  • +4 votes

    Terrible service.

    • +1 vote

      thanks to citibank:P

  • +1 vote

    Sounded great. Thought there must be a catch.

    Backend by Citi (not had great experience with them). Not the best reviews: https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/kogan-money-black-...

    Tempting if only for free shipping, but meh.


      Thank you, added the Citigroup issuer to the post.

    • +5 votes

      Backend by Citi


      We have a Coles credit card and since Citi took over last year, it has been a disaster. The only reason we stay with it is because of the flybuys stuff (we mostly shop at coles), otherwise way too many headaches.

      Not talking about fees or anything, it is just dumpster fire customer service/online services.

      They even changed the monthly invoices to make them more difficult to read so you would pay the incorrect amount and pay interested on what was left behind.


        Yeah. We had actual Citibank cards, and although they had lots of features and zero fees, the service was worse than useless and if anything amazingly kept getting worse so I eventually cancelled them.

  • +16 votes

    Just cancelled my previous card after they refused to honour the $500 gift card deal from last year. I met the criteria, but because a cafe I frequent was in a government building Kogan claimed it was a 'government-related expense' and so disregarded those spends. That, and a delay in them processing a number of other transactions, meant I was about $15 shy of reaching the spend requirement, and they wouldn't give any ground when I complained.

    If you want a free card then sure, go for your life. But remember that it's Kogan and they are useless at customer service.


      i remember almost jumping at that 500 GC deal.
      that cafe excuse seems a bit bs

      • +8 votes

        I was particularly angry that I made the spend requirements in December, and was told I'd get the voucher late Feb/early March. I followed up multiple times last month and each time was told that it was approved and that I would be getting it 'shortly', only to be told a week or so ago that, no, they'd changed their minds and I hadn't made the preconditions.

        Just shitty service if you ask me - it shouldn't be so hard to confirm if I spent $500 or not.


      Get it while still available.

      Under the current circumstances, banks like Macquarie Bank has paused all new CC applications, including Woolworths, Myer and its own. It won't be surprising that more second tier banks would follow suit.

      • +1 vote

        Kogan/Citibank is 4th/5th tier though…. maybe 6th.

  • +1 vote

    You will need a CC to buy $14.99 hand sanitiser from these dirtbags


    Last deal was good, got $505 from the 2,000 spend.
    Like others said here and in last few posts, they are useless in support, they rang me twice to confirm my income when I already gave proof. Lady even stated on 2nd call they didn't need to ring me.


    Got voucher from last deal as late as they could after 12 weeks. Already passed spend in first few weeks.
    Most items I was looking at had there prices jacked up once I got the voucher.. coincidence who knows…

    For 100 voucher invest wait for atleast a few hundred offer.


    What are peoples thoughts on using this purely for the balance transfer?

    • +1 vote

      In the past I got great balance transfers with the Westpac Low rate credit card. Sadly I had to consolidate my debts ( the most humbling day at the bank asking for help while drowning in debt). Happy to say I’ve had no credit card for two years!!


      I wouldn't simply because of Citi. If you go for it, note that "reverts to cash advance rate. No interest free days on retail purchases apply while you have a balance transfer" - in other words, if you transfer a debt to it, you will not only have to pay 2% you will also immediately pay interest on any purchase you make with the card. These deals can be traps. Use only if eyes wide open. Otherwise, go to a bank and get a low interest loan then kill the credit cards.


      its pretty good I supposed. but dont use it for anything other than the BT.

  • +1 vote

    Retail purchase rate 20.99% p.a. there's cheaper

    • +3 votes

      you're doing it wrong


    They must be CRAZY!

    You have been provisionally approved for a credit limit of $30000 subject to verification of your supporting documents and other checks.

    • +1 vote

      nekk minutt … rejected by Citi


      Citibank is the highest rate of rejecting credit card application. Most likely they will reject application even after you have submitted what they asked for.
      Otherwise, they run your credit check multiple times for no reason and crush your rating because of the credit check ran.

      Good luck

      I had my rating crush because they run it 4 - 5 times. I assume citibank run credit check and at the same time cancel the application hence coz the credit rating to deplete drastically.


        Nope. it all went smoothly. I have 3 different citibank products - latitude, coles and now kogan money. they seem to like me alot.

  • +1 vote

    Do not go for this card.

    My reasons are here and here.

    TL;DR is their systems are buggy, their service is crap, their staff don't understand it either, and if you accidentally spend above your credit limit (which by default they allow) you will get a bad mark on your credit file instead of them just rejecting the transaction.


    Kogan and Citi deserve one another .. :-( .. !!


      Support for the Kogan credit card is even worse than vanilla Citi, as the systems to support Kogan (including the custom-made website and app) were clearly cobbled together in a hurry and are very buggy. Their procedures are not understood by staff, making it even harder for them to support you.