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[TAS] Free Indian Takeaway Meals for Needy/Elderly/Jobless @ Bombay on the Beach, Blackmans Bay (also Sikh Temple Hobart see OP)


Stay safe :)

We wanted to assure you all that we’re offering food for free to vulnerable members in our community who are struggling with the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic situation. The huge show of support for our little business in recent times and over weekends has proven we really do have a true customer and community as one family. It is for this reason we have decided that it is our responsibility to protect not only our customers and staff but also our community and state as a whole, in particular our older, needy and more vulnerable population, to ensure they are safe, warm and fed.

If people want to contribute towards our basic cost, we will accept amounts as small as $2 or $5 for a meal, however money should and will never be a barrier to having a full stomach. So using the pay forward model, come and take it. Whoever wants to pay it forward that's fine, otherwise we will always support the needy. Food can be collected from our front counter between 7:30pm to 8:30pm. As always the highest standards of hygiene and cleaning measures will be adhered to.

Also, the Sikh Temple of Hobart is offering free vegetarian meals twice a week. Facebook link here (with thanks to crayner).

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    Please don't abuse this. This place is my local Indian joint and I don't want them going out of business because of Ozbargain. They do awesome food and are lovely people.

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      Great reminder, thank you. I'm happy to throw in a few dollars to help. Wonder if you could please ask if they have a PayPal.me acct and report back here?

      If people want to contribute towards our basic cost, we will accept amounts as small as $2 or $5 for a meal.

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        Since you posted the deal, perhaps you could? This may not have been so open to abuse if you hadn’t posted it on OzBargain.

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          Why the negativity about it being posted here? There's an article about it in Tassie's biggest newspaper The Mercury (see here). Is there a better way to have all these small establishments recognised for what they're doing? We should all be applauding and telling the world so everyone knows why we're the luckiest & best country bar none. I'm quite confident the exposure will do wonders for them in the long run.


            @tightarse: Because I suppose I don’t see these things as a ‘bargain’.

            As you said, these are small establishments and they should be able to control their messages to limit their exploitation.

            They posted this on their own Facebook page which only loyal customers/locals would follow, and it was in a local newspaper.

            I see that a website focused on finding bargains (which we know are routinely exploited by the users, like pricing errors, even those made by a small business) has a different role to play here.

            I hope you’re right though - that their generosity does help them in the long run. Also, parochial arguments about Australia as ‘the lucky country’ seem at odds with posting of a small businesses’ generosity to its local clientele on a bargain website. Keep it real mate.

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              @ihavecentsnotsense: 100% correct. This is not a bargain in anyway. It is a small and finite local shop doing it's best for it's community in need.

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                @ndr2h: You've got to have a real long hard look at yourself if you're going to 'neg' deals like this over such technicalities.

                IMHO complete jerk move which is done to achieve what?

                Yeah sorry the business couldn't give out free food to all of Australia to satisfy you - they're just doing it in their local community.

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                  @Nikko: You've completely missed the point.

                  It's not that they can't give out free food to the masses. It's just pointless to post this here as it's had the publicity it needs.

                  It sounds great and it is a feel good story but it serves neither the restaurant or the OZB community in any meaningful way.

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                    @ndr2h: This happens with countless 'deals' on here - heck there was one this morning about discounted mince at a certain supermarket. Thats a clear one off - normal folks don't neg it as it's understood it's better for the local folks to know about the deal than saying - can't post as it's a local area thing only - and yes I know techically what the rules are here but they're applied with common sense not one size fits all.

                    If everyone acted like a douche and neg'd it'd have a crapload of negs on it and all for what? Having the gall to be generous and not give free post as well so 'people' like you were appeased.

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                      @Nikko: The issue wasn’t solely with the locality of the deal, FYI.


                        @ihavecentsnotsense: I dunno why you're getting so much hate man, OzBargain is full of cheapos who will ruin companies to save a dollar.

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                          @ihavecentsnotsense: I dunno why you're getting so much hate man…

                          Because of their snipey, cynical, condescension.

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                    It sounds great and it is a feel good story but it serves neither the restaurant or the OZB community in any meaningful way.

                    On what have you based that sweeping assumption? Because it hasn't helped you personally? OP has posted deals like this numerous times for businesses all over the country, big and small, and plenty have found them useful.

                    The other day they actually posted details of a local restaurant where I'm located who are serving the community in the same way, giving food to those who need it. I don't buy the local paper, I'm not on FB - so wouldn't have known otherwise - but thankfully I now know of a community-minded local restaurant who'll I'll be glad to support, and I know I'm not the only one. We're not racing out to exploit others' generosity.

                    BTW, thank you for posting the 'Toshiba X300 drive' deal back in March, 2017 - be aware that to maintain your rate of contributing one deal every three years you'll need to post another within about a fortnight from now.

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                      @dm01: I hope you end up in the group that becomes a majority of people who might ‘be glad to support’, rather than exploit. I wonder why you haven’t supported them already (I assume this local restaurant still offers takeaway) given your community-mindedness? At least the homeless/vulnerable are fed I suppose (I hope).

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                        I wonder why you haven’t supported them already (I assume this local restaurant still offers takeaway)

                        1. Because we have a well stocked pantry, thriving vegetable garden, chickens laying eggs, and so no reason to make the 20 minute drive in to town for takeaway when isolation is the name of the game right now.

                        2. The deal was only posted in the past couple of days.


      I agree, easily best indian restaurant in hobart.

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      There isn't enough of us on OzBargain for that to happen. In terms of members it seems there is a majority in Dev/Burnie.

    • +1 vote

      I ate here back in Jan after it was suggested by a local mate and want to confirm that the food here is great, the price is super reasonable and the staff were awesome. If this place was in Melbourne cbd it would deff be a regular. Least I can do to support these guys is give them the good feedback that they deserve.

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    Makes me happy to see that there are businesses who have faith in humanity rather than $$$

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    The Sikh Temple of Hobart is offering free vegetarian meals for or pick up/delivery on Wednesdays and Sundays for those in need.


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      Thank you. I've added this to the title & OP :)

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    The OP's username is something you'll never have after a curry.


      Au contraire, you'd end up with a tighter unit after all the control exerted to keep things in-check.


        Only temporarily. Eventually nature will win.

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    Thanks, TA, for posting another one of these.

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    Sikhs are doing great job, In melbourne Sikh temple is providing free vegetarian meal.

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      They’re a very generous sub community in general

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      Not really a job for us, more a fundamental belief to serve all :)

      Langar (Punjabi: ਲੰਗਰ) (kitchen), is the term used in Sikhism for the community kitchen in a Gurdwara where a free meal is served to all the visitors, without distinction of religion, caste, gender, economic status or ethnicity. 


        @sunny84 - Would you know if any Gurdwaras, preferably in Melbourne (but other areas fine too) accept monetary donations? Or is there an overseeing body for all Gurdwaras in Australia? Also any idea if they are registered tax-exempt charity? Thanks.

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    Sikhs are such a charitable bunch.

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    I believe this should be moved to forums and not posted as deals.

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    Hats off to the Sikh people. May they remain forever blessed!

    • -2 votes

      Turbans off. The people of India could really use their support right now. I hope they can return home very soon and take care of their fellow countrymen.


        Return home? Australia has over 100,000 Sikh citizens of its own - they're already home.


          Cool story. Please let Australian Aboriginals know that Sikhs and Europeans are at home on their land. They deserve to be told.

          • -1 vote

            @Dentshop: Sharing is caring, bro.

      • +1 vote

        wow when are you going home?

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    Maybe those not aporeciative of this humane gesture rock down to their favourite dumpling place for free Bat soup.


      Too soon.


    Would be great to see the restaurants that are offering these kinds of deals / promotions actually contact their local hospital, community nurses and arrange to deliver some food to people that are in need. Offering something that would be very hard to actually claim feels a lot more like promotion than anything else. Perhaps I’m just being cynical?


      Perhaps I’m just being cynical?


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    Probably shouldn't have posted this here, I've realised during my time on OzBargain there's a lot of stingy cheapskates who will be delighted at saving even a single dollar on some deals, I would hate to see this company ruined by it's generosity due to OzBargain.