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100pcs Disposable Face Mouth Mask 3 Layer $63.99 Delivered @ Toughland, Kogan Marketplace


Looks like all the stock is coming to the market. One of the cheapest ones that I could find.

Claims to be Oz stock. Free shipping as well.

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    Rather get the Chemist Warehouse
    at least it has certification

    The Strapit SurgiMask is the highest quality Level 2 mask meeting all world standards including:

    Australia: ASN 4381:2015
    Europe: EN14683
    USA: ASTM2

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      level 3 masks provide the highest fluid resistant of 160 mmHg for surgical masks

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        Yes level 3 is the highest rated for surgical masks… however the one in this deal doesn’t say it’s level 3, it says 3 layers. Completely different.

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          Also these may just be dodgy imports with fake quality standards cert stamps.

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            @lunchbox99: THIS, yes

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            @lunchbox99: yeh they all say 3 layers/plys which means they don't meet any standards. Might as well use a piece of paper

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            @lunchbox99: Yup exactly and also note that the seller “Toughland” Cough cough is using a middleman “Smart Channel” to market and sell their product in Australia via Kogan.

            Kogan isn’t the one selling this product. It’s an anonymous seller going through a middleman agency to sell the masks on a public marketplace. So the seller could literally be anyone.

            There’s no accountability or information where the masks come from or how they perform.

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              Because of global mask shortage, our masks will support supply for a period of time. After you ordered, we will dispatch your masks in 3-7 business days, if delayed please understand that the special period. We are doing our best!


              if delayed

              big nope, even if the quality was decent

              please understand that the special period.

              nope nope nope

              i cant seem to find the report seller button on the Kogan site. is that why dodgy profiteers are moving off ebay and gumtree to Kogan?

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                @Antikythera: Yup dodgy indeed. And the copy/marketing was supposed to have been done by an Australian company, Highly suspect.

                My guess is that Smart Channel is a Chinese shell company that’s only being used for its ABN.

                Their website is dodgy, no real information about the company, links don’t work. Etc etc.


                The masks are probably not even in Australia which is why they add it might be delayed because of “global demand”.

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                  @emoticon: Not even basic HTTPS security on the site…

                  Hard pass!

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                @Antikythera: That’s a big no from me! And a neg.

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              @emoticon: Be very mindful that there are some dodgy businesses out there selling recycled masks as new. news

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    May as well tie a tissue to your face

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      I just wrap my head in toilet paper like a home brand mummy every time I leave the house. I’ve got 26,000 rolls so gotta use them on something…


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        i do the kids the same way. wrap their entire head. i also soak the mouth and nose area with hand sanitiser for added protection.

        i've found they stop complaining if you lay them on their back with their feet slightly raised while you pour the hand sanitiser over.

        kinda like this.

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    Here we go again.

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    Haha now that the gov is blocking online sales and this stuff no longer going overseas, we start to see those malicious horders that only hurt this country finally get hurt.
    So I spect more of this sanitisers and masks go back to normal in stock prices.

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      Maybe it's coming from overseas.

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    Not sure about others, but my purchases from interstate have been taking over 2 weeks to arrive. And that is excluding the time it takes the business to get it ready for shipping. Factor that into your calculations.

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      I agree Make it so, and I am finding everything I order is taking a lot longer than it used even though I am only ordering AU Stock. I don't even want to think about how long overseas stuff would take.

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    "Because of global mask shortage, our masks will support supply for a period of time. After you ordered, we will dispatch your masks in 3-7 business days, if delayed please understand that the special period. We are doing our best!"
    I often find it hard to trust "Aus Stock" that is so poorly written.


      So that's 7 business days before it's shipped, plus potentially over 2 weeks to ship. It could well be 3.5 weeks before you get this, by which time it is unlikely you will desperately need it (we probably don't even really need it right now except under unusual circumstances).

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      Plenty of legit businesses with ESL grammar. Not saying this one is.. legit or not

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    Toughland is a suburb of Wuhan!

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      Username checks out

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    It's from a dropship company

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    Garbage Chinese paper masks that do absolutely nothing, avoid

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        Wow Ozbargainermel….someone got very triggered by this. Calling someone a loser for what?

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          Yeah, I found I have made the same fault, judge someone or some products before I really know the guy or have bought the product. Sorry.

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    Made in Wuhan?

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    $63 for 100pcs of tissue paper ridiculous…

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      Sadly, idiots will buy them though. Some will see '3 layers' and will read that as "Oh it's Level 3 so it must be better than a P2 mask" because they don't bother to do any research. The others are the people who plan to on-sell and price gouge in the process.

      This pandemic has brought out both the worst of humanity and the best of humanity simultaneously.

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    Is it just me or a coincidence that quite a few COVID related products are posted by newly created accounts?

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      Just a coincidence that I've been looking out for some similar products just in case there is some direction like in USA to cover your face when out in public. 😀

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        you never know, when we ease restrictions and can go out again, the criteria may be to wear a face mask


        Cool, good price compare to other deals though.

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    I bet these are as good a quality as his tvs and monitors!

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      This N95 standard? or Wutang Clan 95 standard?

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        Wu-Tang clan standard… Chinese quality!! Direct from the wet markets

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    i noticed that a lot of these are claiming "oz/au stock" but never "made in australia".

    maybe i'm pedantic and paranoid, but i think some people are getting flexible with the rephrasing of "these are actually made in china, but we will say oz stock because otherwise no one wants to touch them"?

    edit: I am not aware if we (Australia) actually make masks at all, just thought it was an interesting phrasing that is surfacing recently to my limited observation.


    Let the hoarding begin


    Obviously demand is very high at the moment so prices reflect that, but how much do brand name triple layer masks usually cost? At Daiso they're $2.80 for a pack of 30. $9.33 for 100 masks.

    Daiso has been out of stock for close to 6 weeks, but it does give an indication of how much these things usually cost.


    Everyone that is trying to capitalise on the CCP Virus by importing face masks is trying to outpace each other on price as the production ramps up in China…good luck to them - won’t be getting any of my business.

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      I know someone who is importing masks. I warned him to watch out for the market price collapsing because production will ramp up, and demand will decrease as the emergency passes. It is a race against time for people trying to cash in. I bet these masks will be $15 in 3 months time.

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      Funny you didn't call it Trump virus when most of our cases come from the US, and Trump silenced all alerts since January, doesn't care about the lives of his citizens and keeps pushing for reopening the economy.

      Let the blame game end and call it covid or coronavirus.

      Otherwise I agree with you, ppe production is skyrocketing there, soonish properly certified surgical masks will be in stock for a reasonable price again.

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        Right…I shoudn’t call it the CCP Virus…so can I call it the Chinese Virus? No, wait, some would be offended and call me a racist…

        I respect that there are some pro-CCP members here, and their right to neg me - this is what a democracy and freedom of speech is all about. I even respect the freedom of some to wave the Chinese flag in public Australian places - but I doubt if some of us tried to wave the Aussie flag in a public Chinese place, we wouldn’t be arrested.

        Just to clarify, I have nothing against Chinese people, and one way or another, I do have Chinese ancestry. However, to not acknowledge that the virus came from China is disrespectful to the affected and the dead victims.

        As for Trump, I am not a fan of him, but I think the world needed a disruptor like him to wield the might of the USA around, before it’s too late. Time will tell on Trump’s actions for better or for worse.

        Back to the face masks - as I have said, good luck to all those wanting to make a quick buck with the price gouging. They won’t be getting my business.


    Risland Australia or Greenland Australia Product? You know you really shouldn't get caught up with the hype. But if you do with these 2 companies, who could blame you.

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      These 2 companies (trading in Australia) and their disgusting behaviour (and to gloat about it on social media) makes my blood boil…

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    After you ordered, we will dispatch your masks in 3-7 business days, if delayed please understand that the special period. We are doing our best!

    Yup its coming from overseas

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    Account isn't even a day old, Writing on the product page is horrible, no mention of any standards, Not being sold by Kogan directly anyone could be selling these, NOPE.

    Oh and still overpriced as crap due to the "current situation"

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    Well the Director of Smart Channel is Chinese. (I'm not being racist I promise).

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    No standard = no deal

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    How does this compare to just wrapping a shirt around my head 3 times

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    These Masks are worth 10 cents each, so any company that sources them cheaply and sells them for mega-profits, under the current circumstances, should be vetoed, if not extinguished and potentially deported.


    Just make your own mask that way you know it good :)


    are these the ones they wipe their a$$ with over in china?

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              @AussieZed: @1bug literally refuted your argument/reply which said to trust the surgeon general. He posted incontrovertible proof that the surgeon generals advice is to wear a mask or face covering.

              You are shifting goal posts there.





                @emoticon: Why would he contradict himself? Makes no sense.

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                  @AussieZed: Perhaps he and the CDC received data or research which supports wearing masks. Perhaps from other WHO member states. South Korea for example.

                  People can change their minds when new information comes to light. At first we didn’t have any ban on international travellers but now we do, same with social distancing, quarantine and self isolation.

                  It’s a constantly evolving situation.


    Use the toilet paper you're hoarding to make your own mask instead.

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    one of my fd bought it before, the quality are shocking.better buy elsewhere..

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    I am honestly disappointted in the Ozb community

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    Toughland -SMARTCHANNEL PTY LTD (ABN 80 160 922 814)

    This supplier has already been fined for Supplying etc. consumer goods that do not comply with safety standards

    You do not deserve to trade in this country let alone exist in this country!! You target vulnerable and desperate! Karma!

    Director Mr Fong Wei