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Scotts Instant Hand Sanitiser 500ml $11.99 + Delivery @ My Chemist or Chemist Warehouse [Online Only]


FS7824 - Free Shipping Sitewide (Minimum Spend $20) @ My Chemist

Scotts Instant Hand Sanitiser 500ml $11.99 is available at both Chemist Warehouse online and My Chemist.

If you need 2+ go to MyChemist use the coupon FS7824 to get free delivery over $20.

Chemist Warehouse has free shipping with orders above $50.
Wondering when it is aquim 1 L one back online…
Thanks to doweyy

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  • +1

    $2.40/100ml in 70% is very good price these days, with delivery.
    Thanks ngsx. Bought 2.

  • Code does not work for me? And yes, I try to order 2 (>20$)

    • +1

      Only works for 3 :)

  • The code doesnt seem to work for me. I get 'Invalid Voucher! or Order does not meet the condition!' When trying to purchase 2

    • +5

      The code works only for Mychemist, NOT for Chemistwarehouse. Click the link in description instead.

      • Spot on. Thanks!

    • Try 3 then, it worked for me !

  • -1

    Have to agree, this stuff stinks, only buy as last resort. Have tried adding a bit of essential oil, did not help. Hard to explain the smell, like a strong chemical petroleum product.

    • +1

      so also keeps you isolated from others..another feature.

    • It's relatively easy to extract ethanol from E85 fuel. Getting rid of the smell… not so easy.

  • Bought 2 with free delivery, thanks.

  • This is a decent deal. I bought the same bottle from Priceline last week for $20 :(

    • I guess if you needed it then, its not so bad. If you used it all this week you've practically got your value back wrt having item on hand?

    • +2

      Buy from here and return to priceline?

    • +2

      Priceline are overpriced on many things.

  • Is this a liquid or a gel like the Dettol stuff?

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2 and with over 70% alc content, should be potent stuff and really do the job well.

  • Thanks, OP. Just bought 1 sanitizer + Cetaphil cream delivered.

  • Thanks. Finally able to get hold of this gel.

  • cancelled the order because of the smell mentioning above

    • same, but that 1x50ml dettol wont last long

    • -1
    • How did u do that, I can’t see an option to cancel. I can just see the option of view order, track order.

      • Same here. Wonder how to cancel directly but i did it with contacting them on the website.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered myself some.Let's see if there will be stock by the time they get to my order.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 2 with free delivery. Are they not available in store?

  • Thanks bought 1 + a fish oil

  • Sorry, but can anyone explain in plain English if this Ethanol 70% (v/v) can really kill the COVID19 virus please?

    Since by reading some reports from the medical staffs in China, saying if the concentrating rate is less than 75% (v/v) you will have to stuck your hands in ethanol alcohol for 30 mins, but if 75% v/v it will be enough for 30 seconds, so that 5% is really mattering here.

    can someone clarify please? Thanks!

    • -1

      70% is fine and lol no you don’t have to dunk your hand in the bottle for 30 minutes.

      Aqium brand hand sanitiser for example is also 70%.

      The Aussie and American governments recommend 80% ethanol and so does the World Health Organisation. That is the gold standard for the coronavirus.

      Not many places make 80% ethanol hand sanitisers yet because it’s a new standard, 70% was the norm previously.

      But 70% ethanol is decent, wouldn’t get any lower than that though.

      If you want piece of mind, buy the Amino Z hand sanitiser, it’s 80% ethanol and meets the Australian and WHO standard:


      • +3

        Not many places make 80% ethanol hand sanitisers yet because it’s a new standard, 70% was the norm previously.

        I don't think I've seen any sources claiming 80% is a new standard. Just that it's the result of the WHO guide to local production, which is intended to be used in situations where normal commercial production is unavailable. There isn't any reasoning in that document for the higher concentration but given the range described (+/-5% for 75-85%) and requirements for verifying concentration of the raw ingredients, I suspect it's just to account for poorer QC in the environments that guide is intended for. It's also the recipe approved by the TGA for this period.

        Keep in mind that even that WHO guide was published in 2010, long before the recent situation.

        That said a few studies (e.g.) have found 80% ethanol more effective against a wider range of viruses, and some such as poliovirus were more resistant to alcohols. The more specific tests against the original SARS-CoV only explicitly tested 80% and above.

        • +3

          That said a few studies (e.g.(journalofhospitalinfection.com)) have found 80% ethanol more effective against a wider range of viruses, and some such as poliovirus were more resistant to alcohols. The more specific tests against the original SARS-CoV(journalofhospitalinfection.com) only explicitly tested 80% and above.

          Those are great links - thanks for posting.

          What most people don't seem to realise is the effectiveness of the alcohol in "killing germs" is not just a function of concentration but also time. After you rub the sanitiser onto your skin, you should wait before touching anything.

          • +2

            @dm01: Yes, that's also important. The SARS-CoV tests at 80% v/v were for 30s, while the poliovirus tests were for 3 mins.

        • -1

          Yup thanks for that. OP asked for a simple ELI5 answer but you’re absolutely right.

      • +3

        Aqium brand hand sanitiser for example is also 70%.

        70% w/w

        That's gonna be around 77% v/v

        The more specific tests against the original SARS-CoV(journalofhospitalinfection.com) only explicitly tested 80% and above.

        Here's a more recent one from this year with different concentrations.

        Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents

        • Ooh, they even have carrier tests, that's even better. Thanks for the link. Looks like they list 70% as being generally effective on CoV analogues at the tested exposure time of 1 min. They reference Inactivation of surrogate coronaviruses on hard surfaces by health care germicides.

          As for commercial formulations, my old (olllld) bottle of Aqium doesn't even list a concentration… my other old bottle of hb (chemist warehouse own brand?) only lists 62% ethanol, no indication of v/v or w/w. Still listed as effective in the carrier test above.

  • +1

    ScoMo is selling sanitiser products?

  • it's the castor oil. Came here to say I bought some yesterday for $23.99
    It smells [email protected] rank, but I needed so not the worst purchase I've ever made

  • +3

    MyChemist: "Temporarily Low Stock Online - Please Try Your Local Store"

    • Back in stock now.

      Hurry up!

  • MyChemist is dunzo X

  • +1

    Thanks for sharing Op and for the My Chermist code.. Cheers

  • Have enough “ hoarding “ alcohol that I can’t drink . Pass the offer on to other who needs it. Some more , I think we in WA fare better than our cousins in eastern states . Thanks op

    • +1

      Out of stock at both now.

      Thanks OP - was a good deal for those who got it.

  • +2

    Purchased 10,637 times in 24 hrs

    Thanks OzB


  • Thanks OP, was about to get some, but reading about it's bad smell delayed me, now sold out it seems.
    Oh well, guess I just wait for next deal.
    I have had Chemist Warehouse brand HB start to smell bad a few times and getting a bit watery, guessing they were old stock or got too warm?, or if I had them too long, after opening.

    I might get some of the Mr Black or Inspirited, plus some booze to kill it inside of me, lol.

    • +2

      Just bought one. You may want to try again.

  • I got 2, thx

  • Just tried again, now seems ok, maybe some cancelled orders, due to smell?.
    Thanks for the comment.

  • +1


    • This is just on system. They mostly have run out of stock and waiting for new shipment to arrive but no ETA.

  • This is what most people will get after the order is confirmed.

    Unfortunately your order has been slightly delayed due to unexpected shortage of the below item(s).
    1 of 1 Scotts Aloe Hand Sanitiser 500ml ($11.99 ea)
    1 of 1 Ferro-grad C Iron & Vitamin C 30 Tablets ($21.99 ea)
    Because we use several suppliers, unfortunately we are unable to provide an expected arrival time of your missing product(s). To ensure that your order arrives in a time frame which is convenient to you please choose from one of the following options:

    Cancel and refund or Wait for new stock.

  • Purchased, with free shipping. Thanks!

  • Thanks OP. Ordered two bottles. Credit card didn't work so used Paypal (with same credit card)
    I'm sure this has been Ozbargained by now. Interesting to see if they can deliver.

  • Thanks bought 2.

  • Anyone had their orders sent out yet?

    EDIT: Mine just sent out

  • +1

    just received mine today, the lids were not screwed on properly, thus both bottles leaked. The lids were taped shut with sticky tape but they were both not screwed on properly, makes me wonder why.

    • +2

      Yeah, Mine exactly the same. both of them so I contacted the seller.

    • Exactly the same here. Arrived today. Hand sanitiser all through the bag. I'm guessing poorly designed lids. Hopefully nothing dodgy.

      • +3

        To update. I just contacted them and they gave me a refund.

        • Did you have to return the bottles? Mine leaked everywhere too.

          • @jonagrah: NO. I took pictures and sent to them.
            If they want me to return them I was willing to return them. I won't order Sanitiser with them again. Disappointed.

  • Thanks for the heads up about free postage code. I bought some Cenovis Vitamin C 500mg x300 for only $14.99!

  • +1

    Got mine. They were wrapped in a chemist warehouse bag lol.

    They must be he same company?

    • Correct. They're part of the Chemist Warehouse group.

  • Got mine this morning but very disappointed with the way they packed and sent liquid stuff.
    One bottle with broken cap so the liquid came out all over inside the plastic bag, there is only 30% left in the bottle.
    I think MyChemist knows the cap is easy to get broken so they secured it by 2 tapes.
    Paid for 2 but got 1 and now i am doubt about the quality :(

  • +1

    Picked mine up today from my LPO.

    Both bottles weren't full, missing about 5-10% each. Not a huge drama.

    Leaking from the lid not due to poor lid design but both bottles' lids were not screwed on to full tightness. Both lids took a third turn each to get fully tight. Strange they don't bother to tighten properly.

    Smell is ok. Kind of like apple candy or something like that.

    • Yep, same here.

      Both bottles leaked everywhere, despite being inexplicably taped, but not tightened.

      This cannot be that hard…

  • Got mine today too. Cap wasn't broken. Each bottle secured by stickytape.

    But still not secure. Lots of spillage. Lots of mess.

  • Has anyone told them so they can make sure it doesn't happen again?

  • +1

    Received mine today and they were also leaking even though the lid was taped closed. Luckily CW wrapped the product in a bag to contain the slight mess. All my bottles were also not screwed on tight. Other than that I'm pleasantly surprised that the fragrance is light and pretty inoffensive. I'm surprised at all the negative comments being so repulsed by the smell. Maybe they updated the formula due to feedback?

    • Received mine also and my experience was exactly the same regarding mess and smell.

    • They probably used empty bottles and put something else in them :P

  • Just some feedback.
    At my local Chemist Warehouse they had some stock of a brand I've never seen before, it's by Enya, called clean & free with Aloe, 500ml for $9, it's really bad smelling, bad enough that I dont wont to use it again, it was also sealed.

    When I got it I was told no refunds, but I will try to get a refund for it.
    This has to smell worse than Scotts, or any other hand rub.
    Also, the info on the back gives instructions on how to use it as a pump pack, but it's not a pump pack. looks like something that was slapped together.

    • +2

      Sail away, sail away, sail away…

  • Received my Scotts today, 10 days from ordering through MyChemist.

    Both caps tightly screwed on with 1 piece of tape securing them closed.

    The fragrance isn't that bad and is gone after a couple of minutes.

    • Thanks for the review!!

  • +2

    Yeah i didnt mind the smell. It's not great but definitely not as bad as reviews was making out.

  • I'm still waiting for my order to arrive. It was dispatched on 20th.

  • +1

    My 2 bottles arrived safely this morning, no leakage.
    There were no plastic bags used in the packaging, nor sticky tapes used on bottle caps.

    Probably they listened to this Forum. :)

    Order was placed on 22 April.

    • Nice result for you :)
      Maybe they did listen to some feedback :)

    • Mine was the same. No plastic bags nor sticky tape on the caps.
      They came in a stiff cardboard box wrapped in 3 different types of packing paper, to prevent movement I guess. No leakage at all. Very happy. :)

  • Any one else still waiting for their order?

    • Yes im still waiting for my order. Says it shipped, however is tracking as 'delayed' on auspost website.

    • Mine arrived on Friday, 8/05, took approx. 2 weeks.

  • +1

    Bought 5 (sharing with the neighbours) - every one of them had leaked into the plastic bags they were wrapped in. Advised My Chemist via their website of this fact but got zero response. Underwhelmed.

    • +1

      Did you get refund?

  • Saw this in store in CWH Hornsby at same price on weekend. Not sure why it is still listed as online only.

  • Ordered on day this deal was posted, finally received today.
    Smells pleasant thankfully but unfortunately they both leaked really badly even though the lids were taped shut.
    Received a soggy box containing 2 almost empty bottles and a plastic bag of watery gel. Won't be buying it online again unless they use different lids, doesn't seem to travel well :(

  • After 2 weeks mine finally arrived on Friday 8th.
    They were in a box wrapped in a lot of paper. No plastic bag nor tape as others have mentioned.
    No leakage at all. All good. Thanks MyChemist!! ;)
    Smell is good too. Similar to many of the other brands out there and similar to the ones being used at shopping centers.
    But of course now you can get 500ml sanitisers for around $9 or less. :(

  • Just received my 2 bottles and both are missing 1/4 of the contents.

  • Price is now down to $5.99.

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