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25% off Weber BBQs e.g. Q3100 $591.75 Q2000 $351.75 Delivered @ Myer


Weber products at Myer 25% off
Free shipping over $49 for accessories only

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  • Good find but says $75 shipping for me because bulky item?

  • I thought it was a drone for a sec from the thumbnail picture lol !

  • Shame that there's no charcoal ones on sale :(

    • The Weber store had a good sale on over Christmas for all their range.

      • first time ever! Got myself a discounted Smokey Mountain 40cm

        • Money was tight around that sale time for me, so I'm kicking myself hard for missing it. Next one though (if they ever have another)!

  • Good price but it's not free shipping - $75 added to price when in checkout.

  • i wish there was a Q2200 :( tempted to buy the cart and then the burner when i can find one

  • Shame the best ones are exclusive to Weber and their stores (e.g. Q3200).

    • What would the key differences be between the 3200 and the 3100?

      • built in thermometer, electronic spark, higher domed lid (better for roasts etc).

        Tbh, the thermometer should be standard in the non-premium X1000 range by now, it's crazy that Weber hide something that basic behind a "premium paywall"

      • Temp gauge and the hood is a little higher/bigger

  • The Q2000 shows free delivery for me to NSW 2261.

  • Thanks OP - picked up a new cover

  • +3 votes

    Can never forget the epic BBQ deal, one of my biggest bargains of all time on Ozbargain.

    Mine WeberQ still going strong after 6 years.


    Who else remembers this?

    • don't forget tom :)

      • <3 Tom
        Mine is still going strong, I want to upgrade as a colleague got one from Weber directly but can't justify paying $500-600 for a brand new one.

    • Yup. Got a baby q and an ozpig out of that deal. Both still going strong.

      Can't imagine the hit eBay took on that one - they can afford it tho

  • Just wondering, why would anyone want Weber over standard BBQs? Genuine question as I have never owned a BBQ.

    I am looking to purchase one but I don’t know where to start. Does anyone have recommendations for a really low maintenance BBQ without needing to cook anything fancy (fish etc?)

    • Pretty much no such thing as low maintenance BBQ. The webers cook really nicely and evenly - they use good components.

      The lower maintenance ones are expensive as they have a super hot function like a pyrolitic oven that turns everything to ash to wipe it easily.

    • +7 votes

      Personally I like them for the following reasons
      1) Relatively low maintenance, some cheap BBQ develop rust easily from enamel coating peeling or poor quality stainless steel. I have a Weber for over 10 years, doesn't rust and the coating doesn't peel off. Just get a metal brush to clean up the grill.
      2) Portability, the BBQ and stand are separate, so you can take it to the park or bring it on a holiday. If you have a small family or just one or two person, there is a Weber size that fits your need. You can easily move it around the home very easily.
      3) Strong - The BBQ doesn't warp under heat and looks as good as new, besides the cooking build up. I have used other ones that changed shape over time due to heat and poor construction.

      • Do you recommend any specific Weber BBQ?

        • +1 vote

          I prefer the Q1000 and the Q2000 as the unit removes from the base. The Q1000 is really good for 2 to 4 person. The Q2000 for 4+ or need to cook alot more. I like the compactness of the Q1000, so if you don't cook alot or often the Q1000 is sufficient as you can easily clean it. The lid closes, so you can cook food pretty quickly, evenly and seals in the juices better. It can fit a whole fish of 3 to 4kg, no problems. If you are cook really big size fish, you need to consider the Q2000 to accommodate the length of the fish. There are premium models too which Myers don't sell. Unless you want the premium, which aren't on sale, I'll go for the standard, which is pretty good already.

          • @haz: Awesome. Thank you. What do you mean by premium? Is that what the user above said in regards to the super hot function?

            Also is Q1000 portable?

          • @haz: Never mind. I seen the Q1000 is a portable already so I’m assuming you will need to purchase the extra accessories.

            • @Westpac: Yes just the portable trolley which is fantastic. If you don;t want to get that then just keep it on an old junk side table, or bricks, or whatever else tickles your fancy. When you take it out you can just keep it on a picnic table assuming there's one where you go.

              Oh and if you can get the cover too. There's 2 options - a small one that just covers the BBQ or a bigger one that covers the portable stand as well.

          • @haz: i have a family of 4, does this means that if i get the Q3100 it will take a longer time to cook as it takes more gas and time to heat up the entire area?

            • @kev go westie: No, it will cook faster because the Q3000 range have higher heat output. It might use more gas depending on how high you crank it but not a lot + gas is cheap. As these are gas BBQs they don't take forever to heat up. The more surface area you have the more you can get cooked faster.

              Which segues into my next point. I agree with Haz's comments above except how many people each model is good for. In my experience the Q1000 is better suited for 1-3 people, the Q2000 is better suited for 2-5 people and the Q3000 is better suited for 4+. Yes there is overlap in those ranges to account for differing appetites and types of foods being BBQ'd. And yes you can of course cook for more or less people than in those ranges for each of those BBQs but you just have to wait around longer and cook in multiple batches.

      • The "Family Q" models (Q3xx or Q3xxx) aren't portable.

  • Thanks OP - Just bought a Q2000!

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  • What's the top of the Q range LPG Weber ? Q3200 ?

  • I’ve got the big family Weber.
    any recommended accessories?
    I got the hot plate previously

    • trivet roasting rack and cleaning brush.

    • Roasting trivet for sure mate! And the smoking boxes. I did baby back ribs on mine a couple of days ago and they were incredible.

  • anyone know who can service Webers? I have very low heat, thinking its the regulator.
    also I looked Weber has their own regulator thats attached to the base of the bbq

    • A rat/possum chewed through my regulator hose. Bought a new one from bunnings. Cheap & easy to try.

      Another possibility… Mud wasps/critters. Never had it with the BBQ, but freaking every other small hole outside the house got filled up. Including shipper shipper exhaust.

    • Call Weber, they have very good after sales service. Assuming you're weber is still under warranty.

  • no stand for Q1000 or the half hot plate !!

  • Thanks OP! Picked up a Q2000!!

  • Seems like a good deal. $75 automatically gets added as a delivery fee.