This was posted 9 years 3 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50% off BBQs in BBQ Category on eBay (Sunday - 31/8)


Looks like anything listed as a 'BBQ' under the BBQ category will be entitled to a 50% off discount this sunday! (Max $250 discount)

"The offer entitles you to a 50% discount off the total purchase price (excluding postage) of BBQs in the BBQs category on purchased during the Offer Period."

Hopefully we see some other stuff listed in the category too (assuming that works).

eBay have just added this line to their T's and C's:

eBay reserves the right to disallow or reverse a discount in circumstances where it believes a sale or purchase of any BBQ or other item as part of this sale has not been made in good faith. This includes any collusive conduct by buyers or sellers or any other conduct which eBay considers to be unfair or untoward.

(Thanks JDF)
Be wary of buying items that aren't BBQ's in the category with the discount!

Regardless, anyone after a BBQ should check out eBay this sunday!

  • 1 transaction only (per account)
  • Multiple items per transaction allowed
  • $250 max discount ($500 spend)
  • Must pay with PayPal
  • Must purchase during the offer period (Sunday)

Mod Warning: Please do not post your own eBay listings in this thread. Such comments will be unpublished, the commenter will be banned from participating in the thread and account penalties may apply. Use the classifieds instead for personal items.

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  • Applies to used BBQ as all?

    • From the looks of it, yes.

      Anything that is listed under the 'BBQ' catagory will be entitled to the 50% discount

      • +2

        It specifically says "BBQs in the BBQs catagory". I'm hoping your right though as I want to buy a rotisserie and some new grill plates for my built in BBQ. Judging by the wording these would be excluded?

        • +1

          So does this cover BBQ covers? like above, it says BBQs…

        • @beany155: Is there a separate category for accessories, and is this covered or is it soles just the BBQ?

      • Just add to cart and try the coupon, if it works, it works.
        Unfortunately, nothing much out there this time VS the toys. Was hoping for Kogan deals :( All we have are overpriced iPad (x2) and sheds -_-"… I guess the games are somewhat okay, didn't mark up that much

    • Includes BBBQ. The extra B stands for BYOBB

  • +27

    Suddenly, everything is BBQ.

  • +45

    Appropriate OP username for BBQs :)

  • +2

    This is a hot deal!

  • Any weber sellers?

  • -3

    Woohooo webberrr
    Hwre i cummm

  • +18


  • +11

    Won't everyone just put their items in BBQ?
    Like, my BBQ car?

    • +2

      ;-) Max discount 250 $

  • can we buy now and get discount applied when we pay on sunday or can we only get the discount when we buy on sunday?

    • +1

      Nope, has to be purchased on the day. Updated OP for anyone else wondering the same thing.

  • The parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the state of New South Wales.

    what does this mean?

    • +1

      Pretty much if you have a dispute that ends up going to court or preparing to go to court then both parties will file or respond to the matter in NSW.

  • +14

    Hopefully someone will list a Playstation 4 BBQ Edition.

    • I think I will be… the question is do I sell a used one with watch dogs, or a brand new one… and also how much do I sell for.

  • +17

    I'm waiting for the Kogan IPad Air BBQ

  • +2

    BBQ Better B Quick

  • +6
  • +2

    I think this is sort of a weird promotion for eBay….BBQs.
    Not sure what they are trying to achieve for themselves.

    • +15

      Father's day?

    • +1

      Spring/Summer season

  • +4

    This deal is sizzling

  • +3

    Ok let's all get a Weber?

    I've got a gas outlet on my balcony. Trying to find a compatible Weber Q.

  • Loving the BBQ puns. Thinking I might sell my xbox one BBQ. Comes with a spatula if you want to fry some eggs on the top after a few hours usage.


  • +18

    "Come to Homer's BBBQ. The extra 'B' is for 'BYOBB'" 

    "What's that extra 'B' for?" 

    "That's a typo."

    • +5

      A toast to the host who can boast the most roast!

  • What's to stop you listing an item for $500 and buying your own item and pocketing the $250 - fees?

    • +5

      And getting $5 cash back from Cash Rewards?

    • +5

      10% ebay seller fees and 2% paypal fees. So it will be $440 less the $250 so $190 gross profit or a return of 76%. Its a bit unethical and I'm assuming this sale will be limited to eBay shops perhaps? Else everyone will be selling their used BBQ to their second eBay account.

      • +3

        It says anything under BBQ category so I guess it's everyone
        Once they figure this out they won't do a deal like this again

      • +1

        I can't believe eBay haven't considered that, next thing they will be complaining about the ozbargain "professionals"

        • +4

          I'm sure they have thought about it, if you were to be caught expect the sale to be cancelled and refunded and your account closed.

    • +6

      Ebay's fees are so high you'd probably lose money

      • -3

        u dont get the point at all.

        • On the contrary, I put forward that it is in fact you who does not get it.

  • +1

    BBQ Everything!

  • What would be a simple and a small household gas (propane) bbq ? must not miss this one as need it very bad for this summer

    • +1

      …if you want really small and simple, Woolies, KMart etc. sell phonebook-sized gas cartridge BBQs for ~15. Take a look in the camping section of KMart/Big W.

      • +1

        They aren't really BBQs are they? More like a small cooker, think of a single middle size gas stove hob with a standard gas canister plugged into it. If you've never seen on before I would be surprised.

        If you mean a small bbq that uses a gas bottle to use at home, then it's a fair bit more expensive and if you go very cheap u may end up with something poorly designed

  • +2

    I don't understand why/how these things work.
    "Nuthin' for nuthin'"
    Who's taking the hit?
    eBay pay $250 to the seller for every sale??
    That's ludicrous. We're not talking $50 Coles credit card deals, that they'll make back in a month.

    • +8

      You're right, but what's the catch?
      I'm thinking maybe shapeshifting aliens using it to infiltrate our backyards and steal our sausages.

      • +1

        lol, that was good!

    • +1

      It's the meat industry funding it.

      • BBQ veggies

  • -8

    Guys I'll be putting all my batteries under the bbq category so wait for it

  • Pretty good time to get a Weber!!

    Which model should I get?

  • +10

    LE GRILLE? what the hell is that? -Homer Simpson

  • +13

    The clever way would be a $20 BBQ sold for ?$500 with a free ps4/ipad/xbox/giftcard etc.

    • +4

      1x BBQ serviette + BONUS 16GB IPad Air
      1x BBQ plastic fork + BONUS PS4

      Could work…

      • I will be selling some old grille plates with bonus items I think.
        I've got a Iphone 5 32gb which I have only used as a Navman a few times. From Telstra F&F. I found I am Samsung dude.
        Any sugestions on how much i could sell for?

    • What if after buying the seller says that gift is no longer available and substitutes for something else. You can't really complain what they give you since its a gift can you?

      • Could probably get the whole sale cancelled through Paypal dispute. They are also getting ripped off.

  • -4

    Are ipads included

    • +1

      Yes. Yes they are.


      ….or are they…….. :shifty:

  • iPhone 6s BBQ

  • +3

    Good stuff OP :) Just in-case people are thinking of staying up late Saturday night for this, according to the posted link the sale will start at 10am (AEST).

  • +7

    xbox are BBqs cos they heat upp like one.

    • +3

      You forgot about the resolution.

      • +2

        Now now that's nothing to grill them about

      • -2

        the pixiels on the xbox is as big as the grills on the BBQ too.

  • +19

    Does this included BBQ Shapes?

  • Can I buy now and pay later using coupon?

    • +1

      Nope, read the OP
      Items have to be bought on the day

      • +1

        Thanks. So can't avoid someone jacking up the price..

  • +1

    whats a decent 4-5 burner bbq? 23 year old male, i just want to grill out some chicken breast and sweet potato fo dem gains..

    looking to spend about $150, after the deal.


    • +2

      Forget about number of burners. Get a Weber Q, they have a good reputation for a reason.

      Preferably a Q3100au but that's a bit out of your budget so next best is a Q2000AU for $185

      • legend… thanks for the reply. the budget is loose.

        i will let you know what i go for man.

        the only reason i was posting about No. of burners was because of size… i want to be about to cook a decent amount at a time..


      • Is it worth getting one with the stand? Or try and pick up some cheap outdoor table.

      • The Q3100 listing is a local pickup in QLD only, and I can't find any other listings for this model. Bummer…

        • consider other family q models? :)

        • +1

          Yeah follow Tonester's link above, the goodguys have a Weber Family Q which is the same thing

    • +1

      Meh, webber are good if you're cooking for 1 to 2 people. They spread the heat evenly and you can cook a proper meal. But are extremely tiny and very expensive for bigger sizes.

      If you want to cook for a party, which is the whole point of a bbq, or have that authentic char on half the snags. A regular 4 or 6 burner is what you need.

      • +2

        I have a Q320 and you'd be surprised how much you can cook on it, especially since there are no cold/hot patches. I will never go back to generic 4 burners of which I have had many.

        • Maybe my family just eats more… we have an 8 burner BBQ and manage to fill it with small gatherings, the webers are good for what they are but when friends have used them it struggled to cook enough food for 4 adults.

      • I agree dont get all the webber love personally, have a built in 6 burner with hood and host big parties.

  • +1

    "8. To redeem this offer, enter the redemption code into the redemption code box during the checkout process. You must be an registered member."

    What is the redemption code?

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