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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i Wireless Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling on-Ear Headphones - Natural $350 (Was $599) @ Myer


B&O Beoplay H8i Wireless Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones - Natural

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      One of these sounds far better than the other, and it's the Beoplay. If all you want is NC go Sony. The Sony is made of fake leather and plastic, the Beoplay is made of lambskin, leather, steel. Need I say more?

      Also don't compare audio products through versus site. If you do, clearly the Sony is what you want.


        I'm disappointed to hear that the Sony WH1000XM3 is flimsy, by your description I mean.

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          It's not just that, it creaks, the passive isolation is MUCH worse with cheap fake leather and cheap foam. Obviously active nose cancellation is no comparison and xm3 wins as h8i doesn't have it.


            @onlinepred: confirmed, it does creak. I have it, and bunch of other headphones (upset I missed out on this deal as I'd have added it to the collection!) and whilst I love the NC, it definitely creaks.
            Nowhere near as bad as the PSB M4U8 though… that thing is an old lady, it creaks that much.

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        Your opinion VS others

        Haven't tried either.

        If you noticed ,I upvoted not downvoted it :P
        Still a good deal…?

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          I own H9i and xm3. I use xm3 for flights, and H9i for everything else. If you value actual audio reproduction, it's not even a contest. Even longevity. H8i also sound fantastic, obviously not as bass heavy as xm3.

          If you actually cat about audio quality, never buy from just reviews. Actually try them. Your music and signature tastes carry greatly to reviewers.


            @onlinepred: Agree with Onlinepred, I personally own H9i and H8i, there audio reproduction are one of best, not to mention their craftsmanship.

            Check out their heritage and other B&O speakers they offering you will know reason why they sound superior with top notch craftsmanship, unlike the other brand which unfortunately made from plastic.

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      That comparison is based purely on stats. They don't even listen to them


    Also, the bangs are out of stock.