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Surfshark VPN: 90% Cashback (Approx $13 for 3 Years after Cashback) @ Cashrewards (New Surfshark Customers Only)


This popular offer is back. Enjoy :)

Expires: Apr 24, 2020, 11:59:00 PM
Just $13* after cash back on 3 year plans

New Surfshark customers only.

You must click out from this offer on Cashrewards and then select 'Buy Now' from the Surfshark page in order to receive the discounted 36 month plan. If the coupon is not applied automatically, ensure you add it prior to checkout.

Prices are quoted in AUD, and may change depending on US dollar exchange rate.

Offer and increased cashback can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

The AUD amount that tracks to your Cashrewards account may differ to the paid amount due to international exchange rates. Your initial payment is converted to USD, then converted back to AUD when reported to us. The advertised Cashback rate is based on the reported amount, not the paid amount. Cashrewards has no control over this process.

Referenced $13 after cashback is a best estimate figure which depends entirely on current exchange rates and may vary due to the current volatile nature of world currencies. Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only (AUD $2.99 per month or approx AUD $108 for 3 years). It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.

From previous post: Advice is to pay using a credit card (or debit card) and not PayPal.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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    Any VPN service offering these long yearly deals for so cheap is always concerning for me. I'm with expressvpn, and yeah they're expensive, but they are just the best across the board. My sub runs out soon and I might change but it really is hard to see a better service.

  • Hi everyone! I tried purchasing this today via creditCard and I kept getting the same " took too long to respond" prompt.

    I've talked to both surfshark and westpac customer representative and both of them have no idea why I'm experiencing that.

    I've tried:
    different emails,
    different browsers(chrome and incognito chrome, edge, firefox), and
    laptop and mobile.

    Still nothing. I'm just worried I might miss this promo cause of this.
    I've got paypal but based from recommendations, it's not to be used.

    Hope someone who had experienced this and was able to get it to work can help me. Thank you!

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      Using PayPal and pay with your card currency (look for Currency conversion options and set to the second options), it will be the same as paying using your card.

      • oh! really!? okay I'll try that later. Still trying to sort out with the bank.
        Thank you very much! :)

      • Hi there! I can't seem to find the "currency conversion options". Will it be right after I choose the amount and which card? or it should be right there before I press continue?

        • At the final checkout screen.
          sth like this

          • @KanTakahashi: Thank you for your response. I appreciate the image too! It made it much easier to understand.
            I did some research regarding this. And found this from someone's comment.

            "I have called Paypal out on this but it is unlikely to have any effect. Here is an edited version of the exchange:
            Me: Why have hidden the ability for us to change the default conversion option to “Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice.” aside from milking us with your poor exchange rates?
            Paypal: This feature has been removed as we at PayPal would like for our customers to use the currency which the country our customers are located. This is because it makes it easier to handle cases in which we have to contact the bank for our customer if something goes wrong.
            Me: Easier for you, more profitable for you, more expensive for all us users. One example: your conversion fee is 3%, the bank charges 1%."

            I'm guessing it's not an option anymore.

            Question, have you used that option recently? Or were u just suggestion based from your experience ages ago?

            I appreciate your help still tho. :) thank you so much.

          • @KanTakahashi: FREAKIN HELL!

            somehow it was my internet connection that was blocking me to the secureshopping. I tried doing the purchase using my mobile data on my phone, and POOF! one time wonder!

            bloody hell!

            anyways, thank you so much for your time. :) Hope i can figure this VPN connection this time. lol

            • +1

              @oBTestRun00: Yeah i actually paid using PayPal for this last time, anw happy to help :')

              • @KanTakahashi: Hi! FYI, paypal was about to charge me US$10 more compared to when I was able to purchase thru my credit card.

                I ended up having under AU$115 on my statement and AU$95.79 for the cashback. :)

  • I bought last night, but still havent received any tracking email from cashreward. Is it just me?

    • Same, I purchased Sunday night and still nothing.

      • Sounds like you didn't track (please check your CR account directly in case email is in spam/junk/promo folder). Did you have AdBlock/uBlock/Honey activated? Did you click out to another site before completing your purchase? There's many reasons a sale won't track. The good thing however is that you have a 30 day free cancellation period with Surfshark. If you're concerned that a claim will be attributed elsewhere, my suggestion would be to cancel, and re-order via the CR App using 4G, which eliminates add-ons and router/firewall issues.

    • Just be more patient or maybe Store Rep was right that ya'll didn't have the track?

      Anyways, I had my cashback from cashrewards I think in less than 48hours. Just link your AUS bank details or CC for you to transfer the cashback there. Good luck!

      I'm enjoying this win-win VPN atm. Hope ya'll soon too! :)

  • -2

    Don’t bother doesn’t work for Netflix US

    • Read previous comments, try US Boston, works for me any time

      • I used LA and worked fine last night.

  • Thanks for the deal!

    Though I have to say that the app is a pain to use and it's putting me off of using cashrewards in the future. So slow and unresponsive. Please improve this if you can.

  • Hi, has anyone still not been approved for their cashback?
    I purchased last Thursday and still havent received anything.

    • I bought last night for AUD 107.84 with credit card last night and got tracking email confirmation within 2 hours for AUD 93.49.
      Estimated approval: up to 85 days

      Edit: answered to wrong post

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