This was posted 1 year 9 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Surfshark VPN: 90% Cashback (Approx $13 for 3 Years after Cashback) @ Cashrewards (New Surfshark Customers Only)


This popular offer is back. Enjoy :)

Expires: Apr 24, 2020, 11:59:00 PM
Just $13* after cash back on 3 year plans

New Surfshark customers only.

You must click out from this offer on Cashrewards and then select 'Buy Now' from the Surfshark page in order to receive the discounted 36 month plan. If the coupon is not applied automatically, ensure you add it prior to checkout.

Prices are quoted in AUD, and may change depending on US dollar exchange rate.

Offer and increased cashback can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

The AUD amount that tracks to your Cashrewards account may differ to the paid amount due to international exchange rates. Your initial payment is converted to USD, then converted back to AUD when reported to us. The advertised Cashback rate is based on the reported amount, not the paid amount. Cashrewards has no control over this process.

Referenced $13 after cashback is a best estimate figure which depends entirely on current exchange rates and may vary due to the current volatile nature of world currencies. Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only (AUD $2.99 per month or approx AUD $108 for 3 years). It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.

From previous post: Advice is to pay using a credit card (or debit card) and not PayPal.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • +1

    With the same deal on a few weeks back, my Cashback was approved (in roughly 20 hours or more)

  • Anyone can recommend? Keeping logs? Or where they are from?

    • +3

      according to this site, this is higher ranking than NordVPN and both have no user logs

      • Wow thanks, my Nord expires next year, I might just sub to it

      • Any idea if the free ProtonVPN is any good?

        • I trust ProtonVPN more then any other provider (Swiss based I think and a lot of journalists will recommend ProtonMail for anonymity and privacy), but their free service is only really good for basic things like banking and browsing and doesn't support torrents.

          • @Cunning Linguist: Won't support as it would be slow? I'm contemplating getting one but not sure exactly what I would use it for.

            • @orson: I think it blocks torrents. The paid $10 p/mth plan specifically says allows torrents and streaming

    • I’m with Mullvad, more expensive but more trustworthy.

  • Can I set this up directly on the router and would it slow down my internet?

    • oz service is relatively fast, usa is super slow if u want to use opvn file directly with your router. USA netflix is watchable

      • when you say you mean SD quality only of at least 1080? dont need 4k here.

        • chrome max 720. I havent tried edge but around 480 to 720. If you using phone, it can get to 1080.

        • Videos take a while to start streaming, but I’d say decent 1080p USA Netflix

  • Does it have India server? Works on any India telleshows or Indian content? Anyone tried?

    • They have 3 India servers, I haven't tried them.

    • +1

      Yes, used it to purchase YouTube premium.

      • Ive been looking at getting a VPN for solely this purpose. Is that crazy?

    • Depends on what you are trying to watch, I tried hotstart about a week ago, the app detected proxy on Android on iOS but worked on my laptop (chrome). If there is any other content you would like me to check I can do that for you.

    • Yes they do…and speed is also bearable

      • How about keepsolid VPN? They support hotstar as well. With surfshark, if you watch live content eg cricket the quality is bad..

    • +1

      Hotstar doesn't work easily. I play it on my phone, and then cast it to my tv. Both devices need to be on VPN.
      Zee5 works like a charm.
      Amazon Prime detects VPN but is playable without a VPN.
      Hope this helps.

    • Nord works perfectly for all contents provider including Hotstar on PC/Shield/Firestick

      • No, got nord last week and hotstar or sunnxt doesnt work.

        • Hotstar always used to work for me on my nvidia shield India 56 server and bunch others but not any more. Hope to find one that works.

    • +1

      Three Indian servers. Indore works better than the others. Netflix doesn’t work very well. TVF play app works perfectly on nVidia Shield.

  • +3

    I signed this up few weeks ago when they had the same promo . Cashrewards has registered the cashback and now I am basically waiting for the time to elapsed. :)

    i am on 100mbps NBN FTTP, and running at local area speed at 96mbps all the time using (, this VPN will take me to about on avg 40mbps (setting up using OpenVPN) most of the time which IMHO it is pretty good.

    I setup a tunnel splitting on my router so that selective traffic go through the VPN, and some of the known traffic will go out directly from my IP address.

    • +1

      Could you plz share some link of how to do tunnel splitting. I basically want only few sites to go thru VPN and rest as normal

      • The VPN app gives you option to select sites that can go straight through, and which should go via VPN.

      • Very dependent on which router you have…

    • +2

      Err, ExpressVPN also comes to like $13/month if you sign up for 12 months.

      No issues with billing here either since it’s a once off payment.
      I’m assuming you were getting charged a currency conversion fee from your bank during your subscription. That ain’t Surfshark’s problem.

      • +5

        Mate, this offer is $13 for 3 years. Express vpn is $13 per month.

        • +5

          That’s what I’m saying in response to the original comment…ExpressVPN is $13 month IF you sign up for the 12 month subscription in comparison to Surfshark which is $13 for three years.

  • +1

    why mine said $118.40 for 3 yr option?

    • +3

      you pay $118.40 now and will get cashback via cashrewards after like 90 days.

      • +2

        ah thanks.. using PayPal got charge A$128

        • posted in old thread, gonna repeat it again: If you are using PayPal, AVOID using PayPal conversion rate (which is super low, enabled by default and looks like you using it) and using card conversion rate instead (by choosing the option right on top of the confirm payment)

    • From previous post: Advice is to pay using a credit card (or debit card) and not PayPal.

      • +1

        I think the benefit of using PayPal is one can manage subscription directly (recurring payments) rather than following it up thru emails. thats just my opinion.

    • +2

      Need to make sure to select a country in the checkout with 0% VAT (such as United States). If you put AUS then you would have been charged the GST extra..

  • Hi anyone can tell… this will use on NBN -> Vodafone Router.
    I use Vodafone ISP and its NBN.

    • Yes. I've been using on Vodafone. Please be aware that you can't set up the VPN at router level for Vodafone (and most other telecom provided routers).
      If you buy another router, that supports open VPN etc. then can be setup at router level.

  • +5

    Ditch NordVPN and went for this, US/UK server is teeerible, South East Asia/South America is even worse. Smart DNS and Netflix US worked quite well is a bonus, overall would not recommend this.

    • +1

      Agree, this is worse than nordvpn

  • My first transaction failed on one card, then I put through an order on a second card and it went through. However, when I log into my account the 'Failed Payment' also shows up. Will this cause any issues with Cashback? :/

    • Same with me, although Cashrewards hasn’t said anything so hopefully it went through. I tried using the same card twice and it failed and was about to give up but then realised there’s an Apple Pay option. Used that and worked successfully which is weird since its linked to the same card.

  • Does anyone know how to setup vpn on Telstra smart modem ? Do I need to turn on bridge mode?

    • Yup Bridge mode for most ISP routers and then use your router to change DNS and proxy setting. Good if you have Tomato wwrt or Merlin

      There is nothing stopping you use individually on devices and their apps are pretty reliable
      If you got Android box or TV even easier

      • With my current trial vpn - i enable vpn on desired country on my mobile. They YouTube works nicely. But as soon as I cast it on my android tv it doesn't work. So seems my tv need to have vpn.

        I have TCL android tv. Do you know how setup vpn on tv

        • They have app on TV, btw Telstra Smart Modem doesn't come with VPN mode.
          If you need to use US location content, use Surfshark Smart DNS, Netflix, YouTube TV US works fine on my tv

  • I'm generally pretty happy with express VPN, it's just bloody expensive. Might have to consider this.

  • Do you need to start using immediately? Current 3y expires 2021 would like
    to start it then…

    • Doubtful, but I’m sure there will be similar deals on again closer to that date

  • does it have a china server?

    • not mainland China, only one in Hongkong

  • I feel really sorry for anyone who's ever paid full price for surfshark or Nordvpn.

    Even the 3 year deal I got on PIA seems tiny in comparison here!

  • +2

    I got Nordvpn and this one as well, Surfshark is better in speed gets 2k streaming on YouTube. Nord has good app support.
    Got both on same 90% Cashback deal.

  • +1

    Cannot get Netflix work on my android tv.

    • +1

      same issue, express and nord as well, alternative solution is downgrade the netflix app to lower version( from 2017) and it should work with the vpn

      • can you please let us know if that works for you? Thank you

      • +1

        old version of Netflix won't work on Android TV no more

    • damn that might be a deal breaker for me… thanks for the feedback.

      anyone else with android tv have success / failure with surfshark?

      • +1

        rocking US Netflix rn on Android TV rn loool

        • and that is with surfshark vpn? how long have you had it and has it been good overall? cheers

          • +1

            @catdogbarglar: Yes, surfshark. Using Boston server a few time and it worked just fine, could say 8.5 out of 10 times (sometimes it's just painfully slow). I have static IP with Smart DNS for more than 2 weeks and Netflix, YouTube TV, HBO Now and Hulu all works fine.

    • +1

      if you want Netflix US, use US - Boston or Smart DNS

      • +1

        neither works for me.

        • +1

          weird, i'm using Smart DNS and YouTube TV/Hulu/Netflix US works fine. Make sure you don't have DNS Leak because Netflix have super aggressive check algorithm. Maybe do both?
          Better chance if you are using Static IP and set DNS as router level.

  • +4

    Signed up on the same deal a few weeks ago. My cashback got approved a few days later.

    The support answers really fast, but it took me 3 emails to cancel my subscription/ cancel the autorenewal.
    If you don´t cancel the subscription, the plan will automatically be renewed. But next time (in 3 years) you will pay the $120AUD, as the payback doesn't apply.
    And in the world of VPN services 3 years is a lot.

    "Every payment creates a recurring subscription that can be canceled at any time.
    Auto-renewal of subscription will make you sure that subscription will not expire unexpectedly leaving you disconnected.
    What is more, if you sign up now, your subscription will be automatically renewed for the same price as you have paid the first time. This way you can make sure that you will get the same great price in the future.

    If you wish to cancel your subscription and stop future payments, just contact the Customer Success Team via email at [email protected] or via live chat by clicking one of the buttons found below this article."

  • Just curious, how could they make money for providing 90% cash back?

    • Most likely people forget to cancel subscription and pay full price after 3 yr

    • its adverting for them

  • I'm moving to Indonesia and need a VPN for there to access my netflix. Could someone tell me how I can check if this VPN service will be fast when used from Indonesia?

    • You'd need to ask someone in Indonesia to try it for you.

  • Does this support Kodi?

  • +1

    I signed up for the deal
    Can I get some help on what to do to setup my vpn.
    Is there a guide i can follow please?

    • +2

      Just install on android or windows machine and you are good to go….

    • Check Surfsharks webpage, it has guides for most operating systems/devices.

  • How long does it usually take for cashback transaction to show on the account. Just paid for this using paypal

    • +1

      mine took about 2 days

      • Mine took 9 hours

    • Mine tracked in a couple of hours, paid with debit card.

    • bought last night ( Master Credit), nothing yet ,

  • Hi everyone, can anyone explain me how this cashback thing works ??

    • +1

      Sign up to the Cashrewards website. I recommend using chrome, installing the cashrewards extension and disabling adblock completely. Sign in to the extension on chrome and on the Cashrewards website.
      Then click on the above link and via the cashrewards link ("Shop Offer") continue to the surfshark website. Press 'Buy Now' and you'll be directed to a page that will show you the 36 month plan for > $100 dollars (US$69.99 converted to AUD). At this point the Cashrewards extension (purple C circle) should show a tick to confirm it's registered the click through (always do this for these kind of deals to make sure it gets registered). Then purchase the 36 month plan.
      About 12 hours later i got email from Cashrewards to say the purchase has been registered and they're going to refund $96 to me (which takes a couple of months).
      You eventually can direct debit the money to your bank account.
      It's a painful process but sometimes worth it.

  • Anyone still using Getflix or is that a thing of the past with their smart DNS and VPN offerings?

  • cough cough (proxys) still a great deal though!

  • +1

    Agree with people who said the service is sub par.

    I signed on few weeks back. Smart dns doesn't work for Netflix. Torrents are slow af. And the only thing it can really do is vpn for Netflix.


    • I find the american servers are great, especially the Boston server, i get about 40-50mbps and never have any issues.

      • Maybe I'll try that server… but i find that the VPN does well on speedtest but in real world it doesn't. Maybe they manipulate it to get good speeds on speedtest. I only get 1mb/sec on torrents where it would max my connection off vpn (10mb/s)

    • Smart DNS works on mine, maybe because i have static IP? :/ also i set DNS as router level because android TV DNS/Static IP is uttery crap

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