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[NSW, VIC, QLD] $10 - $125 Bonus Credit by Purchasing Restaurant Credit Upfront @ Liven


If you go to the app, you will get a prompt to buy a Care Package from Liven. Essentially, you buy credit that can only be used at one store and get bonus credit:

  • $10 + $10 bonus
  • $40 + $10 bonus
  • $60 + $15 bonus
  • $120 + $30 bonus
  • $500 + $125 bonus

Edit: the bonus amount seems to depend on the store itself. There a limited number of stores to pick from for this deal.

From the FAQ:

What's a Liven Care Package?

The Liven Care Package is our way of letting the community give back to their favourite restaurants during these difficult times. It gives our passionate users a risk-free way to make a real difference to our partners by buying food upfront to make their lives easier and getting some love in return with bonus food.

How do I use my Care Package?

Using your Care Package is very similar to the way you've always used Liven. Once you've purchased the Care Package, simply visit the nominated venue (if they are open for takeaway currently, otherwise dine-in post lockdown) and ask to pay the bill with Liven. Your meal will be deducted from your credit balance, with any residual available to spend next time.

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Referrer and referee get $10 credit.

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  • +1

    That's not bad, 25% for $500 credit purchase

    • +1

      Investing in a food app… in these uncertain times what if they don't honor?

  • +7

    What happens if the restaurant I supported is no longer available?

    The current economic climate is challenging for Hospitality, and it is a sad truth that some of our favourite restaurants simply won't make it through this storm despite our best efforts to help them. If this is the case for your fave, you will be given the option to nominate another of our Pledge Partners at which to spend your initial contribution amount. Unfortunately, your bonus credit will not be transferable.

    • +2

      I think it's answered here:

      Explain the Liven Guarantee again?
      We're making sure that supporting your fave is a risk-free exercise. If they end up closing down permanently when you try to redeem your credit, we'll let you select another restaurant from our Pledge Partner list. We'll guarantee the entire amount you've put in that you haven't been able to redeem, exclusive of any bonus credits.

      • +4

        They’re saying that you’re bonus credit will be removed if the store closes down, but you will keep the credit you purchased

        • Yeah you replied while I was editing. My bad for skimming through. Looks like both questions and answers are worded differently but meant the same thing.

        • +2

          What if Liven closes down?

  • +2

    How do you buy this? Nothing is popping up on my app.

    • +1

      It came up for me after I updated to the latest version of the app

  • +2

    Worth it for bubble tea. I go a few times a week to sharetea/coco so in this case its like free money.

    • +1

      Ahaha my exact thought

    • +1

      dont think it will work with sharetea/coco. They aren't one of the restaurant from the care package list

      • Right. Where is the list though I checked 2 accounts and didn't get any notification.

        • There should be a banner "COVID-19 Care Packages" on the top of the home tab. The list will appear in it after couple clicks. There's roughly 30 restaurants in it.

  • +6

    Why has the Liven app disappeared from Google Play store???

    • Good pick up I hope they don't close soon. Literally used it an hour ago at coco and am about to buy the credit.

      • Yeah I was trying to update my app and couldn't find it in the play store. Hopefully they just screwed up a release or something.

  • +1

    Wanted to download Liven for this but it's not on the Play Store. Hopefully it comes back soon.

  • +4

    Lanzhou Beef Noodle Bar (VIC) offers 100% bonuses on amounts of $150 and $500. Great!

    • +1

      Can it be used in the one in Chadstone? From the website I found it’s called Lanzhou Beef Noodle flagship

      • Nah not the Chadstone one sadly. Can be used at the CBD, Carlton, Caulfeild, and Glen Waverley stores according to the liven website.

        • No big loss! Pretty sure the Chadstone store has more expensive prices than the others. I've found it doesn't taste as good either

        • Checked CBD, Carlton and Toorak store. They're all closed!

    • +1

      Does that mean you pay $150 and get $150 credit?

      Edit: to answer my own question i downloaded the app and just checked. Most of the restaurants in Melbourne i checked do this actually. The 2 highest tiers of $150 (or $200) and $500 they offer that same amount in credits so if you think the restaurant will survive and you are planning on going there a LOT then it's half price basically.

      • Yep! And it seems there is no limit to how many packs of credits you can buy, it's just limited to one per restaurant.

      • Lee Ho Fook is on there! damn gonna have to max that out

    • LOL great deal - if it actually worked. That new area indoor food court at the glen is a dead zone for my phone.

  • +2

    Does anyone know if you still earn credits if you pay with credits?

    • Yes you do

      • Can you use credits to buy the care package?

  • +2

    Can't find the app on the app store…

  • I can't see a banner up top…

    • yeah am lucky I got a work iphone (*I had to reinstall) but my android doesn't show that banner either even if I reinstall

  • +1

    Can't find in app store.

    Sounds like a exit scam. Typical crypto….

    • You just gave me an idea to start up a multi crypto-currency payment platform apps…Thanks for the tips!

  • Wow cant find liven in Google Play anymore. App taken down?

  • +1

    Not on google play store. I already had the app installed on my Android phone but don't see the care package (I'm assuming its taken down for updates).
    However it is available on iOS, updated the app and found the care package pop up on top of screen.

  • -2

    I wouldn't trust putting $100 in this company. Deal's good for low amounts, just top up and use it all.

    • +2

      why? been using them for 2years now no issue

  • +3

    FYI, it's worth checking whether your favourite restaurant is on Eat Club because you get discounts via that. Our favourite typically has 15-25% off takeaway and you don't have to prepay. The discount comes in the form of a voucher in your app so it's risk free.

    • +2

      yeah I just hate showing my coupon with Eat Club, always feels like Groupon levels of embarrassment :P

      I pay with the app on Liven and get 15-25% reward on a regular basis too, but this looks like something totally different with 30%-100% - surely can't last for that long?

  • Doesn't show up on mine either.
    Apple only feature?

    • looks like early rollout

      • I noticed it's there in my Android app this morning.

  • does anyone one know if you can stack the bonus on top of the usual cashback? cannot see it anywhere in the faq

    • +1

      No you can't. It's stated in the T&C point 4.2: When redeeming your Liven Care Package, you will not earn any LVN rewards during that transaction.

      Also point 4.6 may be relevant: The Liven Care Package cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Purchasing a Liven Care Package disqualifies you from any other new user specific benefit.

  • +1

    This finally appeared on my app!

  • +1

    Gah, good if you live near the CBD. Why on earth don't they have some further out?