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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3H $225 Delivered @ Xiaomi Australia eBay


Cheapest one atm, Allphones is $239

Go easy on me it's my first post :p
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  • Be aware, they said every stock will have security seal tampered with - which is not described in eBay listing.

    • Bought one the other day from them original seal was broken and had a clear circle one over top. As far as i can tell they just removed global cord and added AU cord. Unit was in perfect condition.

    • If you want AU version and sealed box, Allphones has it for $239.82

    • Can confirm the same thing.

      Here's the ordeal with my order, when asked about the Tampered Security Seal:

      1st Reply

      We believe that there is too much of parcel in the courier office currently and accidentally rub into it.

      2nd Reply

      Our warehouse just inform us they have opened a few unit of purifier to have a check when we receive a complaint from customer regarding accessories missing.

      3rd Reply

      We have received your returned parcel.
      However, our warehouse has confirmed with us that all the remaining stocks are opened to replace with AU plug.
      Therefore, we will stick a circle seal on it to confirm the condition.

      If you still want this item, we will send back to you. If not, we will proceed you a refund.

      Finally received my refund on Monday (took about 3 weeks).

  • My 2 is great, I just put it on sleeping quiet mode (press button a few times for the moon icon).
    Not sure why someone needs google/amazon app support.

  • Easily a great post OP! Kudos.

  • been looking for this and the PRO version, not sure to pull the trigger now…decision…decision

  • I have air purifier 2 for a while, i always leave it at Auto and I don't know if it help clean the air or not. until few days ago, the air purifier 2 spin so fast automatically when my daughter was making pancake without turning on the range-hood. So i guess this is working.

  • Does have replaceable parts like filters etc, if so how much?


    What do u use this for?

    Can this make a room less smelly?

    • Might not remove all smells as it only removes particles from the air, like smoke and pollen. It does remove the very fine particles that are 2.5 microns or smaller which are particularly bad for your lungs. It won’t remove things like formaldehyde or other gases though. Most common uses are for smoke and car/truck pollution as well as pollen for allergy sufferers.

    • Yes, especially from cooking

    • I use it in my office. Dust levels are very low (I've never seen it above 005), so it's not doing much in terms of dust. But since I spend 8 hours or so in the room (with the door closed), I use to find the room a bit smelly after walking out and back into the room. Since I got this about 3 weeks ago, I've never noticed any smell. So it's working well for me.

    • was in contact with seller, these have U.S. Plug and is the English version. So you might need to buy a new 2-pin power plug if you get this deal. He's also a low feedback seller, so who knows about warranty claims if he's selling U.S. version…

  • I think they've jacked the price.. $251.95 for me now.

    Good find and first post OP.

  • Does this help much with dust? i realize my room gets kinda dusty after some time. If yes, how would this small unit really suck up the dust around the room?

    • Apparently it does, main reason I bought one the other day. It will catch airborne dust, you still need to clean dust which has settled on surfaces.

    • probably impossible to catch all the dust depending on what you have in the room, like carpets, bed sheets, covers, drapes (curtains), your clothes even shed dead skin and they settle on almost all surfaces. But it should eliminate some, if not most of the airborne particles.

      Maybe if you combine it with an air circulator like a Vornado it could potentially 'cleanse' all the air if used in combination. Would be a good experiment to do for science; if anyone has tried this combo.

    • small dust particles in the air is easily being absorbed by this machine. those on the ground are quite impossible to suck up as its an "air purifier" not a vacuum cleaner. I say it works well for me and I rely on it a lot to the point that I wake up sneezing because I forgot to turn it on at night.

  • Would xiaomi 3H be able to remove cooking smell? Does it come with an Activated carbon?

    I have a large dining area and been tossing between Xiaomi 3H vs Innova Air E20Plus, but Innova Air would costed $1600.

    I guess I'm comparing Hyundai vs Audi here?