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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 4K HDR Android TV Media Player $349 + $5.95 Delivery or Free Pickup @ Joyce Mayne


Shield Pro. $349 plus delivery.
Not really a bargain - but with the Shield Pro selling at up to 20% above on eBay and all stockists charging up around $399 its better value than elsewhere.

Still way cheaper than Computer Alliance which somehow got 59 upvotes after discount code:

Dollar has been smashed, and there is limited stock of these currently from China. Spoke to MWave and Computer Alliance and both said stock was limited.

Mod note: RRP is $399.95 on Nvidia's official site.

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Joyce Mayne
Joyce Mayne

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    might be a stupid question but considering the brains that troll ozbargain, what is the advantage of this over using native smart tv functions/chromecast etc?

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      Haven't got one - still waiting for a better price. But the main reason I think people buy them, and what I want it for, is to run Plex Media server through.

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        ah so they run it as the server itself or just as a client? (haven't found a reason to move away from the native plex client on the Hisense tv yet)

        • Shield TV can run as a server, but you can also use it as a gaming console (search Youtube for "Super Mario Nvidia Shield" for example, or "Asphalt 8")

          • @Thundersmurf: Can we use it to steam PC games ?

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              @Herre: Yes, as long as you're running a fast wired network - the experience is great

              • +1

                @HowMuch4Cash: I've been streaming games from my PC to my big TV in the living room. It takes a bit of effort to setup but once running it's great.

                And yes you'll need to be wired to have a really good mesh system.

              • @HowMuch4Cash: I would like to hardwiring an existing 2 story property with ethernet, but it is so dear (for me on my low income)/

        • The Shield supports Direct Play for most of the content on Plex. This means there is zero transcoding to be done on the PC your Plex server is running on which in turn means no CPU usage. Essentially this means you can still use your PC while playing 4K content from your Plex onto your TV.

          If the above doesn't mean anything to you I would recommend not purchasing it as the other features of the Shield can also be found on most smart TVs.

          • @Dagmar: I had an old DGTECH android box that was streaming from a samba share on my PC about 8-9 years ago, worked great, cost me SFA ($70 bucks I think). Admittedly back then we were only talking 720p with only the occasional FHD, but it was a very convenient setup until the unit crapped it. I prefer the transcoding done on the end device personally, but I can see why it's not the norm.

            having said that, at $399 people are bonkers to pay that money, the previous Shield was as low as 148 IIRC during black Friday sales 2018

    • -3


    • I use one (the older model). As most (maybe all?) TV's that I'm aware of don't have a lot of support for things like HD Audio Codecs. I use mine with Kodi for that reason.

    • +5

      Personally I find my Shield a joy to use. I had a traditional TV so I bought a Shield two years to supplement that and was extremely happy with it. I last month got a Android TV (Sony X800G) and thought hey maybe I don't need the Shield anymore but my god, the TV's Android is so underpowered compared to the Shield. I disabled everything on my TV and went straight back to using the Shield for everything. It's so much faster, more powerful, snappier and just more damn reliable than the TV. I don't know if it's worth the price for most people but I couldn't stand the TV's setup.

      • Did the same thing mostly. I bought a new R8 Hisense and never for a minute thought about using the TV interface, still haven't to date. I love the Shield.

    • +6

      native smart tv interfaces are typically slow and clunky, also eventually stop receiving updates. Nvidia release regular updates, even 2015 Shields are still functioning like they were on day one.

      • +1

        Except for the bloody remotes I love mine.

      • Also, if you don’t use the smart TV functions it is harder for the TV company to monetise your information.

        The shield and the Apple TV are the best for updates of OS and apps.

    • +4

      I find the nVidia Shield TV to be faster and more reliable than the native OS of TVs. It also works well with receivers and amplifiers. If you are paying so much money on your NBN, and home theatre system, why not spend more on something that will maximize the features of those individual components?

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      Less headaches - while most smart tv supports all your common streaming apps - this plays everything you throw at without any glitches or issues i.e. 4K atmos, true HD, DTS - the fact that its got a 1GB ethernet ethernet port (most TV only has 10) will stream your 40GB 4K file at ease. Also Netflix and Disney allows you to play their contents in Atmos as well.

      If you care about quality of what is being displayed on your TV - go for this - it can run as a plex server and doesn't really take much power compared to your xbox x - if you're worried about power consumption.

      If you're only using your tv speakers and don't have 7.1 speaker setup or don't care about how crisp 4k contents look and only usually play them in FULL HD then your TV will be more than suffice.

    • Smart TV's I've used had painful menus.

      PJs don't have smart functionality.

    • +1

      To this day I still can't understand why they are popular. If it was half the price it would make sense.

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    Nvidia Official site are listing them at

    $289.95 & $399


    I got mine transfered to my local Harvey Norman from Erina, NSW(I think they still have two left).

    • +1

      Yep, the official RRP in Australia was increased a couple of weeks back.

  • +1

    I would opt for a Xbox or PS4 at this price.

    • +2

      It's ok if you're just after normal streaming services like Netflix but these boxes do a whole lot more.

      • I understand. You have to look at the apps you use to see if they are on both platforms.

        • I don't really understand what you mean by both platforms?

          Are you still referring to the Nvidia box?

          • @xenoic: Nvidia Sheild vs Xbox/PS4.
            Android apps you may use on the Sheild may not be available on the console. If you just use YouTube, Plex and Netflix for instance and don't mind ripping out the controller you will be fine.

        • Forget about using Plex on the PS4 if you're discerning user. It's absolutely awful. I can't speak for the Xbox One version.

          • @skittlebrau: What do you mean about Plex being awful on PS4? Compared to an Adroid box?

            I've used Plex on PS4, Xbox One and Mi Box I prefer the console as I have them wired.

            • +1

              @superseijin: The NVIDIA shield is leagues smoother and faster than PS4 Plex. Browsing is instantaneous, with no pop in lag from fetching thumbnails/data and even booting it up is seamless.

              Chuck in task switching and it's honestly ridiculous how backwards the PS4 feels when browsing multiple streaming apps compared to the shield.

              I'm hoping the ps5 is a bit more well designed in that area, so that I can leave the shield in the living room and not have to do what I'm considering and buy another for the theatre.

              • @DisabledUser222687: It has been a while since I have used Plex on the PS4 and I just got rid of it. Thinking about it. It is a lot faster on the Xbox in the UI.

    • I agree with superseijin. Even an Xbox One S (which is several years older) can compete with the 2019 nVidia Shield TV.

      • +1

        It really cant. If you've ever used them side by side, the console lag is very noticeable. Not to mention you can't keep multiple apps open and switch seamlessly between them on the xb1. Lastly, the av options like ai upscaling are completely missing from consoles.

  • +1

    Be quick if hardly normal don't have stock these guys being hardly normal company won't have much stock, couldn't see any local stores with stock..online only

    PLE computers have tube version for $239 for another 4 days.


    • What's the difference between this one and the pro?
      (apart from the physical looks)


      • +3

        Tube vs Pro:

        • Both have Tegra X1+, Dolby Vision, Atmos, AI upscaling, ethernet, and new remote
        • Tube doesn't have USB (it has micro SD)
        • Tube runs 32bit apps vs 32bit and 64 bit of Pro (mainly affects Dolphin emulator AFAIK)
        • Tube has 2GB RAM vs 3GB of Pro
        • Tube has 8GB storage vs 16GB of Pro (both can be expanded via micro SD / USB)
        • Tube can't run Plex server
        • Tube can't run all games the Pro can:


        • Did nvidias site just reference a dolphin emulator used for bootlegged games?

  • How are you managing to get through to mwave? i'm still waiting on a follow up for an order and they've closed their live chat / phones and only taking emails. So far haven't heard back from them yet since last week.

    • Spoke to them a few weeks back. As this corona stuff was kicking off. They said launch was pushed back and that there was delays with stuff from China

  • +3

    This box is incredible,
    The AI upscaling is worth its price alone, I have the sopranos box set and the AI makes the picture twice as good.
    The Plex option is perfecto also, I have a hard drive with 1000 movies on my pc and I can access them all via the box and it sorts and upscales all the movies.

    Over a Smart Tv this thing is quicker, smoother and all round a pleasure to use.
    You can install an emulator and play pretty much every early release console games with ease.

    • What controller do you need to use for the emulator? Is that the original shield gaming one?

      • I use the Ps4 controller. '

        Most of them work, one of my earlier Xbox controllers didn't work but the newer one I bought does.. if you google it there was a change that made the newer Xbox controllers pair up .

      • It's possible to pair PS3/4 and Xbox one controllers via Bluetooth. Not sure about Nintendo controllers. I've used joycon with it but via external USB Bluetooth adaptor in conjunction with VirtualHere to play via desktop streaming.

        • Anyone here found the PS4 controller lag badly

    • I agree with everything you said, except being quicker. My C9 is FAR quicker to load apps than the Shield pro is for some reason. Also switching apps is far quicker on C9 also.

    • -2

      1000 movies at turd quality, though. This would merely polish it.

  • Long shot but here goes. Will a mouse connected to this via USB correctly register a right click when running steam link app. I currently use my mi box s with steam link to run dota 2. The issue is a right click on the mouse registers as back by Android system. So, right clicking in game does nothing as it's sending a back command. Anyone running steam link and can confirm right clicking works in game?

  • +1

    I've got a fair bit of ATV experience having 5 ATV devices and unless you're using GameStream or some of the other advanced features of the Shield TV then the Vodafone TV will do all of your streaming just fine for almost 1/5 of the price..

    • Will the Vodafone TV play 4k mkv files without any issues? I am aware of the hard drive playback issues from the latest software update. $350 & $72 is a big difference.

      • +1

        I just tested it for you, both 120mbps H264 and 120mbps HEVC 10bit MKV files played in Kodi with no issues from a Sandisk Ultra Fit USB3.0 USB drive.

        • +1

          Excellent, thanks buddy! Are you running the latest software on VTV? I've read people are having issues playing files from USB HD after updating.

          • @GoonerAR: I formatted the USB stick as FAT32 so I didn't run into any issues as I know NTFS isn't supported anymore or something?

            Personally I use Plex, I'm not really one for USB HDD's any more.

            • @XeKToReX: The recent upgrade to VTV to only read FAT32 stuffed me. I reformatted the HDD tovfat32 but I’m missing 15% of my movies which are bigger than 4gb. I’ve burnt hours trying to get VTV to read from a PC or HDD in the router with no joy.
              Also, my VTV won’t pair with Bluetooth headphones like some ATV boxes will. And yes VTV otherwise good value.

              • @dtoovey: Yeah i want to play large 4k files (30-80gb) so VTV won't do that after software upgrade.

      • There's the Non-pro version, albeit still 3x the price.
        These are a different kettle of fish.

        • If you're not planning on gaming on it, there's basically no difference to the end user.

          My wife would have absolutely no clue that there wasnt a Shield hiding behind the TV in our bedroom, as far as she knows, there's a boxy thing that plays Netflix when she pushes buttons, same as in the living room. They both do the whole TV/Streaming thing very well.

          I'm a Shield fanboy too, but at this price it's a joke when I paid $249 4 years ago for pretty much the same thing.

  • I own both shield pro 2019 and apple tv 4k and noticed a big flaw on the shield.

    When play Dolby Vision or HDR, the subtitle on netflix are way brighter and bigger than the subtitle on ATV 4K. Check this out if you mainly intend to use it this way.

    The AI upscale is the same with what my Sony TV has built in.

  • +1

    Thanks for this. Wanted to upgrade my current shield! I don't think we're going to get a much better price than this for a long time.

  • +1

    How much?!?!? Wowee

  • Same device as the 2017 , except i believe a slightly revised chip. Benchmark tests came in almost exactly the same.

    Only difference is the Atmos support on Netflix and 4k up scaling. No reason the 2017 Shield couldn't have these features as an update, but the Atmos on Netflix is probably due to a licencing issue. You can still get Atmos through 2017 shield via pass through on Kodi.

    Not really worth the money on upgrade. Once the pricing comes more into line with the 2017 model in a year or two i may consider it to get the 4k upscaling, which i believe is pretty good and would be well received on my 135" projector screen.

    • Which is the same device as 2015. They're still using the same processor five years later just with a slightly smaller fabrication process. It's about half the performance of an Apple TV 4K while costing $100 more.

      • +1

        Correct. Lots of people reviewing the device called it a lazy upgrade. It probably shows how far ahead of the competition they really were in 2015.

        I'm not a fan of apple products and devices. They are too restrictive, and although you can load Kodi on it, it's a bit of a screwaround as it is with many other apps. Apple tv 4k is a great device, ruined by the Apple OS IMO.

        • and Android TV doesn't support Apple Music or Apple TV+. What is "restrictive" to one person may not be to another. It depends on what services you use and what you're trying to do with the device.

          • @tp0: You've got that the wrong way round. Apple is not cross platform friendly. Android would support Apple music but Apple only want it on their devices. Android will allow support for a multitude of different apps, if the developers are willing to develop it for the platform. Google music is available on the Apple store, because google have put the time into developing it and are not worried about cross platform availability.

            Apple is definitely the restrictive company, not the other way around.

            • @KRM123: Two things here.

              1) Apple Music is available on Android but not Android TV.
              2) Google Play Music is available on iOS as you say but not tvOS.

              They're both playing the same game.

              At the end of the day the user does not care about technology politics and fanboyism. They only care about what the device can and can't do with the apps available and for me and many others who use Apple services Android TV is restrictive because those Apple services can't be used on it.

              The same thing goes the other way. The Apple TV doesn't support many emulators available in the Play Store nor can it run a Plex server like the shield can. It also can't passthrough audio.

  • I really want one of these and am hoping someone can talk me out of it haha…

    Here's my current setup:
    - Hisense Android TV (just use it for the tv though)
    - Xiaomi Android TV box (this runs as a plex client)
    - HP mini server (plex server in another room with boatloads of disk/movies)

    Is there any benefit you think of this on my setup?

    Will the native Nvidia interface be better than the stock Android TV box from Xiaomi?

    Is the app support (apps and games available i can download) much more than the Xiaomi?

    The Xiaomi for instance cannot install Amazon Prime Video

    Cheers guys and gals

    • +2

      4K support
      Dolby Atmos
      AI upscaling
      Super fast response / interface
      Game emulators (older consoles)
      Game stream (From PC)
      Powerful enough as Plex media server

    • +6

      Here's an excellent reason to not get one: $349!

    • your tv and mi box would be running android TV 8 which should be the same as this. This just has that little extra power for games, but mibox and your tv will do 4k just fine

      • Is Mi Box compatible with Dolby Vision?

        • +1

          It supports the HDR10 format but not Dolby Vision.

          It doesn't support Dolby Atmos on streaming apps like Netflix, but it seems to play them if you're running the video file from your HDD/server

    • you can side load prime video, you will have to do the same on the nvidia as well

      • +1

        Prime is native on shield. You need to sideload for VTV.

    • +1

      I had a lot of problems with my Mi Box (which could've been a hardware fault), so that was my main motivator for upgrading to the Shield. The main differences that I've enjoyed (apart from being able to output 4K without the box struggling) are being able to run a Plex server on the actual box, and having plenty of grunt to emulate everything up to Gamecube (pair a bluetooth controller and it's a great setup). The UI is largely the same as the Mi Box, with a few QoL tweaks by Nvidia. Prime video is a nice perk, but with the phone app now supporting Chromecast, it's not a difference maker any more. Your choice of apps and games don't differ much beyond that, but of course, more intensive games will run better.

      So overall I've been really happy with mine, BUT I also only paid $175 for mine (older model, like-new off ebay). At $350, I'd be looking at cheaper alternatives, especially if you're mainly streaming media. If your existing setup is working well enough, there's probably no point in throwing down this much cash unless you need that much grunt sitting under your TV.

      • 100% agree. I love my 2017 shield and it's a fantastic machine, but at $350 i'd be steering clear and picking up the 2017 on special or a 2nd hand one. Not worth $350.

  • You bag out a deal that $20 more than this (with delivery) despite the fact Joyce Mayne is well known for overpromising on stock levels…

    I heavily recommend calling and checking they actually have stock before the accept your order and wait weeks/months.

    • $350 is the RRP, anything over that is overpriced

      • Not anymore. RRP is $399

        • Popularity doesn't give them the right to charge a higher price to cash in.

          Blame the sheeple

          • +1

            @Jugganautx: Not popularity, but the sinking AUD definitely.
            Funny I don't hear those complaints in HDD thread - when I was buying the 10TB WD external HDDs for $255 last year and they are a "bargain" at >$310 this year.

        • -2

          The RRP hasn't changed….

  • I was going to grab this, but then realised there's probably no point for my Samsung Q75. It's OS is extremely responsive and i'm currently using a Rasperry Pi as my Plex server with no issues.

  • just missed it.

    Computer alliance showing stock on ebay
    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/532159 at $377.10

  • Put in the cart and was going to buy one but wouldn't let me.

    Now shows out of stock….

    Look at the price too:


  • Plus 1 for pointing out the stupidity of the other post.

    • The irony…

  • Out of curiosity, what apps and/or sideloading/emulating apps are people using on their Nvidia shield?

  • Lol out of stock just as i thought

  • I got my Shield TV tube ($249) version from HN a week ago. I am impressed by the performance. The new remote and the AI upscaling is very nice compare to other Andriod boxes.
    It has been integrated perfectly with SONY TV according to my experience. I wish I have bought it earlier
    The remote supports IR + Bluetooth by the way.
    F.Y.I. I've had MI box and moon box

    • How's the performance of 4K HDR remuxes?

      • i had the tube, and 4k HDR remux was a bit of hit and miss, lost remote connection and choppy playback at times. Not exactly the best Shield experience but everything else was ok. Have since upgraded to the pro and works fine now.

        • I guess I will just have to wait until the Pro goes under $300.

  • I am still perplexed by the hype given that the Plex Media Server does NOT run 4K HDR content.

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