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28% off Tomight Back Posture Corrector $17.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Sahara Amazon


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Sahara AU currently has a Deal on Amazon AU for [2019]Tomight Back Posture Corrector for Women & Men
Normally $24.95, Now $17.95
The time: 21/04/2020 9:15 AEST - 21/04/2020 6:40 PM AEST
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  • +1

    anyone using this product, please share your experience ?

    • Yeah I am very keen to know as well….

    • +11

      I bought it. It does nothing.

      • Didn't correct your back?

        • +2

          only when it was factually incorrect

        • +1

          It was way too small for a man of any size, sat more like a bra but higher. It might remind you to sit up straight just by simply irritating you, but beyond that it doesn't actually push or pull in any way that might straighten your back.

  • +3

    I see this thing posted all the time but I don't think I've seen anyone say anything positive about it

  • +4

    Please read reviews before buying. Not a useful product and potentially damaging.

    Not a bargain either. Same store has had it cheaper and can be found other sites cheaper

  • +6

    I think this product would be good to bundle with essential oils and snake oil.

  • +6

    Tomight, I celebrate my love, for you.

  • +1

    i've tried two similar products as my back is a little hunched.
    Gives you a LOT of under arm chafing to the point i gave up on it.
    It's good for about 30 mins

    • +6

      The best thing you can do for a hunched or more serious conditions like kyphosis in your back is to strengthen it.

      Exercises such as rowing machine with weights, bent-over row, etc. It makes a huge difference and soon your posture becomes much straighter without even thinking about it.

      The strengthening helped me greatly.

      • +1

        completely agree that's the way to go :)

    • Face pulls really work for correcting hunched backs.

  • +2

    It's like 5$ on aliexpress. There was a news article about a drop shipper making 400k a year selling these at $80 a pop, his website was very convincing, but then a lot of other people started doing the same thing (aka OP), and now the same guy is only making 100k a year because he has to discount down to 20 each.

  • +8

    This has gone from a (maybe) deal, to advertising, and now it's just SPAM

  • +2

    More dropshipped Amazon spam advertising. No deal here, mixed reviews, and has been cheaper in the past too.

  • Best to fix posture with stretching and strengthening

    • This is the best answer.. I've been doing a bit of yoga from home lately due to gyms being shut and it has been helping a lot with posture and shoulder pain..wish i started earlier

  • I have heard a lot of good things about upright go and go2. Maybe worth a try, bit $$$