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Spotify Premium - 2 Months Free Trial (New Users Only)


As a secondary option, this below link is the direct checkout link that I used.


You can change to a free account immediately as soon as the premium account is activated to never be charged for premium. This does not start a refund, the premium account will still be valid for the full remaining period until the date listed. For example, I purchased this today on 22/04/20, it states during and after the change "Your plan will change to Spotify Free on 21/6/20".

On a PC, login to spotify, goto Profile > Account > Select Free Plan.

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  • Hard to go from Premium to Free. It's like going from Business Class to Economy. (Not in the current environment of course)

    • The thing is the Free version of Spotify is so different depending on the device.
      Phone: playlist/radio of "similar" songs to the one you suggested - 6 free skips per hour - lots of adverts.
      iPad/Tablet: shuffle play only but can play full albums on shuffle - 30 mins of ad free music after ad. 6 free skips per hour, but can play your songs.
      PC: seemingly can play any song in any order you like but quite a few ads

  • ..and into my 7th and 8th month of Free Spotify I go!! Cheers.

  • Questions:
    * Do they ask for a Credit card?

    • Spotify will accept any Mastercard, Amex and Visa credit card, debit card and prepaid card.

      Once the card number is used, it cannot be used for a free trial again but there are ways you can recycle it if you're organised and have the time (creating and associating it with a burner paypal, etc).

      I've also "lost or replaced" several fee free visa debit bank cards over the years (spread through ING, citibank, nab, anz, etc) when I couldn't be bothered setting up a fee free prepaid card or any other rigmarole. Probably a better way of doing it but it works..

  • which country has the cheapest Spotify Premium?

    • Well I mean if you can get a family of 6 for PHP194 a month it works out about $1 a month per person.
      Or you can get an Australian spotify family spot for $3 per month.

    • In India it is 699 rupees for a year (intro price) which translates to about $15 for the year.

      Family is 169 rupees per month, about $3.50.

      Assume you need and Indian CC and address.