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LG G8s Thinq 128GB Mirror Black Now $596 + Delivery (Free C&C/Instore) @ The Good Guys


LG G8S ThinQ for $596 (Price has now been reduced from $696) at The Good Guys.
The description suggests that it is Dual SIM (i.e. not the single SIM Telstra variant).

Based on previous comments from others, the items sold by the good guys are indeed Dual SIM

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Watch out guys, please use appropriate PPE as it's a "HOT BUY"

  • Was 499 at JBHIFI 2 weeks ago, ofcourse with single sim. Bought one. Its going great. But still don't know when Android 10 Comes in.

  • hard to get excited about this when the V50 with dual screen attachment was $599 just a week ago.

  • It's not just Life's Good, it's Life's Gr8. Very tempted.

  • Picked one of the single sim varieties for $499 the other week and it's been a pretty great phone for the money.

  • What are the chances that this too could turn out to be single sim? (JB description of V50 also stated dual SIM - they subsequently removed it).

    • Good point.
      Might be best to call them or go in-store.

      Alternatively, you can use the ebay discount code for allphones, even though it works out to be slightly more expensive.

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    Not attractive enough to buy because of previous deal with JB hifi past 2 weeks.
    It is little strange the good guys reduced the price during the promotion week, but I doubt that ozbargainers get excited to buy this near $100 more than previous deal.
    Good guys!!! Beat JB's previous promo pricing!! Show how good you are. I will upgrade my V30+ if you going lower than $500.