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The Wire, The Complete Series HD $49.99 @ iTunes


The Wire HD Complete Series for the lowest price ever on iTunes in HD at the moment - $49.99

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    If you haven't seen it do it do it now. It will make you a better person.

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      Agreed….I watched it again a year or two ago and realised how famous a lot of the actors had become since the show ended. Season 2 was a bit slow but needed in terms of the overall understanding.

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        Season 2 was probably my favourite of all. Just loved the dock business and Sabotkas.

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          Agree with Simbooo. Unbelievable show but season 2 was tough to push through but necessary

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            @anawth: When men were men

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            @anawth: Found the start of season 2 hard going, as it was such a change from season one with a whole load of new characters, but it ended up being brilliant. Was also essential to the bigger picture.

        • Ziggy was a pain in the a** though.

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        Whenever I watch a good show I always judge it compared to the wire and nothing every really measures up. I decides to rewatch it all last year in HD to see if I was being fair and damn there is just no mistaking how brilliant this is.

        Absolute masterpiece.

        I agree season 2 was the low point but it's like picking your least favourite child. At the time I had a bit of fun trying to rate the seasons from most favourite to least along with the versions of the intro song. Truly hard task.

        • 'it's like picking your least favourite child.' totally agree. It's arguably the most informative season but for someone who's never watched the series 'don't give up at season 2'

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          Same, I've never found anything nearly as good since and possibly never will. True Detective the closest but that was only good for one season.

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  • Same price on Google Play if you aren't on iTunes.

    (Looks like they only have SD..)

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    I'm watching the 1st season of The Wire and I just got done watching the episode where DeAngelo teaches the younger kids chess. I was blown away! I had to watch it a couple times to really pick up on it, but did you guys realize that when he was teaching them about the chess pieces, he was really referring to THEM being the pawns! What an amazing metaphor!

    It was so deep and meaningful, I am amazed by the deep symbolism of this.

    Do the later seasons continue on with masterful symbolism like this? This was truly the pinnacle of storytelling that I have ever seen on a television show, and I think I can confidently say The Wire is the best show ever made without even having seen the entire series.

    Also the acting is amazing. Idris Elba and Dominic West do a great job with their Baltimore accents.

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      Just like Game of Thrones, don't get too attached to the characters.

      My two favourite scenes:
      - the switching between two hostile dinners where the camera revolves between the characters without any dialogue, both ending the same way.
      - when a guy refuses to accept clothing from a woman: "I'm extra large", "no doubt" then their eyes lock.

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      Ohh you're in for a ride… It actually gets better.

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      did you guys realize that when he was teaching them about the chess pieces, he was really referring to THEM being the pawns!

      Not to be a smart ass but how could anyone not realise that?

      • Right? It wasn’t subtle at all, they were explicit about it.

    • When I first started watching it I didn't know McNulty and Stringer were UK actors. They are amazing.

      Also had to watch episodes more than once to pick up on everything that was going on and the subtleties of it. Just brilliant.

    • The chess scene links to a later scene in the later seasons which I only found out about recently.

      It's a spoiler so I won't ruin it for you.

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    Better hope the deal includes subtitles 😳😬

    • Only need subtitles for Snoop

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    booooo, SD version still the best, watch it how it's supposed to be.

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    The layers to this show are quite spectacular, ie things linking up from episodes much prior which can easily go unnoticed, the first one that springs to mind is the young child who ends up killing a certain character (I wont mention names as it'd be too much of a spoiler) whenever he is shown prior to the shooting if an eye is kept on his actions it is marvelous.

    • young child who ends up killing a certain character

      Gee that narrows it down lol. That happens like every second episode.

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    Came for the comments shiiiiiiiiiiet.

  • Amazing show, would recommend.

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    Careful of Omar and his shotgun. Damn he rocked.

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      you come at the king, you best not miss

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        I got the shotgun, you got the briefcase. S'all in the game though, right?

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      The best character of any show ever

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    Omar comin

  • Currently free to stream semi-legitimately on HBO Now via VPN to the US. But it might be worth the money to buy it - such a good show.

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    Easily the best TV show ever, followed by Sopranos and Fargo (very underrated)

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    Best. TV. Show. Ever. So, so good.

    Forget GOT, Breaking Bad etc, this is where its at.

    All in the game, yo.

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    iTunes? Shiiiiiiiiiiiieeeet

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    I don't know what constitutes a good price in terms of historical lows. All I know is this series deserves an upvote at any price.

    How amazing is Bubs?

    • Bubs is tragic and brilliant all in one. Him and Omar are two of my faves.

  • Is this expired? Says not available

    edit: manually searching worked for me. Thanks op

  • Does apple have crossplay? Eg. if I buy on my iPhone can I watch on Apple TV? I seem to remember in the past this wasn’t the case.

  • Shame that iTunes Windows software is garbage, and it isn't available on anything other than a stupid Apple TV.

    • A lot of newer tvs and devices like the Amazon Fire Stick have the Apple TV App which can be used to play iTunes content

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    Where's Wallace at?

    • Making babies with Bianca and jabbing Ricky Conlan/Viktor Drago in between.

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    The good thing about The Wire is that it doesn't seem as outdated as an 18 year old show should, because the design of American police cars actually didn't change at all from 1998-2011. As such, the cars used in 2002 when this show started, were still in use up until very recently (in fact a few agencies over there still have an odd Crown Vic or two left).

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    Pandemic right here! Pandemic!

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    Fuzzy Dunlop. What a character. Awesome series.

  • one of the best show I watched… so liked the show once bought whole DVD disc.

  • I stopped watching it because season 2 was so slow and boring

    • Everyone keeps trying to promote the series here, is it making everyone 'better' & less racist since the Covid outbreak?

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    Just putting in a little love for the Bunk seeing no one mentioned him.

    Bunky Bunky Bunk

  • Smooth Lester Cool

    PS. Check out Treme after The Wire. Same writer and so many of the same actors.

    • and "The night of.."

    • Heard mixed reports about Treme. How does it compare?

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        It has a similar tone to it… Very much based on reality. Lots of focus on corruption.

        If you replace all the gangbanging in The Wire with jazz music, that's Treme.

  • It's also on Amazon prime but on the USA catalogue. Not sure how easy it would be to vpn into the USA catalogue?

  • Amazing addictive show. I borrowed the box set from my local library before they shut down for Covid19 took about 3 weeks to watch.

  • New podcast "Down in the Hole" rewatching the whole series just launched recently on the The Ringer.

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    Purchased on Youtube for $49.99 but when streaming only got 480p quality

    • Is it 4:3 or 16:9? I'm trying to work out if it's the remastered or original version. Thanks.

      • Sorry I didn't notice that and already cancelled my order. But I can confirm the quality is better than 480p and worse than 720p, when playing on my 55' TV it was not on fullscreen but still OK to watch.

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