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iPhone SE (2020) 64GB $199 with Telstra 12mth $65 60GB Plan @ JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys [Port-In Customers, In-Store Only]


The Good Guys - Terms and Conditions

  • To be eligible to purchase a selected iPhone SE 64GB for $199 between 24th April – 30th April 2020 (Promotional Date) customers must:

    • Port in to Telstra by signing up to the $65 60GB 12 Month Plan (40GB Standard + 20GB TGG BONUS) with a minimum plan cost of $780,
    • Wait for the Telstra connection to be completed
    • Once connection has been completed the customer is eligible to purchase one of these selected iPhones: MX9R2X/A, MX9T2X/A, MX9U2X/A
  • Offer only available In Store. Excludes online and eBay, Existing Boost, Belong and Telstra Pre-Paid customers.

  • Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

Seems to be a pretty good deal considering this is a new release phone with an outright cost of $749!

  • Plan inclusions: Unlimited Talk & Text | 60GB Data/Month | No International calls/text included

  • Min Cost $979 (Plan cost - $780 + $199 Handset upfront cost)

  • Instore only

  • Offer expires 30th April

Excludes existing Telstra, Belong & Boost customers

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    • +17

      $589 from $700+ RRP for a new release is not bad

  • +1

    Great price, you can maybe get Telstra to give you a $10/m credit (online chat) so it becomes $55/month

    • how do we get the credit?

    • What to ask for to get the $10/m credit?

      • +7

        $10 credit p/m

        • +1

          so how do we do it?

          • +1

            @BargainGhost: afaik you have to ask in for port in discount which is $10/m credit and some operators wont do it but others might so itll take a few times

        • How many times did you take

          • +2

            @DisabledUser345744: Contacted them up to 5x never get the port in discount. They said there’s no such thing, even the supervisor confirmed it.

            I think it’s only for those who they think are their family and friends (based on your name on the screen, maybe). But, this was few months ago with jb’s 500$ gc.

            Maybe now Telstra close that loophole in their system.

            • @brongz: Same, just 2 times.very unlikely now.

            • @brongz: dont worry if one person uploads a photo of transcript it might be possible

            • +1

              @brongz: 5 times? try more im sure it'll work eventually.

            • @brongz: How did you even manage to get in contact with them? Phone, live chat and in-app chat all cut me off because of Covid.

    • how?

    • -1

      can they guarantee this price before you purchase.

    • No luck when trying yesterday. I've had 2 other phones in the past with no issues. I guess it depends on the agent you deal with.

      • did you ask before signing up to plan? or after signing up to the plan?

        • +3

          You jumped on live chat after purchase and connection. Absolute luck of the draw tho.

    • If anyone got success can you please screenshot and post here? That would greatly appreciated!

    • +4

      the port in credit has been NA for months now -

      • I did this in Dec 2019, it worked for me, so it's 55$/month

        • can you send photo of transcript?

    • just contacted seems like they can’t because the JB Hi Fi plans are different to their plans?

    • they had told me

      Hi Im currently checking our promotions here but JB HiFI offers and prices are different to our prices and offers but no worries you could alternatively go to JB HiFi and request for a discount through them and they may be able to help you with that :)

  • This port in only?

    • +2

      Always is

  • New customers only.

  • +1

    Thanks for this! I was going to buy the SE outright but may be worth it to sign up to the plan instead.

    I’m still on iPhone 6 and have never been signed up to a mobile plan; been surviving without data this whole time. Maybe now it’s time to join the masses.

    • +12

      Wrong, you should grab either a Belong or a Boost prepaid sim and buy the phone outright, works out much cheaper and I don't think you'll need 60GB of data a month.

      • +9

        Normally I say that to all my friends but $150 for 12 months is the cheapest boost plan puts it at $890 which is cheaper sure but only 6.6GB a month if you need more than that this is similar price so not "much cheaper"

        Afterthought Edit: Though there is something to be said for being on prepaid so that alone might make it still the smarter way to go even if you want 20GB a month and it costs the same atleast you arent in a contract… So yeah maybe boost is still the smart way

        • Are you able to use that sim card in an iPad for data only?

      • I'm on the Boost 240GB plan, picked up on sale for $240 (compared to the regular $300) and am thinking of buying one of the iPhone SE's so it'll work out at $949, $10 more than Telstra plan. If I didn't already have my Boost contract paid for for another 6 months I'd switch in a heartbeat.

        Plus being on Telstra has some benefits, rack up some points, the cost is spread over 12 months instead of all upfront (not that interest is worth anything these days) and if sports every happen again there's that for free.

        Just need to figure how whether the bad reviews of the SE's camera in low light are really that bad, and whether I can run dual sim with esim and sim slot.

      • -2

        I use more than 100 a month between work and life. Often 150-170.

        • Always curious who uses these high data plans… Do you not have normal wifi access most the time or are you just constantly out and about

          • @Simster275: Office hours - I don't use work wifi for my personal use, then use hotspot for remote login (my choice as it allows me to work out of the office when I need to) - I stream music mostly at work. I'll stream 1-2 hours of HD video a day normally (at the gym on bike or cross trainer) plus uploading high quality pics and then your normal social media and all of a sudden you are up there.

            Have a really solid nbn connection at home too!

          • @Simster275: I use it a fair bit. Usually 40gb+ a month.
            Working in a trade, I'm constantly on GPS, Spotify while driving, uploading HQ photos for work, then when I get home I don't bother switching on wifi at all.

      • The Boost prepaid plans seem reasonable and will work out cheaper. I'm looking at the $150 with 12 months expiry option. Data amount is not really relevant as I've survived without it for 6+ years so any data is a bonus (I won't be using that much data anyway)


  • +3

    Wonder if they'll do a similar deal for the 128gb model.

    • Just called them, they said they will do $400 off the 128GB model (not as good discount as the $550 on the 64GB) on the same $65pm plan.


      Not sure how this one works out now. Just couldn't live with 64GB unfortunately.

      Option 1 (normal outright)
      $829 outright + Boost $300 for 240GB (for example, 20GB per month) = $1,129 total
      (Can save 5% buying with JB Gift vouchers - subtract $41.45)

      Option 2 (JB plan deal)
      $829 - $400 = $429 + ($65 x 12) = $429 + $780 = $1,209 total
      (Can save 5% buying with JB Gift vouchers - subtract $21.45)
      But you get 60GB per month + 'full Telstra' + any port in (and out later) hassle (inc. forfeit partially unused months) + bill shock potential (particularly roaming).

      So the question becomes, do you enjoy the freedom and coverage of pre-paid and is 20GB (average per month) enough?

      Or do you need 60GB and are happy with the port in / credit check / etc?

      • +1

        Is there anything to stop you taking out this deal and then comeback and exchange for the 128GB model by paying the extra $80?? Doing this, you are effectively get $550 off the 128GB model?

        • That is very clever!

          In the end I just kept things simple and bought outright.

          There is value in simplicity for me :)

      • i like how biased you are.
        For the contract you say

        • bill shock potential (particularly roaming).

        but what about the shock of finishing your 240gb data earlier? It's far more likely to happen

        • Bill shock is the potential to run up a very high $$$$ unexpected bill.

          Much worse than running out of data unexpectedly soon (for most people).

          In one instance, you have to go through the hassle of a recharge, the other, you're hit with a $300 bill because your nephew tethered his iPad to your phone and you forget, you used Google Maps in Bali or something like that.

          You realise that different things are important to different people and you can provide your own analysis?

      • How much for option 3, buy 128gb and then cancel after leaving the store, still 390 to cancel? Save 10$!

  • What's the cost of ending the contract early (say, after one day)?

    • +1


      • +3

        So $390 + $199 = $589 outright for the iPhone after all the hassles of starting and ending the contract :)

        • +1

          Is this confirmed?

          • +6

            @Ameowzon: Yes, every time these JB $65 deals are posted :)

            • +2

              @DisabledUser139667: Wouldn't it be $199 + $390 + $65 = $654? You have to pay for at least one month of the contract I assume.

              • +1

                @DonWilson: Nope. You don't need to stay connected for a month to pay the $65. You can cancel immediately.

                • @aspirepranesh: Cancel immediately in store with jb hifi or walk out and call Telstra to cancel?

                  • @pongie: Cancel after you walk out by calling telstra. My porting in took a few minutes. If you can wait for a dayx that would be ideal before cancelling

                  • +15


                    Cancel immediately in store with jb hifi

                    Lol if you really want to make the sales guy feel like he was scammed of his time and effort, right in his face too.

                    "thanks, you did a great job! Now undo what you've done".

                    • @Ughhh: Why would he or she care? Surely they aren’t getting any commission based on how long you’re connected, be it 12 mths or 12 minutes.

              • @DonWilson: They’ll take $65 upfront most likely but then refund prorata amount.

  • +2

    Whish JB will do the same when pixel 4a comes out. And 64g is almost just…

  • Anyone know the cost for cancelling the contract?

    • +6

      From earlier in the comments, $390.

      • Thanks

  • -3

    Last year, you were able to contract to this JB plan and then ‘upgrade’ during Telstra’s Click Frenzy promotion (May) to Telstra’s own $69 plan which was discounted to $49. Because $69 > $65, this was seen as an upgrade. Any thoughts if this would be an option again this year, assuming Telstra will run a similar promo?

  • Whats included in the $65 plan?

    • My bad! forgot to add that. It has been added to the post mate.

  • +3


    • +15

      That's what she said

      • I guess the tiny screen makes the 1334 x 750 resolution not so bad.

        • About the same screen size and res as my long retired HTC One X. Never felt it was lacking in sharpness, still don't. At 4.7" that res is fine.

          • @CJ31: I'm on the old SE, the screen on the new SE seems too big to me :)

    • +3

      The first gen SE was 4in
      This is more of a successor to the iPhone 8 than SE

      • Or comparable to an iPhone 7 with a faster processor and wireless charging.

      • +4

        I must admit I don't "get" this phone. I would have thought the beauty of the original SE (to those who love it) was it was tiny and light weight. With the huge bezels this phone is almost indistinguishable in total size from a 5.8" galaxy 10E.

        I wonder why Apple didn't take the 4.7" screen from IPhone 8 and wrap it in a lightweight near bezeless body. You would have had the advantage of the 4.7" screen, but the whole phone size of the original 4" SE (bezels). Cut back the CPU power of needed.

        • I think the primary focus was a cheap phone rather than a small phone. Both of the SE have reused existing designs and components which no doubt contributes to a lower price.

        • That would be great, but would cost at least $100 more with the cost of designing and then tooling up for a totally new case design, new layout, etc.etc.

    • +11

      That's one of the selling points for me. I don't need a TV in my pocket.

      • this, the iPhone se functions very well as a PHONE first.

        • +8

          So does a 180 dollar A20

          • +3

            @mlburnian: Ah, but doesn't have the wank factor.

          • @mlburnian: A $25-40 phone will do calls and texts. Won't have a good camera though.

            • @CJ31: So, you gonna pay 700$ for a 'good camera'?
              And se 2020 really only has a 'good' camera, its not the best

              • @nikoris: Me? nope. But I can see die hard Apple fans recommending it to old relatives since it still has the big Nanna button on it. Most of those buy what they are told to.

              • @nikoris: I mean, yeah, if you're going to be using it for a while.

                No point carrying a good camera when you have a decent phone. I dunno when was the last time i pulled out my dslr, just cause it's inconvenient.

              • @nikoris: 12MP isn't a good camera

                • +1

                  @DarthPyro: Unless you are printing billboard sized images, or needing to crop insanely, 12MP is plenty.

                • @DarthPyro: A good 12mp crushes a bad 48mp. DSLR cameras never rushed for super high megapixels, even though they have much, much bigger sensors than any phone. High quality pixels beats lots of mediocre pixels, especially obvious in low light.

  • If anyone gets this plan can they share a photo of their receipt?
    I'm curious to see how it shows the cost of the phone.

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