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iPhone SE (2020) 64GB $199 with Telstra 12mth $65 60GB Plan @ JB Hi-Fi & The Good Guys [Port-In Customers, In-Store Only]


The Good Guys - Terms and Conditions

  • To be eligible to purchase a selected iPhone SE 64GB for $199 between 24th April – 30th April 2020 (Promotional Date) customers must:

    • Port in to Telstra by signing up to the $65 60GB 12 Month Plan (40GB Standard + 20GB TGG BONUS) with a minimum plan cost of $780,
    • Wait for the Telstra connection to be completed
    • Once connection has been completed the customer is eligible to purchase one of these selected iPhones: MX9R2X/A, MX9T2X/A, MX9U2X/A
  • Offer only available In Store. Excludes online and eBay, Existing Boost, Belong and Telstra Pre-Paid customers.

  • Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

Seems to be a pretty good deal considering this is a new release phone with an outright cost of $749!

  • Plan inclusions: Unlimited Talk & Text | 60GB Data/Month | No International calls/text included

  • Min Cost $979 (Plan cost - $780 + $199 Handset upfront cost)

  • Instore only

  • Offer expires 30th April

Excludes existing Telstra, Belong & Boost customers

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    • RRP will show as $749 on the receipt with a $550 credit applied to the final price. This is covered by Telstra I would assume. This is based on my past interactions with JB with similar deals

      • That's good for tax purposes then.

  • +1


    Could go the 24 month contract, buy the 256gb version for $500 (as you get $500 credit towards a phone that's $999 or above).

    Gives you 80gb of data a month, but it really depends if you want a long contract like that or not.

    hope this helps others to decide.

  • +2

    Also at TGG. Same deal.

    • Cheers mate. Added to the post and the title for clarity.

    • Does this mean that the cancelling early method is the exact same as if buying from JB?

  • Hi what will the up front price be for 128gb SE with 65$ 12 month plan? Thanks

    • +1

      Save $400 instead of $550

  • +3

    I hate these 'port in' deals. Why can't Telstra just reward existing customers the same as new customers.

    • marketing

    • 100%
      My contract just finished and I cbf going through the port out and port in.
      They might end up losing me for that reason

    • These deals to get in new customers are obviously not translating in to better share prices for Telstra.

    • +2

      Sales numbers are counted towards new customer not existing customers. It's very unfortunate but it's how all these businesses operate. We as consumers just need to be more savvy and play the game better than other consumers.

      • But it actually costs more to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing. Yet companies persist…

    • Doesn't financial reporting also includes # of customers (which will show higher number if there are more new customers to show)? That would make the company look good which translates to more fat bonus for execs.

    • Why? They want new customers, it's a 'welcome' gift.

  • Pixel 4 on release was also 200 but rrp 1200

    • +1

      iphone vs google (apple phones usually never go on sale for a lot.)

  • +5

    Don't know if this applies to all, but the A13 processor is underpowered in this phone to maintain the battery life.

    Still a good phone though..

    • Interesting. Surely still even too much power, probably good idea for battery life.

      Maybe it will be unlocked in iOS 17 when we'll need it!

    • Doesn't really matter. It's still an a13. An underclocked version of it is still gonna be on par, if not better than the Snapdragon variant. Add that iOS apps are generally better optimised too, and you're good to go for a few years.

    • It's still crazy fast, faster than what is needed on a screen this size really.

  • Hope this isn’t a silly question but is the phone locked to Telstra?

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      No mate. Its an outright phone subsidised by Telstra if you take the plan.

      • +1

        Cheers mate! This is a great deal!
        Am I right in saying I can buy a $1 sim, port that number in to get the deal and then cancel afterwards- paying a total of $580?

        • +3

          You are right.

          Plan cancellation is $390. Plus you are paying $199 for the handset. Plus your dollar for the sim :)

          You are saving $169 from the RRP of the phone ($749)

          • +1

            @aspirepranesh: Holy smokes 🤪

          • +1

            @aspirepranesh: Also, in that case, existing customers would be eligible as it only says ‘when you port your number to Telstra on…’

            • +1

              @Simbooo: In my experience, existing telstra customers including boost and belong are not eligible.

              You could port out to an other provider and port back, but I have heard that Telstra have a one month limit from porting out to porting in to be eligible for these offers based on some comments I have read on similar deals in the past

              • +1

                @aspirepranesh: Existing customers can do it, they just need to add a new number from another provider.

        • Used to be the case, but nowadays Optus and Vodafone insist you do a recharge before activation can complete for a SIM with $0 value. Aldi SIM may not enforce that (since it is on Telstra network) and interestingly Aldi seems to be allowed.

          • +1

            @netsurfer: Aldi SIMs are $5 - which is also the recharge…

            • @terrys: I know.. I already mentioned Aldi in my comment.

              • @netsurfer: Yes, I was clarifying the reference to a lack of the need for a recharge before activation - you have already paid that.

            • @terrys: Thanks for this. Is this the cheapest option of a new SIM that you can port from?

        • +1

          Just confirming that this worked for me. Very streamlined process. Thanks!

  • Has anyone done porting these days? Read whirlpool porting is way to slow due to COVID19.

    • +2

      Ported a couple of phones for kids the other day, went through in minutes no problems (to Voda though, not Telstra)

      • from which network to Voda?

        • +1

          Catch Connect, so Optus to Voda (Kogan actually)

          • +1

            @Fancydancer: Telstra post paid (with 1 month to go) to Vodafone prepaid took about an hour from submission.

  • Not sure if this is important to anyone but every time you apply for new phone plan it will affect your credit score..

    • +1

      How? If you don’t cancel I don’t see why it would.

      • Telstra will perform a credit check.
        Too many credit checks =doesnt look good for future lenders.

        • I was affected by 80 points on my credit score just by changing from optus to Vodafone nbn.
          No one had a clue why it happened and it took 6 months to get my score back up, I guess that's the only control these mobile companies have to stop people from porting out.

          • +1

            @tryingtohelp: I would say it's more due diligence than for stopping people from porting out, since these are postpaid not prepaid. If they didn't take these measures, you'd get people blaming telstra for not taking measures and allowing them to scam telstra.

      • Whenever you sign up for a new postpaid service with any carrier, a credit check is done.

        (you may get lucky if you're an existing customer and they do an internal credit check, rather than pinging the bureaus and leaving an enquiry on your file)

    • -1

      So better to buy outright?

    • +1

      Their systems request an update to your credit file to check your credit history prior to enabling a new postpaid service. Especially of it's a new account. Each time a credit rating request is done it increases your credit risk according to the systems they use, but more so if done numerous times within a short period of time I think. Ex Telco sales staff here 🙂

    • I found that they may do a credit check, and it could affect your score if you don't pay the bill, but what happens if you cancel the plan?

      • Makes no difference - an enquiry will still show on your file that Telstra made an enquiry - whether or not you cancel after a month or 12 months, they still check when you become a customer.

  • -2

    64GB storage in a phone in 2020? lol please

    • +7

      Complaining about storage in a phone in 2020? lol please


      • -4

        I dont buy midrange phones so not complaining as doesn't effect me, just making an observation that I find amusing. Comment will be down voted to death but thats ok :)

        • +3

          I for one agree with you, 64gb is no way enough for me. But considering this is a phone targeted towards someone who just need a stable phone, easy to use, 64gb would be plenty I would assume especially with cloud backup.

          • +2

            @aspirepranesh: +1 aspirepranesh

            This is a great phone for my SO who uses services like google photos to sync and back up content.
            She's destroyed a couple phones in the past so if anything, greater storage capacity is a risk factor rather than the incentive to constantly sync/backup.

        • +1

          Google still sell Pixel phones starting with 64GB, including Pixel 4.

      • +2

        My wife's on an iPhone 7, 32GB, and as far as I know, we're in the same timezone, year 2020. It works. All her photos are uploaded to iCloud.

      • +1

        'Cloud'… yes and no.

        I thought the same thing with my 32GB 6S, but in reality things worked out different. First, you only get 28GB usable AND iCloud Photos integration MOSTLY works nice, but many times I get 'error communicating with iCloud' when I try to attach photos into Messenger or an SMS. Not to mention whenever you want to upgrade iOS it needs 'update x2' space free, i.e. 3-6GB, so I do have to offload apps, put them back on, delete audio books and shuffle other stuff… a pain for a heavy techie user like me.

        Been on the phone to Apple for ages trying to fix it. Summary was that when iPhones have barely any space left they do weird things (makes sense).

        So yeah 64GB would be great for Mum, and would probably be just barely enough for me, but given I listen to lots of audio books, take lots of video and don't want to have to shuffle storage and want some future proofing I don't think it'll be enough.

        It's a pity as this 64GB deal is great.

        It's almost like they deliberately want to lock in the Mums and Dads to a $65 plan they forget to downgrade from…

      • -1

        Its stupid to say 'cloud'
        I have everything backed up with Google photos but nothing beats having all my 4k60 videos available locally.
        I have an iphone 11 64gb and i have to empty it every couple months because it gets full.

        Please stop all the woke 'cloud' messages

    • +2

      64gb is plenty!

    • +1

      Given the average 4G speed in Austrlia is 37Mb/8Mb, most poeple are most than happy to store their mass storage in Cloud services. Particaully those buying an entry level iPhone….
      Im sorry if you live in the sticks or cant afford a plan that suits you, you are actually the exception in this country.

    • I'm with noise on this. It drives me NUTS when you are O/S and wifi hotspots are jammed with people's phones that are trying to upload their stuff to a cloud. It totally falls over and is useless for everyone.

      A couple of decent travel apps (with offline maping), a couple of movies, tunes and your own photos/ videos and 64gb is gone!

      Apple, Just give it SDcard support! My $2 android has had it for years and never failed.

    • I'm on 32GB and have never filled it, so different people have different needs.

  • -2

    No 5g on a 2020 phone isn’t a good thing

    • Why?

      • The same you adopted 3G, 4G. Speed and reliability. This aspect is dated at launch for a phone that should last 4yrs+.

        • +4

          4G works fine for browsing on my phone and the prepaid plans are cheap. I can't see myself moving to 5G in the next 4 years.

          This won't be the only phone released this year without 5G.

        • +3

          Agreed… the additional speed is unusable AND the range is hopeless! (150 meters - you'll need 3/4 towers on your average street).

          You can get 250Mbps on Telstra 4GX… my home ASDL2 12Mbps can stream HD video on my 65" TV… (even h.265 4K!)

          Tell me how anybody would use more than 250Mbps on a device with a 5" screen?

      • +2

        Because bigger numbers are better irrespective of actual use cases.

        • +3

          That's basically it.

          Do people realise 5G has like 150M range from a tower/node/powerpole box thing?

          • @MementoMori: Plus 5G is an absolute battery hog at this point in time.

    • +5

      5g isn’t even properly out yet…

      • +1

        I keep reading reports of 5G towers burning down.

        • Yes in some European countries due to rumours about Covid-19 due to 5G !!

      • Yes and even in areas where 5G is available it may not work inside home!
        Given the current economic situation, we would have to wait and see if Telcos want to continue capital investment in 5G.

    • Given the Telcos aren't rolloing it out for the re-sellers and Voda has hardly started it's not much of a problem atm, especially if you plan to use the phone as a phone. Then again, >$50 gets you one that can provide that service…

    • Australia doesn't have network congestion issues, 4g is sufficient for most people.

      If anything, I don't think 5g is gonna be here for a while. We're slow adopters of new tech in general.

  • I have a $100 gift card with jb hifi, can I use that to pay the upfront cost or will it be billed to Telstra?

    • you most certainly can use the $100 gift card and just pay the $99 difference with cash/card. The $199 is billed to jb

      • Do you know whether it is possible to use multiple gift card vouchers in one purchase?

        • All you pay JB is the $199 fee. You can use how many ever cards you want to pay that. The monthly fee of $65 is paid to Telstra

  • I am with Boost (one of those $150 / 12 month / 80gb SIMs).

    Can I sign up for this as a 'new' contact with a new number?

    Idea being I can cancel immediately, payout the cancellation costs ($369) and put my current SIM into the new phone.

  • Not bad! I wouldn't mind taking up this deal. Shame I was booted from JB HiFi as a mobile customer. LMAO

    • Why were you booted?

      • +1

        Took advantage of previous offers one too many times

        • Ahh dang, offers are meant to be taken so I am disappointed they booted you. Thanks for the response

  • Did the workings on the 128GB model here - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8617518/redir

    That was for JB.

    Can anything be done at Good Guys to get a better deal on the 128GB?

  • +1

    Wow, this would have been great for me. I ordered outright directly from Apple, amid COVID-19 I suspected JB Hi-Fi and others may be delayed in getting stock. I did call my local JB last week, and they said they had no idea when they would come ( I was going to use their $700 voucher deal with 24-month Plan).
    So currently waiting for TNT to deliver my handset. FYI I'm on an Optus $36 plan from 2017 30GB and out of contract.

    I had a $50 apple store voucher from ways back i found and used.

    by my calc (64gb) $699 Handset + $36/month

    Vs $199 + $65/month

    Over 1 Year $1131 vs 979 - $152 ( $202 ) saving (not including my $50 gift card) with this deal.

    Over 2 years $1536 vs $1759 - I'm better ahead in the long run

    • +1

      I'm also on the Optus $36 plan and tossing up whether to get this deal. Think I'll wait till the outright price drops.

      • Mine current SE 64 gb only started playing up a bit. The phone randomly trying to lock and shut down. - almost a physical top button short circuit. But yeah it had an amazing run sadly I can't wait to upgrade.

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