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ProDefend 72% Alcohol Gel Based Hand Sanitiser with Aloe 500ml $9.9 + Shipping (Free Shipping over $55) @ Miratra


75% Ethyl Alcohol
19% Water
4% Glycerine
0.5% Carbomer
<1% Aloe Extract

MSDS & CE can be viewed from our site

Made in China

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    Is it 72% or 75%? Information is contradictory in the description.


      Final product is ~72%

      75% Alcohol used

      As some alcohol will be wasted during production.

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    Two major issues with this.
    1. Price isn’t a bargain.
    2. It’s from an unknown manufacturer from China. I wouldn’t trust the product over a known brand. Zero sold and no customer reviews.

    No deal.

  • +2 votes

    how is this bargain? seriously this website turned into OzSanitiser ..

  • -1 vote

    Made in China

    Just like something else that was made in china lol

  • +2 votes

    Ahhhh hand sanitizer.
    The tulip bubble is now bursting and the price crashing down as rapidly as it inflated
    Will soon be it's true Ethanol value of less than $2 a litre.
    Being a profiteer is one thing but being a late profiteer is never a good idea

    • +1 vote

      Even IPhone?


    China sanitiser love it