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Goldring DR100 headphones - $25 + Free Delivery (RRP $150) @ Jaben Audio


Spotted this heavily discounted set of headphones on Jaben Audio.

States one month warranty and free shipping.

The DR50 are also priced at $25 ($100RRP)
Goldring DR50 on sale

Review: Review on www.headfonia.com

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    Not sure how they get off on claiming it only has one month warranty. Even if goods are cheap, just can't do that.

    Also the noise cancelling version is $39: https://jaben.com.au/products/gol-ns1500

    • Please Note: Batteries are not included with the headphone. These have been removed as some batteries were faulty. The item has been reduced in price because of this

      looks like they take just take normal AAA's though, which seems odd to reduce the price due to a removable / replaceable battery.

      • The noise cancelling ones have sold out

        • The noise cancelling headphones look very similar to either the Qatar First Class or Virgin intl Business Class headphones (can't recall which had this design). If they are, they did a decent job blocking out noise.

  • Ordered one, hopefully no regrets

  • Thanks Op. Picked up a few for the family.

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    I just dont trust this store, esp. w the 1 month warranty illegal move :(

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    These had exceptional five star performance in 2006. So it's at least a 14 year old headphone

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      I think the technology for wired headphones does not change much since that year :)

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      Dynamic driver tech really hasn’t changed much at all, some of the best headphones around are 2+ decade old designs. The only reason to be remotely concerned about potentially very old stock is that the pleather pads could have deteriorated. But, they’re $25, so…

      • +2

        It's a fine line between pleather and pain…

    • Sennheiser HD600's are 23 years old (1997 release) and are still very popular and considered one of the best mid-high tier headphones around. Even the HD650 (2003) are older than the OP headphones and are really just an update of HD600.

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    I always wanted to try open backs. But no headphone jacks on phones anymore making it more inconvenient to use.

    • +1

      I am so sad for you

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    Its just $25 for good headphones that people used to like - how bad can it be?

  • +1

    Picked some up. Good price for some good headphones.

  • Thanks OP, ordered one :)

  • I've had a set of dr150s that I picked up real cheap years ago. Terrific open cans.

    These should be similarly excellent

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    Frequency Response: 30Hz - 20kHz

    The lows seem to be worse than some cheap $5 knock-offs?

  • It says the following: Gold plated 3.5mm to 6.5mm (1/4 inch Jack) adapter plug supplied

    If I want to use this on a phone/tablet with a 3.5mm socket, do I need a special adapter?

    • +3

      No you don’t.

    • It's the other way round. You need the adapter if you aren't plugging into 3.5mm

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2, for the kids HBL

  • -1

    If you have QC35s or xm3s, is it worth having these as a spare?

    • +1


  • Cheers OP I got a set for late night tv. 3m cord is the go.

  • Just got one to experience some 2006 budget HIFI. Reading good things about them, sounds like the type of sound signature that suits me

  • Unlike some of our competitors, our headset will operate even if the battery is completely drained

    "Please Note: Batteries are not included with the headphone. These have been removed as some batteries were faulty. The item has been reduced in price because of this"

  • Would these be okay as guitar rig monitoring headphones? Or would closed type be preferable?

  • Sold out between when I loaded the page and hit add to cart.
    Oh well, enjoy your headphones ozbargaineers.

  • Question is why this product only carries 1 month warranty. I'm sure it's sold as new.

  • wow, that got sold out quick!

  • +2

    Good Morning Ozbarginers,

    Thank you for all the orders of the DR100s but I am afraid that our inventory system got ozbargained hard and may have allowed for more DR100s to be sold than it should have.

    We apologise in advance if any orders get cancelled and we will work hard to get it shipped out ASAP for all of you.

    Jaben Team

  • These are ancient, but solid for the price.

  • DR50s still in stock for $25

    • yea i got one of those, worse than the 100s but for that price there is probably nothing that comes close to it judging by what i've seen in reviews and forum discussions

  • Thanks OP. Got the DR50.

    For the price why not :)

    • Same. Never had open backed headphones so just want to see what they are like - reviews seem to say they are ok, just need to let them run for a couple of days and potentially wear them as well for a while as they are tight fitting but get better over time. If it's rubbish, then I can always give them to my son. ;-)

      • …and got a refund. Out of stock. Ah well.

  • the thing i buy the most in terms of electronics are headphones, i have no idea why

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    I own some gold ring dr150's.. The were hyped as being umbeatable for the price… Any ways.. They sound dead average and are the most uncomfortable cheap feeling headphones I've ever owned.. Mine just sit in a cupboard.. I even took the earpads off to see if I could put them on something else.. I'd avoid the brand.

    • +1

      I had completely opposite reaction to the 150s.

      • +1

        maybe ive just got a big head

        • Nah, just a perfect example of the nonsense that follows headphones and the obvious subjectivity of all things audio, haha. I've def got a big head (cricket helmet size to show for it!)

    • Bought some 150's off an OzBargain deal and they didn't last very long. They snapped due to cheap construction around the plastic extender bit. It also was uncomfortable to wear due to the angle and lack of decent padding.

      I'll just stick to my trusty Kingston Cloud Stingers :)

      • Yep.. The padding on the hyper x series is heaven.. Definately my favourite gaming headset.. And they sound good to boot

    • Goldring used be the audio brand Kmart stocked 30 or so years ago from memory

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    Got mine today. Would say these are either very old stock or second hand. Headband severely scuffed so will be looking at returning…

    • Removed. Apologies, replied to the wrong thread. I received my Sennheiser ones from Jaben today.

    • I ordered NS1500 The box looked resealed and was a half baked job. The cable had sticky chemical which typically comes from old batteries.

  • I ordered the dr50 as the dr100 sold out so quick and they sent me a refund. Obviously insufficient stock

  • I got a shipping notification earlier from these guys. I ordered the DR50.

    I will let you guys know how it is when i get it.

    • thoughts?

      • +2

        Sorry. I was about to share my thoughts but had trouble uploading my pictures. All fixed now.

        I got the headphone delivered on Friday. Mine were brand new in the box. I know some other's was not in great condition but mine was brand spanking new !!

        The build quality and finish is very nice for $25. It comes with a 1/4 inch adapter i think it's called so you can plug into guitars and such.

        The best thing about the headphone is the 3.5mm plug is detachable !!!!!!!!! Absolutely great.

        Now the sound is very average. It is very low in volume. I had to turn it up high to hear the sound. It does sound ok for the price but again you have to put the volume higher to hear anything.

        The headphone does fit quite well. I don't need to extend it much at all. Also i like the open back design so you can hear your surroundings. Not great for outside as you can hear everything but good for inside the home.

        Another thing the earcups are removable as well which is another bonus.

        Here are some pictures of the box to show it was brand new:


        So overall yes for $25 it is good. It has a lot of good features. The sound is a bit low but plug it into something good to power it and maybe you can get some better sound out of it.

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    so the dr100 headphones turned up. They are crap. Feel ripped off at $25

    • +1

      Lol glad I didn't order

    • +1

      Couldn’t disagree any more, pretty decent and easily worth $25 (for comparison, I also own or have owned Sennheiser HD660, HD600,HD6xx, HD58x, Fidelio X2, Beyerdynamic DT770, Focal Elear, AKG Q701).

    • yeah i reckon they're crap too

  • Not very good sound and too low volume.

  • Funny, the edifier gaming headphones for $40 on that recent deal sound better for music than these

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