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HBO Silicon Valley Season 1-5 $14.99 (Normally $99.99) @ Google Play Store


Found and purchased this from the ongoing HBO TV Deals at the Google Play Store. All episodes from Season 1 - 5 are available. Note that Season 6 is the latest season.

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    Anton worked out a deal.

  • +13

    Loved this show from season 1 - 4, in my opinion it's not as good since TJ Miller left the cast

    • +2

      Wasn't by choice - he got #Metoo'd.

      • +8

        Was it even metoo? I thought he was just a massive ass

        • +6

          Yup he went full diva. Also he might legitimately have mental health issues that he wasn't dealing with. Some of his interviews he did at the end were genuinely concerning.

    • +6

      The ending makes up for the slight drop off in quality IMO.

      • +1

        Agree. I actually quite liked the way they ended it. 💯

      • Agreed. Big Head FTW

    • Agreed - still a great show though.

  • +40

    It's like the big bang theory, but a comedy instead.

    • -21

      I'd still recommend Two and a Half Men though, even though it's the same format as BBT. Jokes about sex are always funny imo.

      • +2

        Two and a half jokes, you mean.

    • +15

      I don't like being told when to laugh. Season one finale is legendary. Middle out!

    • As someone who's seen the complete series of both shows… yeah, no, it's not like Big Bang Theory. The only thing they share in common is the characters are comprised of "nerds".

  • +7

    Pretty good deal - shame it doesn't include the last season tho.

    Also, a reminder for those with US VPN about this deal…

  • +1

    Thanks, had some credits from Google Rewards that needed to be used up.

  • +22

    Imo a disclaimer like this should be posted on all digital media "purchases" posted here.

    Before buying, understand you're not buying access for life. This is not the same as buying physical. Don't buy digital media unless you understand that, because you'll be burnt.

    You don't own it, you're only able to play it until Google/Amazon/Apple either lose the license or decide to remove it from their store.

    This will always be the case, until laws change (which I doubt they will)

    • -13

      I feel like the discussion of this subject has been going for at least the past decade so everyone should know, but hey yep let's hear about it again.

      • +5

        A surprising number of people don't understand this, and get burnt. I've seen it happen time and time again.

        • +9

          Thanks I actually didnt know this

    • +3

      Another good reason to use Usenet or BT

      • +1

        That isn't a good reason at all.

        "I don't agree with distribution models, I'm going to steal the content instead."

        • +5

          To be fair, it's a fuucked up distribution method. It's a long term rental, which is sold as a purchase. It's never made clear, and is hidden in the terms and conditions.

          This model is essentially :
          Google buys rights to stream and distribute x show for a period of time
          Person buys rights to stream x show, from google, but only while they have the rights.

          Google have no obligation to renew the license for the show, and the license holder has no obligation to sell the license to the same company (Rights for streaming the show could move from Google, to Apple for example - and you would have to repurchase it from Apple)

          $100 for this, is a joke. This is only worth $15 - because again, you do not own it.

    • Don't buy digital media unless you understand that, because you'll be burnt.

      That's pretty much what happened with Ultraviolet too.

      Morally, I have no problem with buying digital content (just TV series because it's annoying to rip an entire series manually from discs) from iTunes and then stripping the DRM from it with utilities like TunesKit. For movies, I still buy physical discs and rip them with MakeMKV.

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    Comes with a free bottle of Tres Commas

  • +6

    Always Blue

  • +11

    Eric Bachman, this is your mom, and you are not my baby.

  • this is honestly one of my favourite shows

  • +3

    Hotdog Not Hotdog

  • +5

    JIN YANG!!!

  • +3

    "You just brought piss to a shit fight" is probably one of my favorite lines ever.

  • +7

    Is the file compressed with middle out in Google Play though

  • +3

    I'll kill them with knives. I'll kill them with guns. I'll kill them with my hands. I'll talk them into suicide. It doesn't matter.

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    No spoilers but the final season was disappointing and the ending pretty much sucked :(

    I loved the show but it was basically the same theme over and over again.

    • This is a comedy, they are not really meant to have strong story lines or any meaningful story at all, we tune in for the character interaction and funnies. Thats why losing characters can hurt these types of shows such as Office (US).

      • +1

        Why not? Scrubs is one of favourite comedies of all time and the characters developed a lot over the run of the show. Even the main characters in The Office grew over time.

        I think what McMoots meant is that each season was structured similarly - they discover/invent something amazing, Richard stuffs up and they grab victory from the jaws of defeat in each season finale.

        • +1

          That is exactly what I meant.

    • I would say the ending was decent. The show ended when it's supposed to instead of lingering over tens of seasons.

    • -1

      Ending was pretty satisfying. Tied up most loose ends. It was bittersweet as i wanted it to continue but i think the decision to end on a high note was the right one.

      Game of thrones and prison break both went on too long and destroyed their endings.

      • I'd say D&D screwed up GoT. I have never seen a fan base turn so quickly and aggressively.

  • +4

    Kiss my piss

  • +2

    Best. Show. Ever. Great Deal!

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