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Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment 75gm $7.95 + Free Shipping


Cult beauty product for 30% normal price at Pharmacy Online
Free shipping when you pay with PayPal (as posted by Rep)

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    This is the best stuff for stopping nappy rash. We have a sensitive baby and this stuff works great. Normally $10+ I think. Good for dry lips too. Maybe use different jar for your lips to the one you put on the baby's butt though….

    • Haha. Sound medical advice ;)

    • Sure is. We've used it on every nappy chance for over 2 years. Normally get the largest tub from Priceline or ChemistWarehouse when on special.

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    There is a plethora of uses for this product, could be the modern day snake oil!

    You could have posted the 200g pack with is a whooping 39% off RRP!

    I'm getting some for my cracked nipples.
    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  • Stopped buying this brand after i found out it's basically petrolium jelly with less than 4% pawpaw..

    Simmons brand make one with all natural ingredients,, i feel much better about putting this one on my baby.

    • Interesting. However according to the site it's no longer being manufactured:

      We've found the Lucas product works well on our daughter.

      • The Phytocare brand seems to pick up where the Simmons left off - petroleum free. Also available from Pharmacyonline and slightly cheaper (100grams for $10 compared to 75g for $8 on special). Also with free shipping using PAYPAL coupon. The Lucas has 39mg/g pawpaw ingredient (3.9%) but the Phytocare one doesn't actually say.

    • yep 39mg/g from their website.

      We find desitin to work the best for nappy rash.

  • i wanted to buy this long time ago but it's a bit expensive to me..now i think it's a good time to give it a try! btw, is it really that good? can it treat crotch itchy (i.e.Tinea cruris)?