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Polk Audio T50 Floorstanding Speakers (Black/Pair) $416.40 Delivered @ Amazon AU


20% price drop on some nice looking floorstanding Polk Audio speakers to complement your home theatre system. And yes, the price is for a pair, not a single speaker.

I'm running Polk Audio gear in my home theatre system which I bought 20-odd years ago, still sounding great and looking as good as new. I'd upgrade to these if I didn't have such a ridiculously long HT cabinet which has RT55s sitting at either end.


Drivers: Tweeter – 1-inch Silk Dome, Midrange 6 1/2 inch Composite Driver, Woofer (2) – 6 1/2 inch bass radiator
Design: Bass Reflex, 2.5 way
Total Frequency Response: 38Hz – 24kHz
Efficiency: 90 dB
Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms
Recommended Amplifier Power: 20 – 100 Watts/channel, Peak 150W
Cabinet Dimensions: 36.5″ x 9.25″ x 8.75″ (92.71 x 23.5 x 22.23 cm)

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  • Polk isn't as good as it used to be, but this seems like a decent deal.

  • Looks decent deal, anyone knows how it sounds compared to Pioneer FS52?

  • +8 votes

    It's 'complement'.

    Compliment is 'you have a nice home theatre system'.

  • What does this mean?

    Woofer (2) – 6 1/2 inch bass radiator

    Does it mean it doesn't actually have any woofers? Just two passive radiators?

    Not trying to dump on this or anything, I'm sure it's a great speaker set at this price point.

  • Far better to wait for Selby to have the Signature series on sale again.

    They'll cost you a few hundred more for a pair, but a FAR better sounding.

    I got a pair of T15s (Bookshelf) for my PC at the desk. Upgraded to S15s and got a pair of S50s (floor standers) + S30 (centre) for the home theatre and moved the S15s to the rears.

    The difference between the T15s (these above in bookshelves) vs the S15s is night and day.

    The Polk Signature series is just soooo much cleaner. A far better buy for not a huge amount of money more.

    • May I ask, how much did you pay for S15?
      I currently have T15 doing surround duty and for $75/pair think its ok. But certainly can use a better sound.

      • I paid $249 for the pair!

        And $499 for a pair of S50s.

        They had 50% off at the time luckily though, was post Xmas sale.

        It was on white (I prefer white). The current $399 is better than the price at JB and elsewhere though.

        Still a good speaker for $399 I think. But there are other options around that price range as well.

        For surround, I wouldn't bother with s15s unless you have money to burn. The s10s would be enough if you wanted a little better sound clarity.

    • The price on the Polk signature's to me seem decent at Selby now, are you saying they go lower?

      The bundle at Selby would be better with the s30 rather than s35 as well.

      • They have been, but that was last year. Before the massive drop in the dollar, stock issues likely now etc.

        As above, they were 50% off. They also had a 50% off EOFY last year (which I missed out on).

        Post xmas sale was only 50% off on white though. Black sells enough from my discussions with them.

        Agreed. Don't go the s35. The s30 is a far better speaker and matches much better to the s15 or s50s for fronts.

        Ideally your centre should match as close as possible to the fronts in driver sizes. The s35 from everything I read sounded a bit too tinny (given the mid/bass drivers are much smaller).

  • Have Polks in my home surround. Great speakers.

    Having a polk around?

  • It has 2 passive radiators (not woofers) which are not electrically connected to the 2 way crossover - so only 2 active drivers.

    • Depends on how fat your wallet is. The KEFs will be $1198 for the pair…

    • They aren't even comparable.

      Two completely different price brackets and quality.

      The KEF will be faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better. But they should be.

  • Sorry I am a bit of a noob when it comes to speakers. Do you need to buy speaker wire and plugs separately?

    • Yes you'll need speaker wire, decent quality 16AWG or thicker. You won't need plugs, the majority of speakers and amps/receivers use binding posts, which screw down onto the bare wire.

  • Did anyone order this and actually receive two?
    People are having problems on the newest deal only getting one.