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Panasonic Lumix G 25mm F1.7 M4/3 Lens $217.47 Delivered @ No Frills eBay


I've been looking for a good prime lens for my G85 and came across this.

Lowest price I could find at the moment. Hope this helps someone.

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  • FYI This lens also fits Olympus M4/3 cameras such as the EM5 and EM10

  • Good lens. Quite sharp though can be a bit slow to focus. But for a very affordable price, I can't complain.

    • Yeah if it's anything like the 20mm version focusing isn't the fastest, but it's certainly a nice lens.

      • I have the lumix 20mm 1.7 and I've read that these 25mms focus much faster than them. Hence why I'm picking them up since I need a budget lens for indoor video.

  • What is a prime lens and the benefit of it OP?

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      'Prime lens' is a fixed focal length, as opposed to a variable (or zooming) focal length.

      A 50mm lens is a prime, a 24-105mm or 70-200mm lens is not.

      Primes are generally significantly smaller, have a wider maximum aperture and the benefits that can give (shallower depth of field, faster shutter speed, lower ISO etc), and compared to a zoom lens set to the same focal length, the prime will normally have better image quality and less severe aberrations and distortions, everything else equal.

      Their simplicity means they're often a lot cheaper.

    • Fixed focal length photographic lens as opposed to a zoom lens eg 25mm (which is 50mm equivalent in full frame lens).

      They often sharper than zoom lens and at 1.7 aperture can take better photos in low light and/or can blur backgrounds of photos.

  • I personally wouldn't pay more than $150 for this as it's a free and throwaway lens from Panasonic promotion.

    You should be able to find a brand new one on gumtree consistently for around $100.

    • Just because it's occasionally offered as a redemption promo for camera body purchases doesn't make it a throwaway lens. Nikon are currently doing a redemption promo for the NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S which is a fine lens by all reports.

    • I actually tried searching for this specific lens on gumtree and FB marketplace for weeks now and couldn't find anyone selling it.
      I pulled the trigger when I found one under $220.

      • You are probably right as they don't pop up often, especially when Panasonic barely has 1% of total camera market share with their m43 endeavors.

    • Have never seen this lens for $100 on gumtree or ebay.
      $150.00 and above is the norm.

  • Not as sharp as the Olympus 25mm, but a good lens with a very useful focal length.

    • Great find! I actually bought mine from DigiDirect eBay (with 20% code) but I bought the last one for $213.60 with express shipping.
      I couldn't find it for under $220 last night and since I found some - I thought of posting since it may help others out there who are diving into photo/videography during this pandemic. :)

  • Was being sold on Amazon AU for $149 few weeks ago. Sold out now but might be back in stock soon…

  • I want the weather sealed version but its so much more expensive :(

  • Have listed one Brand new in classifieds for $180 if anyone wants one in Brisbane. Check classified section or PM me

  • It's $210.61 at Camera Warehouse with free delivery on orders over $98


    I've got this lens and it's been great.