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[VIC] $15 Free Credit towards Your First Order on Sosure App (New Users)


Found another free $15 credit for Sosure app in addition to “melbfoodbaby” https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/533793

Enter the promo code 👉 ”weareopennow" to get $15 off your takeaway to support your fave local Aussie business that's still open.

To redeem:
Go on the app > Me (5th icon on the bottom) > Coupon > + > Apply promo code
Valid till 2020-12-31
Standard T&Cs apply.
Promo code can only be applied once.

This can be used in addition to new user referral, so be sure to redeem new user referral first before this.
UPDATE: 10 Jun - This code can no longer be used in conjunction with other offers.

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  • +6

    i now have $40 of vouchers and live in NSW so can't buy any food :(

    • +2

      I can help you spend it. I'm in Melbourne.

      • +2

        Was actually thinking of offering it to someone in Melbourne.

        • Happy to accept. I pmed you

    • Me too… We have until the end of the year to visit Melbourne!

  • +3

    No idea how sosure make any money. I've gotten hundreds of dollars just from shaking and cashback. My local bubble tea spot does 70 percent as well.

    • How did you get so much money?! Crazy! Even Liven doesn’t give that much.

      • +2

        I started using sosure like 8 months ago when I saw a sign outside a store. A few times I was rejected as it was still new and the app didn't work. Shaking everyday gave you more than a dollar which I did most days. Further the value of sosure coin has increased 4x. So if you had cashback and didn't use it like me, it would have increased 4x in value. All in all I've probably spent 20 bucks on sosure and got hundreds back. I basically go whenever I have credit from shaking. However it's not worth it as it now gives you 28 cents.

    • It's probably Ch*nese government linked spyware or something lololol

  • Wait, so i dont order food with this app, i just "pay now" when in the store using the app….as in tap the phone? bizarre!

  • +2

    Is it just me or is the app kinda confusing? Unclear how to order food etc

    • +1

      yep, it seems to be a very poorly designed version of Liven. Awful UX.

      Nonetheless the code worked, so thanks OP!

      • +2

        Just fyi they copied the entire liven codebase, you can see liven's 404 page when it's loading slow sometimes. EASI did it too.

        Feels (profanity) bad yo

        • +1

          Ah, must be a Ch*nese developer.

  • Free money! Thanks OP

  • +7

    Thanks OP. Just so people know, they don't stack for one purchase. So if you spend $25 at a restaurant, it will use one $15 voucher and charge your card the remaining 10.

    • Thanks for clarifying. I was sure that someone would have the answer to this before asking.

  • does anyone know if the app is aware of multiple accounts on the same phone? iOS and/or Android? I have a total of 4 sim numbers (in the fam) that i want to use

  • just got the $15, thanks OP!
    FYI, I'm not a new user, and I've had several free meals through this app thanks to shaking the silly game and getting free money. My free money appreciated up to $50 now since lockdown :o

  • +1

    Also just be sure not to give out real information (i just used my initials) and will be using a digital card for payment.

    SoSure Pty Ltd LinkedIn staff

    Im curious where they are getting the funds from. For Uber atleast we knew it was the prince of ksa (i think) lol

  • if you go to Wallet -> Redeem Products, you can redeem an egift card for stores like major retailers including ebay. takes about a week to process and they usually apply a 15% surcharge (used to be 10%). the option is currently unavailable due to some upgrade. there is no need to actually spend it on food.

    to pay for food, you select the venue and press 'pay now'. you will have to link a credit card before then. a token is generated so that the restaurant can identify you and then they send the amount to your phone, you then confirm for payment.

    the calculation is different to Liven where your cashback is calculated net of Unihash used to pay.

  • +3

    Can someone please help me understand how to redeem my vouchers? App seems to be a hot mess.

    • +4

      select restaurant in app, enter promo code, make sure it says coupon applied, if you have unihash, make sure select use unihash if order is more than coupon, else will bill credit card, go to restaurant, order, they will calculate amount, you select pay now on phone, they link your symbol to the dollar amount, you then get a message confirming amount, confirm. done.
      Hope that helps.

  • Any one know if there a minimum spend to these vouchers?
    I haven't ordered from it yet and can't find anything about conditions.

  • does not stack

  • Sweet deal!

  • +2

    FYI pro tip always ask before ordering if they accept sosure. Unlike say liven which always works I've regularly had places reject sosure or not know know to use it/what it is.

    • I've had 2 experiences where the vendor didn't accept Liven payment, although credits to Liven's customer service who promptly refunded the difference via credit.

      My gripe with Sosure is that it's not a true discount as such; as the discount is returned to you in their crypto which fluctuates so much by the minute; and if you opt to use unihash as part payment you don't earn credit on that portion (vs Liven who gives you credit regardless of payment method).

      Eatclub is my preferred app of choice as it is a direct discount but unfortunately have less options out of (Melbourne) CBD.

      • Agree about not earning credit when using unihash vs liven. I just end up accruing credit and saving it to use at places that have 20% off. Worked for me as my credit has increased 4x in value the last few months.

        I've personally never been rejected for liven unless the terminal is not working, whereas for sosure I regularly come across places who don't know what it is/how to use it. Sometimes I can resolve this by teaching them how to use it. Just yesterday roccos pizza in blackburn and traditional noodle in box hill didn't accept sosure as they didn't have a phone with the app installed. Frustrating as it's always a gamble whether it will work. Then again given the discounts on offer I can't exactly complain.

  • So figure this out. I have an android and when I do the shake for unihash I get like half what an iphone would get. Does that mean the gyro on the iphone is better than the android? shrugs

    But get this - I signed an iphone ACCOUNT on to my android, did the shake and got the FULL AMOUNT - it's like my account it tied to the half amount shake. Weird app.

  • +1

    These promo codes and referral code don’t stack now, if you used one code then the other two will disappear from your coupon list.

    • +3

      yep confirmed - used the $10 for one purchase then went to use the $15 and it was enabled but charged my bank anyway. All other promos disappeared. I contacted support and they said the melbfoodbaby one needs to be the FIRST transaction for new accounts in order for it to work, OP's post says it should be second.

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