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[VIC] Free $15 Credit on Sosure App (New Users)


I didn't put [VIC] because I don't know if it's only VIC (If someone could try the code and they're not in VIC, let me know if it works or not)

Code from Melb Food Baby's story: Facebook, Instagram

Sosure App Download: iOS, Android

To redeem:

  • Go on the app > Me (5th icon on the bottom) > Coupon > + > Apply promo code "melbfoodbaby"
  • For first time use only
  • Valid till 2020-12-31

Also it's NOT a referral code so if you're a new user, use a referral code and get another $10.

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    Literally no idea what it does, but I now have $25 credit (used referral code from ozbargain + $15 deal credit).

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      Get some free crypto everyday too :P https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/533591

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      it's a payment app. Buy food, pay using this app. You have just earned $25 of free food :)

    • were you able to redeem it or is it sitting as coupons?

  • Works for me in NSW. I haven’t entered my address anywhere in the app either though,

    • There's nothing in NSW using this app anyway.

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    How can i use the credit

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      When you go to pay at a restaurant that is listed on the app you tell the staff you want to pay with sosure, you select the restaurant in the app and there will be a button thing to say pay with unihash, you select that and then press pay, it will come up with a picture of a fruit or something, tell the cashier "apple" or whatever and they will put through the payment.

  • How do the discounts work? Does it come off your current payment?

  • I tried the discount code and I’m not a new user and it said it was successful.

  • Does anyone know where it says in the sosure app how much credit I would have . I have a referral and this discount but can’t view my credit and it doesn’t add to unihash credit either

    • When you click on a particular merchant, you get to the merchant's profile. At the bottom of the profile page, there's a button to 'Add Promo Code'. Clicking on that button will show you have a New User Welcome Bonus of $10.

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    New app. Draws audience with discounts. To hope to achieve critical mass.

    Discounts decrease. Growth stalls.

    New app.

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      They have a new app. I can’t see a new one

  • Hasn’t shake discount reduced to 28 cents due to COVID-19

    • Its got nothing to do with coronavirus. The amount is higher the lower the unihash value is

    • I've had over 50c every time I've done it.

  • Huh, it applied to my account which definitely isn’t new. Wonder if it will actually go through. Will test today and try and get some takeaway before they fix it if it’s a mistake.

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    For those who don't live in Melbourne, you can still accumulate credit and cash out as a gift card. Got a $50 Woolworths gift card paid out a couple weeks ago and was legit (though I had my doubts)

    • You only get like 20c a day….

      • It was much more when the app first came out, like $2-$3 a go, plus the value of their currency compared to AUD has been going up

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          Yea i was an early adopter, was like $1.40 a shake. The unihash was at $5 aud. Now at 45 those 1.40 shakes is now over $10 a shake…. but i changed them to vouchers too soon.

  • Downloaded and setup. Added referral and promo code but no credit yet how long does it take to update? Also us there s delay in being able to find your own referral code?

    • When code is added it’ll appear under “valid” in my coupon section.
      I assume to use it is when you are about to pay, there’s a “add promo code” which I assume will deduct the value from your total bill at said restaurant.

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    Not a new user and the code applied to my account. Will try and let everyone know later if it works.

    Hopefully this is similar to their previous code which applied to both new and existing users.

    • Worked and I’m an existing customer.

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    Worked for existing account and successfully redeemed

    • Can you redeem online..if so how..as when i click redeem the applied coupon..no further instruction

      • Sorry I don't know what you mean? I just used it to pay for something in store.

        • How did you redeem at store..as my balance shows $0.
          I can however view $10 new user reward in my coupons and not reflecting on total balance.
          I am also unable to redeem that $10 ..
          Hope it make sense

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            @zweetaz: When you get to payment stage tap on codes and select the one you entered earlier. Will show as 15 off.

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    Just wondering where the referral bonus appears? I’ve had my referral code clicked on multiple times but haven’t accumulated any referrals.

    Just wondering if there is something wrong with my account, people aren’t following through, or I’m looking in the wrong place on the app?

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      It does work I've referred friends/family. But it is pending until they actually make a purchase. Once they make a purchase it goes through before then it just shows up in your account.

      • Where do you go to see how many you’ve referred and where it’s pending?

      • Also, did you add your credit or debit card to the app yet?

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    Thanks OP. Just so people know, they don't stack for one purchase. So if you spend $25 at a restaurant, it will use one $15 voucher and charge your card the remaining 10.

  • thanks!

  • Just redeemed this today and there's no min spend so I got a meal for free! (Meal was $14)

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    No longer working for me. Payment declined unless the card had enough money to cover the payment. In the past as long as the voucher covered it it worked so I used cards with a few cents inside.

    • Do you mean the voucher doesn’t work? Or do you mean it doesn’t work unless you have a valid credit card with funds added to your payment setting, even though it doesn’t use funds from your card but uses the voucher credit?

      • The former. It didn't work unless the card has enough funds for the full amount. The voucher isn't applied. I tried at two places today and it was declined until I had the full amount on my card. It then didnt apply the promo and charged my card the full amount.

        • Did you try melbfood or weareopen?

          The second one has an expiry of 30-June

          Also after the payment did the coupons disappear?

  • These promo codes and referral code don’t stack now, if you used one code then the other two will disappear from your coupon list.

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