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Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers - Black/Brown $106.25 Delivered @ Edifier via Amazon AU


Not the cheapest all time deal but not too bad either.

My first plunge into Edifier, I hope this helps out others too.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • Just wondering from all those long time users, how are these?

    • Same question. Can somebody answer please?

      • Pretty clear, loud, reliable. I run my record player into them and run computer sound via Bluetooth and there's no lag whatsoever. Pretty useful as I can use for multiple applications. I've actually had Edifer speakers on my computer in late 2002 and knew they were quality. These are really great.

        • Just to confirm - these came with a 3.5mm to RCA cable right?

        • and there's no lag whatsoever

          That's impossible.

          Even propietary BT technology APTX has lag of 40ms and that's the lowest latency BT connection possible.

          Open standards BT has far higher lag.

          • @Diji1: Cheapsize likely meant no perceptible lag, to him/her.

          • @Diji1: Yeah sorry I forgot to analyse that 40ms delay. Turns out there is lag… My Robot is actually getting frustrated lol

            To be fair if I'm about 5 m away with walls there can be a very slight lag noticeable.

            Not enough to be annoying though

          • @Diji1: You meant AptX LL has lag of 40ms. Vanilla AptX is considerably higher. Other than that, no idea why you're being downvoted. You're stating a simple fact. Latency is a non-issue if you're just listening to music. It can be very annoying if you're trying to watch a video and you're sensitive to it (it doesn't seem to worry everyone).

            • @AlbyDuck: Probably because the intent of Cheapsize comment was that he/she did not experience any lag in his/her setup, which is a useful insight from someone who has the speakers.

              Not to describe the technical specs of the speakers.

        • I want to do exactly this. How do I achieve? Have you got a separate bluetooth receiver on your PC?

      • I have them as main TV speakers, also using them for xBox and music via Bluetooth. For the money, I am really happy with them sound clarity, loudness, and quality of the speakers. I'm not an audio expert, I just know for a hungie bucks, I am VERY happy with them and would recommend for sure.

    • I clearly can't help there, but I find myself without computer speakers and these fit the bill. I've had bad luck with bluetooth computer speakers so I've purchased these 3.5mm to RCA cables for $8.99 to cable these. Would have got optical but I don't think I really need it (unless someone can convince me otherwise?)

      It was between these or a set of logitech's and they just look like toys in comparison. The only benefit is they come with a sub but at the cost of tweeters and overall sound quality. Always easy to add a sub later should I need it.

      Jumped on Edifier after reading numerous old deals. It seems to have the OzB tick of approval, up there with the prestigious Eneloops, and hand sanitiser!

      • When I bought my r1700bt's they came with a 3.5mm to RCA cable, so possible these do too.
        Thinking about picking a pair of these up to make a 4ch system, been waiting to get another pair of 1700s, but they haven't had a sale in quite a while

      • Mine came with a 3.5mm to RCA in the box, so you won't need another cable unless you need to connect to multiple sources at once.

        • Thanks guys! I didn't think about it including cables. I'll see if it's not too late to cancel the order on the cables 😊

          EDIT, nope already shipped. Nevermind.

      • mine came with an optical cable as well…

      • unless someone can convince me otherwise?

        It won't lead (heuheuhuee) to better audio quality.

        The one advantage it does have is it avoids ground loop interference (devices running on same electrical circuit cause interference, you'll know it if you have it) but I don't think that's an issue for most people.

      • several times i have gone for logitech ones and been disappointed every time.
        Bought these a few months back and these are miles better than any logitech ones.

      • Would have got optical but I don't think I really need it (unless someone can convince me otherwise?)

        You will be using dac within the speaker if you use the optical connection. If the dac inside your PC/whatever is junk, then you will get noticeable improvement going with optical.

    • Had mine for a while now which I use for PC speakers, and I like them - came from a 2.1 setup cause the sub was overkill and in the way under my desk.

      Crisp enough for the price, bluetooth works well, and they do get quite loud. Also they have a decent amount of bass; I turned mine down a bit from the default half-way notch because it was a bit much, and slightly boosted the treble.

      Only real 'downside' is that the left channel is noticeably louder than the right via any input (I might just have a faulty pair, though I would be interested to know if others have the same issue).

      I use them without the grilles so I can be one of the cool kids :)

      • left channel is noticeably louder

        OMG I had a pair of speakers that were like that years ago. Annoyed me every single day so I stopped using them

      • Got mine during the black friday sales for around $80 IIRC

        In my opinion, amazing value for money. Solid quality. I use them as TV speakers in a smallish lounge room. I don't need them to go too loud but I find them very clear and the bass is pretty damn good.

        The only minor usability gripe I have is that bluetooth mode has to be activated either on the unit or via its remote control, before you can play anything to it from your phone. For me that makes it a hassle to stream music, because for me they are generally set to Coax mode for the TV. But as I said, that's a minor nitpick.

        If these had a well-known badge on them, they'd easily retail for multiples of the asking price.

        I'd actually bought those Bose Soundlink Mini at around the same time, for around $120…..I know the Bose are portable speakers, but the difference in sound quality is night and day (in favour of the Edifiers).

      • Wow that is exactly how I felt. I thought I was hearing things, but I do agree the left is a bit more obvious than the right.

        My previous pair was faulty, as the left side didn't play at all. Then once I got this pair, I decided I just keep it….

    • I am using them with my TV (TCL P8m) bluetooth and so far no issues. Love the sound compared to crappy tv sound

    • I got a pair about 6 months ago and very happy with the quality. Have been using them as PC speaker (and Bluetooth Spotify from my phone).

      Functionality works as described. Sound is rich. Don't expect chest thumping bass, but it produces a great hard hitting and precise beat.

      I don't know how to do an audiophile's description of these speakers. Clean and precise keeps coming to mind. No issues with sound volume inside, we can bop away to songs for on any room in the house. They are a set and forget type thing. No niggles to complain about (I haven't noticed a volume imbalance, but will look for it next time I sit down at the PC)

    • I use them with a Chromecast Audio. I think they sound great. The downside is that they don't auto turn off after detecting no source (I also have a pair of Kanto Yu 4 with Chromecast Audio that auto turn off).

    • Absolutely love it. It's my first decent speakers.

      First bought it for my room speakers connected to my projector. It does the job really and tbh it's a bit overkill cause it's so good and volume levels are more than what I needed.

      Then I decided to move it to my living room as my TV speaker. And doesn't disappoint in this regard as well. So much better than my built in TV speaker.

      Love the design, quality build, and versatility of it. So many inputs. If I'm not using as my TV speaker, I can connect my phone or Google Home for a better sound experience.

      I'll buy another pair in the future for my room.

    • Connected via optical into computer motherboard.
      been using for about half a year?
      Sound quality is quite amazing for the price, so good it makes me tempted to want to try out higher end bookshelf speakers. I use it several hours a day for all purposes music, movies, youtube, games. Sound is clean and precise. Bass can be tuned to your taste, but at its default setting, provides clear strong bass. No regrets.

      I've rarely used Bluetooth but the one time I did, sound quality wasn't noticeably worse than optical.

      For the price, I'm almost certain you can't get sound quality better than this.

    • Had this from last year, not the best but will do for the price. Using it for tv speaker. Now using google home max for music speaker.

    • Quite incredible, and for $106 then it's unheard of. I DJ bassy house and techno music in my room and these are better than $300 studio monitors I bought. Highly recommend.

  • I have the R1010BT speakers and they are excellent…these are obviously a step up and with more features…would have picked these up for sure if the offer was around when I was looking…

    • Can you please explain what sort of features as details are the same as this one on Amazon. Currently selling for $116. Might be interested in those. Thanks in advance.

      • Volume is on the right hand side of the speaker as opposed to the model that I purchased where you find them on the back and a bit difficult to get to…and the R1010BT speakers only has bass…also the R1010BT speakers don't have a remote…don't know how much of an advantage that is but for turning the speakers on and off it would be good…

  • Would these be suitable for a TV in a small room? Tossing up between Edifier speakers like these or the Yamaha 108B soundbar when it's on special…

    • It's not really the room size that matters, but how accurately it can reproduce the sounds (loudness is never an issue, but distortion is!)
      If I were you, I would look for larger (6 or even 8") studio monitors. The difference is quite large between these 4" and 6" speakers.
      I would also recommend spending more on a proper studio(ish) brand, like KRK, Event, JBL, Yamaha - you can find really good 6" studio monitors for about $300 and they would last a lifetime. More importantly, you would be surprised by how good they are every single time you listen to them.

      • Room size does matter… for listening distance, nearfield experience, sound will feel boxed in etc etc.. even ceiling height matters.

        But it's not something the average layman would really need to ever consider. For them, any speaker that produces great sound is great enough.

        My recommendation is to use your own intuition. Don't use dinky small speakers in a medium-large room. Pretty obvious.

    • I would go sound bar so that dialogue is more centred on screen.

    • Main advantage a soundbar might have is dialogue being more centered. I'd say the edifiers would sound better and louder overall, but I'm not too familiar with soundbars.

    • Those were pretty much my choices before I decided to buy these edifiers. My reasoning was that soundbars are a compromise product - they compromise on speaker size to satisfy the compact form factor requirement.

      I have had a quick play with some soundbars in JB Hifi etc. For your circa $100 spend I think stereo speakers are a superior product, audio-wise.

      Disclaimer - I am no audiophile (but I do appreciate good quality & value)

    • Thanks for the info everyone, interesting point about soundbars & dialogue - but think I'll stick with bookshelf speakers then. Not gonna bite on this deal, but will certainly keep an eye out in future!

  • My brother and I have a pair each and think they are amazingly good value for money.

  • I have had this a couple of years hooked up to the telly, it's been solid and works well - sound quality is great for the price

  • Seems nice, but this doesn't add up:

    STUDIO SOUND QUALITY - Naturally fine tuned sound reproduction

    Why does it have treble / bass nobs if it's tuned? Tuned monitors do not have these settings, they really do reproduce the original sound.

    • The speakers may be tuned, but your room isn't. The type of wall, whether it is carpeted, height of the ceiling, distance to reflective surfaces etc. all make a difference. Studio monitors are made for studios - and even my listening bay where I used to test Master records for hiss and cutting/plating errors via earphones had a modicum of modification to ensure ambient artifacts weren't falsely attributed to the groove being tested.

      • The type of wall, whether it is carpeted, height of the ceiling, distance to reflective surfaces etc. all make a difference

        You are perfectly correct; however, all these have nothing to do with their claim of "naturally fine tuned sound reproduction" and the treble / bass knobs. Those won't fix any of these issues.

        • Probably tuned when the bass and treble knobs are set to middle. But some people prefer more bass and some less treble, so those does the job.

  • Anyone used these as the Bluetooth output speakers with a Google mini or similar?

    • Yeah I tried this the other day with my Google Nest Mini. Works easily. The fact that the Bluetooth doesn't turn off with no input makes this a good setup for an always on Google Assistant. The sound was great playing music from Google Play Music. Good volume too. Note that the Google assistant voice will still play through the mini itself, not the speakers.

    • Yes, works well.

  • Will they hook up to a iMac?

  • No Aux port FYI. So you will need adaptor for using it with iMac pc or chrome cast if you wish

    • From a review:

      Inside the box, you’ll find everything you need and nothing you don’t. In addition to a standard RCA cable, there’s a headphone-to-RCA adapter, which is all you’ll need for most desktops or phone connections. The regular gauge speaker wire connecting the left and right units is eight feet long, more than enough for most offices or bedrooms.

      • Why the downvote?

        There's no 3.5mm jack, but there's an RCA to 3.5mm cable that comes with it.

        That's how you connect to an iMac, PC or Chromecast.

        Or, am I missing something?

  • Sorry bit of a noob with this tech. How would I hook these up to my TV? (if possible at all) Cheers! :)

    • Connect it to your optical input in your TV. This model comes with that cable in the package, so you should be sweet.

      • Cool thanks mate. Would you recommend something like these for a small living room? Or any other recommendations? Thanks again!

        • Can't recommend something else as these speakers are my first decent pair. But these Edifiers are solid. I bought them for my projector and move it to my main TV in the living room. I'm pretty happy with them. It's been about 1 and a half year since I got them.

      • You may have more success using the TV's optical output.

  • Where is the AUX input plug located? I can not see from the picture they provided.

  • FYI: You can use this for your xbox one if your monitor doesnt have sound. One of the big reasons people buy these is for their Xbox One with optical audio output.

  • Confirming this one linked is just a single speaker, not a pair?

  • I use these in a school to run as classroom speakers. They're solid and reliable.
    Only thing I don't like about them is with the plugs on the back and lack of mounting options.

    I'd love to see exactly this with a little hook on the back to mount it to the wall and plug holes on the side instead. (I ended up 3D Printing a bracket for them, though never actually go around to mounting them)

  • There seems to be a number of reviews on these speakers that say the speakers don’t remember treble, bass and volume(!) settings once wake up from standby. Can anyone confirm?

    • But it has physical bass and treble buttons with marked stops. Volume button seems to be like your car volume knob (which doesn't stop after number of rotations).
      And from the description…"REMOTE CONTROL - Adjust the volume and toggle inputs at your fingertips. Bass and treble control located on the side of main speaker."

      Interesting to find out the answer though.
      Edit: Image of control knobs from Amazon listing… in case you can't access Amazon at work ;)

  • What's better the R1280DB or the Edifier R1280T which is similarly priced?


    video here compares them


  • this or logitech z333?

  • I have the 1700db, I would only recommend these if you can't increase your budget. With audio it's better to bite the bullet and get something nice (like audioengine a5), rather than keep upgrading and spending more money in the long run.
    The 1700db have very weak, muddled bass, these would be similar. They are very good for watching tv shows or listening to audiobooks.

    • With audio it's better to bite the bullet and get something nice (like audioengine a5), rather than keep upgrading and spending more money in the long run.

      But that's just the tip of the iceberg…

      • True, but not many are in a position to buy KEF LS50..

      • Or even better Aktimate Mini+B or AktiMate Blue. I have aktimate mini+ for my computer and music listening but I'm considering buying the edifiers just for the TV.

  • Got the black ones - thanks OP!

  • Hi OP, How does it compare to Presonus E3.5

  • Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for, just bought the black for my new setup.

  • Perfect thanks! I just bought a turtable so I can bust out my vinyl and was looking for a good set of cheap speakers!!

  • How would these compare to a Z623. The bluetooth is obviously convenient bu what about sound?

    • Here's a comparison here. R1280T is similar to the DB version without Bluetooth and optical in.


    • In other words, if you want mind blowing bass or want to use the speakers outdoors, the Z623 is a good option. I have a pair of Z623 and movies and music sound nice on them, but I dont even need to listen to edifiers to say the mids and hights are not thaaat great on the Z.

  • Got them in black - cheers OP.

  • The retail price should be around $70-$80

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