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Better Call Saul Season 1 HD $9.99 @ iTunes Store


Better Call Saul Season 1 in HD on iTunes for $9.99.

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    FYI: All seasons on Stan
    Great show!

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      Yep - all seasons in 4K as well (if youve got the top tier sub)

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      I read the other day that this show could surpass the greatness of Breaking Bad in the next season or something. Definitely will need to check this out sometime. Too many shows, not enough time…

      • It won't/hasn't. It is good, it's not that good.

        • +2

          yeah agreed, after a great last season (5) - people seem to be getting caught up in the moment. Its a great show, much slower burn than BB but its not in that greatest of all time conversations like BB is. Even with an incredible last season it wont be better.

        • -3

          Tv has moved on from breaking bad. Breaking bad was legendary tv during those times, but acting/production values have moved on.

          • +2

            @mokr: Acting has move on from those times…? Breaking bad finished in 2013. Do you know how many incredibly produced and acted movies that were released 50 years ago there are?

            • @TightTerry: Ah good points classical films will always have a reeatch ability.

              Though I would argue there are more great TV shows being produced now then before.

              A breaking bad is rare. But now is common

        • Maybe because we already who lives and who dies if we have seen BB

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    Also available on Netflix via US/Canada VPN

    • And Stan!

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      I don't understand why the latest season always opens with "A Netflix original series" but here it's screened on Stan… So why is Netflix claiming they produced it?

  • +5

    Hey Jimmy have you considered the offer?

    • No Chuck doesn't approve it.

    • +2

      [purchases bowling balls]

  • They should do a Season of Gus Fring "Los Pollos Hermanos"

    • +1

      That is acceptable

    • I reckon that will be the next spin off, Gus years in Chile, now in the dark


  • Lalo needs his own series. Best character in the show.

    • +1

      I think Mike needs his own series. Best character for me.

      • +1

        absolutely mike. Either a show from when he was a cop or post breaking bad would be amazing, such an awesome character / acting.

        Lalo is a great character also though.

        • +1

          A bad guy who acts nice but still can scare the shit out of you, is hard to pull off

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          or post breaking bad

          His funeral?

          • @ozwog05: hahahahahaha oops. I like him so much I blanked out the fact he died :(

            No excuse for that - I rewatched the whole thing like 6 months ago.

            Pre better call saul mike show might be hard too as he already looks pretty old, would be hard to make him look younger.

    • I think Kim is the best character, but Lalo is such a charming monster, you can't help but love him.

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    Sign up to STAN 30 day free trial watch the whole thing then unsub ;)

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