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Telstra Post Paid $45/Month 45GB 12 Month SIM Only Plan + $100 Telstra Welcome Credit via Port IN @ JB Hi-Fi Online


Similar to the other typical Port-In Deals via JB HiFi except this one includes $100 Telstra Welcome Credit instead of the $100 JB Gift Card. Online-only.

Essentially 1st 2 and a bit months free.

May be useful for people who don't need the JB Gift Card and usually flog it off on Gumtree/ eBay after sign up anyway.

Boost Pre-paid and Belong Customers are also eligible for this deal.

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    Thegoodguys are giving $200 gift card for same plan.

    • Can you post the link for that one please

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        I saw the banners in thegoodguys store today. Try calling your local store and they will confirm the $200 deal.

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          This is the link. Good deal if you were planning to shop at the TGG anyway.

          • @WoodenSpoon: $200 GG gift card vs $100 Telstra credit (which offsets your first 2 bills).

            • @Pielo: TGG - Excludes online, eBay, Existing Boost, Belong and Telstra Pre-Paid

          • @WoodenSpoon: TGG bonus has been brought down to only $100 now

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    I am curious as to if you can still "upgrade/recontract" from the $65 JB BYO to this offer, you will not be eligible to receive the credit but it could lower your monthly cost and ETC.

    Anyone on the $65 offer able to try the link and see if they can recontract to the $45 online?

    • Keen to know too, how bout if you try n let us know :)

      • I already did this 8 months ago (move from $65 to $45 in store), but am considering signing up a second service.

        • Oh good to know, i wonder if you did it via telstra chat agent to discuss before signed up?

          • @countmein: In general Telstra Live Chat/support refuse to deal with these plans somewhat.

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    Boost Mobile pre-paid customers are eligible for this deal!

    Still have a lot of months left on my 12month prepaid so don’t need it but it’s a pretty good deal at around $36 a month for 45GB.

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    The normal offer $400 JB Hifi gift card with the $65 JB Hifi plan seems to be better value.

    Missed out on the $500 bump up recently.

    • You're paying an extra $20/ Month to get an extra $60 worth of Gift Card. Yes you get more data also, but for someone like myself, 45GB is more than enough.

      • it's $20/month to get $300 voucher currently ($400JB giftcard - $100 telstra credit)

        • $20x 12 Months = $240

          $400-$100 = $300

          $300-$240 = $60 extra value

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            @WoodenSpoon: yaah, the way your framed your word seems like $45/month deal is a better deal. All good

      • The extra $20/month cost is completely covered by the 'free' gift card. So as long as you value the giftcard as much as cash the $65 JB HiFi plan just comes with an extra $60 value.

    • I actually did this today. I am an existing Telstra customer, but just got a new number and I got a $750 gift card which I redeemed against a Samsung S20, so the S20 only cost me $599 upfront. It wasn't advertised as this but the guy said it came up with that deal on the computer when I went to purchase it.

      • what's this $750 GC deal?

        • There was a sign next to the S20 saying $599 outright which the sales assistant told me was for port-ins only, and one saying I think $899 outright for new customers. I was all prepared to get a new number and pay the $899 (which I think was the $400 GC) but when he put it through, he said it was letting him select the $599 upfront and $750 GC deal, I had to get a new number, but was happy to do that for such a good deal.

          • @surfsiren85: Was this at jb hifi ?im in the market for an s20 and a cheaper phone plan as mine just ended

          • @surfsiren85: Call Telstra and get your old number linked to this new plan, cancel the old one. I read on this forum that it is doable.

            • @tunzafun001: Awesome, I;ll give that a go. I did ask the guy at JB about it and they said it wasn't possible…. but he also didn't even know the Huawei P40 was on their website ;)

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    I just want to pay 45 on telstra; but there website doesn't work! Winning! I dont care about the gift card :( Going from a curreny BYO of $49 to $45 thats $50 bucks in one year!

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      Factoring in the $100 Telstra Credit it's around $37/month ;) (If you're Porting In)

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      Just building on what OP has said.

      The FAQ’s in the link say the $100 credit will be applied automatically to your Telstra account within two billing cycles (up to 60 days).

      This means once the credit is applied; the next 2 months after it is applied will be free, the monthly bill will be deducted from the available credit. 100 - 45 x 2 = 10

      On the third month after you get the credit you will only have to pay $35 because of the remaining $10 credit.

      Every other month you’ll be paying the regular $45.

      You’ll be paying the equivalent of $36.66 a month once you calculate the total cost.

      $540 - $100 = $440. Divide 440 by 12 = 36.66

      So you’ll really be saving around $148 a year not $50; switching from your $49 plan!!

      FYI: This works out better than the equivalent $40 a month/30GB Boost Mobile plan.

      EDIT: you have to be porting a number to get the $100 Telstra credit.

  • This is normally a $200 JB Gift Card….

    • Hasn't been for a long time, however if you sign up at TGG you get a $200 TGG Gift card.

      • By long time, you mean like a month or so? My Mother in law just signed up and got one.

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          IFAIK hasn't been $200 for at least 6 months, must have been store-specific and/ or your mother in law got lucky because it hasn't been advertised.

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            @WoodenSpoon: They generally aren't well advertised, many of the stores are a bit slack with it.

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      • I'm not questioning it, but pointing it out it's not as good as their more regular long standing offer.

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          For the last 6 months or so $100 has been the ongoing off with $200 being an occasional special.

  • Boys, Girls and others. No more $400 or $500 Jb Gift cards.

  • Just be aware the Optus style ‘catch’: “Extra Data if you use more than your Monthly Data Allowance, Telstra will automatically add extra data to your service in blocks of 1GB for $10 (Extra Data).“ Ouch!

    • Just setup a Data Cap on your phone lol

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    May be useful for people who don't need a lot of Data

    45GB per Month is currently a fair bit of data?!
    Other than hotspotting phone for home internet, that should be loads.

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      Relatively speaking ;)

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    Rubbish no international call, suits someone who is very domestic local

    • Can’t use the data?

  • I am currently with Telstra and my contract is about to expire do I need to port for a month to other carrier to apply for this? Or a simple Vodafone jump for a day would work?
    Thx in advance

    • Yes, as soon as it ports out.

      • Sorry so the Vodafone jump will do?

      • Wondering about this too. So you port to any prepaid SIM with another telco. But then don't you have to pay a prepaid amount on the new SIM?

    • +1

      It really depends on who you get at your store. Previously people have been able to sign-up with one day port out and others have been refused. Be prepared to walk away and try a different store if that happens.

  • Does Telstra do any plans for $30-35 a month?

    • Not that I'm aware of, but this works out to be $36.66 when you factor in the $100 credit.

      • Yeah that's not bad - I'm tempted but don't want to worry about what to do once the 12 months is up

  • Everytime I see these port in deal I feel a little envious (ok maybe not for this particular deal, but other GC offers have been pretty good) because i've been out of contract with Telstra for a while now and could probs port out and wait for one of these deals to come around if I could be bothered. But I'm still so used to thinking that I pay those ridiculous $99 plans I signed up to in my less fiscally responsible youth that I forget that I'm actually on a pretty sweet legacy $39 plan with 35GB of data. Need to stop being enticed by gift card offers that I'll prob blow on random crap I don't need, one day I'll upgrade my beat up S7. Bless growing up and not needing to have the latest mobile phones.

  • Can you get data on your Apple Watch with this plan?

  • Does anyone know if they can get esims for these?

  • Thinking I might pull the plug and do The Good Guys version of this with the $200 gift card which according to terms and conditions ends today. Given there have been better deals re: gifts cards in the past though, wondering if the next deal will be better. I would probably go the $65 a month if I could get an extra port in bonus or the card was $500 like it has been in the past. Otherwise $45 plus $200 is the better deal for me.

    What are people's thoughts? I haven't bee following these Telstra deals for long so don't know how they tend to change when they click over to the next one.

    • +1

      Unfortunately even though I posted this deal, I'm still stuck on a 12 month Craptus $40/40GB plan for another 4 months, otherwise I would have jumped on this, as 45GB would be more than enough data for me. If you intend on using the GC, then by all means go for TGG deal instead, for me I would have no use for the GC. In this climate it's hard to say whether there would be better/ worse deals in the future.

  • Existing telstra postpaid customer here… anyway I can get this deal? I still have couple of months left on the contract

    • No, it's for New or Port In customers only, you would have to Port Out temporarily and Port back In.

      • I think jb will check if I am out of their network for at least 30 days

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          As per the discussion above, I think it ultimately depends on each store and/or the store rep.

  • Anyone use this plan and able to add an apple watch to it to share the date? Thanks

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      Your watch will sync it's date with your phone for free

  • The credit check seems to ask for an Australian Passport / Australian Drivers License. Any pointers if you have neither?

  • Has anyone actually managed to do this online and port their number successfully? I've tried twice now and no go. Coming from Optus. First time around they sent me two sims (no idea why) and could not activate any of them after multiple calls, then they finally told me order has been cancelled and to try again. I have tried again and now they tell me it is stuck in pending status and that I had put in that I'm coming form Prepaid instead of postpaid so they have not been able to process it and to do it again - 100% selected post paid since it asked for my Optus account number. Seems their form is borked!

  • WOW be careful guys; i just had an argument with TELSTRA on this deal. Theyre saying that its $45 for the first 6 months, which is BS! I told them to show me where it says that looks like this is be an obudsman fight…. sigh….

    • It says $45/mth 12 Months on the brochure that Telstra provided here
      Can you try showing this to them and see what they have to say about it?

      • Sorry; it was my f'up…. lets not talk about it… LOL my order has not been processed yet even though it went through on May 1…. but in the mean time they sent through and adjustment of existing plan which confused the heck out of me