expired 2 Stretched ArtsCow Canvases 12" x 16" Delivered $27.99

2 Stretched ArtsCow Canvases 12" x 16" Delivered $27.99Affiliate

Another deal from artscow

pretty cheap

members today is a deal for two 12"x16" stretched canvases at a modestly low price of just $27.99 including free shipping.

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    Only one coupon code is working at a time, i got the 2 for 27.99 but it's still charging for the shipping, and then when i put in code for the free shipping it cancels out the 2 for 1 code… Any ideas on how to clear this up.. Cheers and thank you


      Hmm, i'm not exactly sure why that's happening. You should be getting free shipping. You are right in suggesting that you can only use one code at a time. Perhaps email them and let them know that the Canvas special coupon code isn't offering free shipping. They might then fix it.


      Oh Got it sorted. As it still came up with the shipping being for $33 or something i clicked next to go through the process and it just cancelled out the shipping cost.. Thank HEAPS..


    Are these canvases mounted or is it just a canvas only?


    Mmm… hesitant to pursue… just checked googled it & found some complaints on Australian consumer affairs page. Might go local. Good price though…


      I bought 2 stretched canvases earlier this year from Artscow and had no problems. Shipping wasn't unreasonably long, and the quality is really good. Have bought a few things from them and never had any issues.


        Mine were delivered a few days ago. I have the following tips for those interested,
        . the previews of what it would look like were off-scale (ie. part of the picture wraps when it said it wouldn't, so the "head" in the photo got cropped a little)
        . the quality of the print isn't as good as I expected. It's a bit grainy and lumpy, not smooth like other prints I bought elsewhere.

        Overall, for the price, it's good. However, i'd recommend other companies if you're looking for a better-than-average image quality.