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[VIC] Seagate 2TB Game Drive for PS4 $97 @ Officeworks Fountain Gate


Built and tested for gaming on PS4™
High-speed USB 3.0 gives you full-speed gaming like playing from your PS4™'s internal drive
Capacity for 50+ games

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    this is a scam isnt it? you can buy a generic portable seagate 3tb drive from officeworks for the same money and it'll work fine with ps4 or xbox

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      Indeed. Only difference is enclosure aesthetic

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        Also but the actual internal drive in it may be of far better quality then the Seagate Portable. eg Seagate puts their best hard drives (Samsung) in their better drive range.

        Seagate Portable drives are cheaper for a reason, they contain the much lower quality and problematic Seagate Rosewood drives in it.

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          Haven't found anything to suggest the drive is of better quality.
          Mark up is probably just PlayStation tax to have the logo and official licensing by Sony

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            @FireRunner: Well just think about it i don't think Sony would endorse it if it has a Rosewood drive in it. Sony would be very strict with which drive it tests and endorses and SMR drives are not made for gaming so that counts Rosewood out to begin with. Some thing makes me think that the Seagate Game Drive does not have an internal Rosewood drive in the enclosure. I bet that it's the Samsung PMR drive. Samsung drives are much better quality. So as i said that's why it's of a higher price.

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              @hollykryten: Not necessarily. Licensed products are still third-party products which are of various quality. If the drive was an official PlayStation product, I would expect high quality. For PlayStation licensed, I am skeptical

            • @hollykryten: All this is correct except that Seagate does not make thin 2.5" non-Rosewood drives and last Samsung/Seagate PMR 2TB 2.5" was M9T and they are not manufactured for few years and almost impossible to buy new or second hand, trust me, I know that because I need them for my NAS. There's fairly small chance it could be Rosewood with small SSD slapped onto it but I'd not bet on it.

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      Scam may be too strong a word, and that way all branding exercise on generic products would be scam.
      For sure one can get a non-branded one for same or lesser but if the color scheme is important and they are okay paying the bucks, it's their call.

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        the real scam is a gaming device without RGB leds

    • Link please.

    • Yeah. But the Seagate Portable has a Rosewood SMR drive which is not what you want for this. Rosewood drives are terrible having a habit of chucking it in. Vs the drive inside the Seagate PS4 drive which is probably a Samsung internal drive. Much better quality for what you get from the official Seagate PS4 drive if it actually has a Samsung drive in the enclosure. But i bet Seagate reserves the best internal hard drives for their officially endorsed game drives such as the Samsung.

      So you can't just say "oh but i can get a generic hard drive for way less this is just a rip off" when that portable drive you refer to may be a Rosewood drive.

      • I pulled apart a Seagate drive and used it inside my ps4… Then, when I got the ps4 pro, I pulled it out of the old ps4, put it back in its case and used it as an external drive since. 6yrs and still going strong. I have another Seagate drive connected to my xbox one as external storage, also 6yrs and still going. So yeh, YMMV on hard drives… But Seagate have been great for me.

        • Seagate didn't make Rosewood (SMR) drives 6 years ago. It's a totally different story now. Every Seagate Expansion and Backup Plus portables now have SMR drives in it known as Rosewood. Those you shouldn't use an SMR drive in a game console but only for non critical storage.

      • If you have any evidence that Samsung Spinpoint M9T drives (the very last of PMR 2TB thin 2.5"drives) still being manufactured I'd like to see it.

    • It’s not a scam. This is a ‘gaming’ hard drive. Jokes.

    • i wonder if this is my ps4 issue or anyone does experience the same. The ps4 reading the usb expansion drive not as usb 3.0 even though the external drive rating is usb 3.0/2.0 compatible.
      Can advise how to fix??? Even though can format the drive to exFAT but just won't recognize it as usb 3.0

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    Selling hard drives especially for PS4s is like selling books especially for people with blue eyes.

    • The same one is the same price without ps4 branding. It's a seagate expansion drive. 5400rpm.

    • Epic!!!

    • It just means that the drive was submitted for testing to Sony itself and they tested and confirmed the drive to be 100% compatible with the PS4. Officially endorsed by Sony tends to mean a higher price.

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      The last link is just 1tb

    • Yeah. Although i always though the Seagate Expansion Portable case didn't look as good as say the Backup Plus or even the Basics Portable.

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    Sorry, this isn't value for money. Any usb drive can work as storage for the PS4.


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      yes it is.. $58 is cheaper than $88 for the same 2TB generic seagate drive. You are correct that any USB drive will work in the PS4 though.

      • i wonder if this is my ps4 issue or anyone does experience the same. The ps4 reading the usb expansion drive not as usb 3.0 even though the external drive rating is usb 3.0/2.0 compatible.
        Can advise how to fix??? Even though can format the drive to exFAT but just won't recognize it as usb 3.0

  • Got the math wrong!

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      What about the maths?

  • Insufficient quantity to qualify as a deal.

  • If you were to have an ssd in an external enclosure, would the games boot faster or would the bottleneck be the HDD in the ps4?

    • Not having done it myself, I'd wager the ssd externally would be faster.

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      Yes, an external SSD would be faster than a HDD.
      Not so much for an internal since it is bottlenecked by the SATA II interface in the original and slim model (Pro model has SATA III).

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      The SSD is quicker, but not by the same margins it would be in a PC for instance.

    • Somewhat related…
      I've seen Nintendo Switch comparisons, between internal/microsd/external hdd. Load times 30-35sec, with the leader changing, depending on the game.
      Based on that, and the sheer size of games now, I'm looking at 4-5tb portable hdd.

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    The 2.5" internal drive inside of these is probably a Samsung which is far better quality than the Seagate Rosewood SMR drives inside the Seagate Expansion portable drives. So that reason alone having a better quality internal hard drive in the official Seagate PS4 hard drive means more money. You get what you pay for.

    • The 2.5" internal drive inside of these is probably a Samsung

      Please provide evidence that it is the Samsung. It's not worth buying unless it's definitely the better quality drive

      • No evidence required, Samsung does not make drives anymore. If you referring to Samsung drives rebadged as Seagate Spinpoint M series those are long gone as well.

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      Nope. It's a Seagate ST2000LM007. Same as what is in the standard Seagate portable drives.

      Source: https://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/8938/seagate-game-drive-ps...

      I have shucked several of the standard 2TB Seagate portable drives and got this exact same model each time. You are paying more for the Playstation branding. I believe the exact same applies to the Xbox versions.

      • Well then all you're doing is paying extra for a case with a PS4 logo on it.

        • Precisely!

        • Which I agree with… But I think that's no reason for people to pss on this deal.
          If it's same price, or a couple of bucks dearer, it's still great.

          Hell… any day of the week, some sellers change more for certain colours.

    • +1

      Their failure rate is almost the same.

  • Now any more coins to be spent on PS4 is not wise at all.

    • Yea was about to buy a 2tb internal ssd for my pro, but will put up with the terribly slow load times for a little longer..

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