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Babyzen Yoyo2 Stroller Frame & Colour Pack $580.30 Free Delivery (RRP $829) @ One Fine Baby


My first ozbargain deal so go easy.

There is also a wide range of other babyzen products with heavy discount.


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    Best price to date for this new model!

  • Fantastic price! Thanks for posting this OP!

  • Is this new newborn or 6+ seat? Sold separately?

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      This is for 6m+ as it says newborn pack is sold separately

    • This is recommended for 6+

      New born deal can be found here:


      • Hmm I wonder how this compares to others in the market for similar prices, My wife and I expecting in October and it is so overwhelming how many options there are :(

        • I don't think there is quite anything as compact and light as this at this price point.

          • @ltwo: Is quality of materials and longevity impacted by a focus on compactness and weight

            • @grads5: Not sure, I've only just ordered via this deal. Expecting in July.

            • @grads5: This is a great compact travel pram that got famous as you can check into a plane as hand carry.

              If that's not a main factor, you can compare it to a baby Valco snap 4 for under $400 that weighs 6.6kg. that lasted 4 years of daily use and 9 overseas trips

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          Many parents (incl myself) have 2 prams, full size and travel.
          I have Redsbaby Jive and Babyzen Yoyo+

          Full size pram has bigger wheels.. This means, the ride is alot smoother on uneven surfaces (like tram tracks, manhole covers). Also you can fit more stuffs under the seat (grocery, nappy bag etc). The cons: its big and occupy alot space in car booth.

          Travel pram has smaller wheels. This means you have to be fully attentive on the surface condition. Ride will be alot bumpier and less stable. Last week, my babyzen almost topple over because i didnt see a small pothole. The pro is it can fit easily to any car booth. Also due to its size, i could maneuverer easily in crowded places like market.

          My baby looks more comfortable on redsbaby.
          If you plan to travel by plane often, babyzen is allowed to be stored on overhead locker on most planes.

          • @lycos: I personally dont like babyzen newborn pack. It’s technically just a sleeping bag.
            Full size pram has a bassinet which looks more comfortable.

          • @lycos: Is this stroller good for a newborn?

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              @Westpac: I dont like to use babyzen for newborn: its too bumpy/jerky. Since newborn neck isnt strong, the head will sway left and right on every bump.

              I recommend redsbaby jive/metro for newborn: its an Australian company with excellent service and it offers best bang for buck. Its not as stylish as more posh models like iCandy or Uppababy though :)

              The new model of redsbaby jive /metro bassinet is approved for overnight sleep. It will be great for overnight visit at grandparent. (Ours unfortuntely dont have this feature so we have to bring cot)

              • @lycos: Thanks. What about a car seat? One that preferably lasts from new born to maybe 3-4 years? Any recommendations?

                • @Westpac: I have Britax Safe N Sound Graphene.
                  It the most "compact" one that can fit easily to most cars.

                  When shopping in Babybunting, another couple who has Mazda CX5 said they're buying Britax Graphene because the Britax Plantinum (with thicker padding) cannot easily fit into their SUV. The front seat needs to be moved further forward.

                  My car, Honda CRV i think can fit Britax Platinum but i would like to have option to move the babyseat into my 2nd car (sedan) as well. So I chose Britax graphene instead.

                  • @lycos: Thats great, thanks. I will be honest with you, all this was very confusing but you are very helpful.

                    I think the best way for a newborn:

                    • Pram: Get Jive (last up to 4 years)
                    • Car seat: Britax Safe N Sound Graphene

                    Do you think a stroller is needed as well?

                    • @Westpac: Jive if you plan to have another baby (it allows the second seat). Otherwise Metro.

                      A stroller is just a pram without a bassinet. Like this babyzen that's on sale is technically is a stroller - it allows baby to sit upright.
                      You won't need it until baby is around 6months old when they can control their neck.

                      Some parent I know loves their baby capsule (therefore there's no need for bassinet). This allows them to move the baby in and out the car without waking them.
                      But, it's not recommended for newborn to sleep/sit too long at capsule - it's not good for their spine development.

                      • @lycos: Is a capsule different to the car seat?

                        Any recommendations for a capsule?

                        • @Westpac: capsule is a removable baby car seat.
                          I didn't have this so i cannot comment.

                          Also, does your car have ISOfix? If yes, make sure you buy carseat /capsules model with isofix.

                          If i'm not active in this thread, feel free to PM me instead.

                        • @Westpac: Capsule is only good from birth to 6/12 months. But you can use the Britax Compaq/Brava/Graphene from birth until 4 years old. Get it professionally fitted at somewhere like Red Cross car seat (not Baby Bunting as they aren't good at it) and download a baby seat angle app on your phone to check that the angle is deep enough.

                          Brava goes on sale at baby bunting quite regularly at $350 and is probably best value.

                          We have a travel pram (Baby Jogger city tour 2 not yoyo) plus a full size pram. Full size pram stays at home mostly for walks, but we got a jogging pram (Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle) as it also goes with us on runs. City tour 2 is great for keeping in the car for when we're out.

                        • @Westpac: If you really want to use a capsule for the convenience of not moving a sleeping baby, Maxi Cosi actually have a hiring service for their branded ones and there are plenty of local businesses that do the same. May end up cheaper in the long run.

          • @lycos: Also have the same.

            Redsbby was great for newborn and yoyo became the choice for shopping trips and times when we used the smaller car.

            Our yoyo has been with us to a few countries so that also makes it ideal to walk all the way to boarding with the pram and carry on board.

          • @lycos: Thought I'd comment on here as well as someone with both a full size (Bugaboo Fox) and a Yoyo+. The two have very different purposes I find and whilst the full size is much comfier when pushing on anything not smooth and you feel safer (because of the padding/protection around the bassinet), it's just that much harder to fold up/unpack and the space it takes especially if you don't collapse the bassinet in the car. We ended up upgrading to an SUV because it just wouldn't fit in the boot of our sedan without having to tip bassinet on side and nothing else in the boot!

            The Yoyo+ however is so much easier to use and significantly lighter that you'll find yourself using it more often because of this. Some daycares with limited 'pram parking' also benefit from smaller foldable prams.

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              @jace88: Hmmm, wonder if i get rid of our Bugaboo and keep the yoyo2, i can upgrade to a Lambo. haha.

            • @jace88: I agree. Check your car space. Bassinet + full size pram is HUGE!

      • Are you associated with the OneFineBaby store in any way, Yatnoj? If so please check the 'I am associated with One Fine Baby' checkbox. Thanks.

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    This thing has been a godsend. We got this as a travel pram so we didn't have to lug around the bugaboo Cameleon. This is so convenient and light that we rarely use the bugaboo. Highly recommended.

    • Awesome review, so would be a great pick for a newborn?

      • Unsure how long sale will go for.

        There is a newborn set which is also on sale.

      • I don't think I'd recommend for a newborn even with the newborn cocoon/bassinet. It doesn't offer much protection from knocks and the pram itself doesn't smooth out bumps well making it difficult to walk on uneven pavements/footpaths and keep the baby happy IMO.

        That being said if you weren't planning to go out for walks to the park too much in the first 4 or so months (given everything hapening) and you'd just be using it in the car to go to the shops, the Yoyo probably is more than sufficient.

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          Agree about not using it for newborns. It's perfect once they grow out of this phase. For my second baby, I didn't go out much during the first 3 months or so and when I did, I used my Ergobaby Omni. Then I had the YoYo ready to go once bub had steady neck control. One pram and one baby carrier.

          You learn from experience what works best.

      • For a newborn you'd need the bassinet attachment - and I can't comment because we didn't get this. Also the back support is nowhere near as good as the bugaboo so I'd only recommend from 1 yr+ would be good

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      I second that mr vtec

      • Any idea how long this sale will be on for?

  • Shop the entire range from BABYZEN YOYO 30% off for 4 days only - ends Monday!

  • You can get further $10 off your first order via referral! Wish I had known before I purchased. Appeared on my confirmation email.

  • is this an ideal first pram?

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    I have the Bugaboo Bee, Cameleon, Buffalo and this Yoyo2.

    The Bee and Yoyo is a piece fold.
    The Cameleon and buffalo is two pieces.

    I like the sturdiness of the buffalo for walks and shopping centres. But it's not light, so getting it in and out of the car could be a struggle.
    Baby also looks alot more comfortable in the buffalo bassinet.

    Nothing beats the yoyo for travel, i learnt this the hard way by taking a combi stroller and having to wait at each airport for it to be unloaded at the oversize baggage areas. That's the last thing you want to do when travelling with a baby.

    I ended up selling the cameleon but still have the bee, buffalo and yoyo.. and combi (which we leave at childcare and not worry it gets stolen).

    Don't be afraid to buy secondhand, Bugaboos are made to last and you'll save about 50% on one that's two-three years old.

    Have a look at the how to fold videos





    If you're a Xiaomi fan, there's always this one

  • For a newborn - especially a firstborn with first time parents - don't get the babyzen newborn bassinet pack. Just have a look at how it folds and you will see that the bassinet isn't as sturdy as real pram bassinets. They feel thin and flimsy as they are designed to be folded down with the pram frame. Try them out at baby bunting or baby kingdom. I feel like new parents need something a bit more foolproof and spacious.. Would also make their experience less frustrating.

    • This is true I have the bassinet pack.

      Having said that another option is people can buy the adapter and get one of those newborn - 6months car seat adapter that can mount on the yoyo which makes it a lot sturdier.

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    I find the pattern for buying strollers is first pram is the sturdiest, most comfortable tank. It's got giant wheels and weighs 10kg+. Then the child gets older, and the parents are sick of the pram taking up so much space, and are sick of the weight and lack of manoeuvrability, so they get an ultralight like this. The big one gets used for days out, and the light one lives in the car.

    • Right on, though having two within a certain age range also throws a complication. So we've got a tank (baby jogger dual) and then the Yoyo for portability.

    • Bingo.

  • how often do these go on sale? We are expecting our first one in early August. We have already decided on the two prams we want (Bugaboo Fox2 and this Yoyo2) I've not paid attention to this particular pram so not followed its pricing structure. Wife thinks its a little early to buy the Yoyo2 as we plan on using it mainly as a stroller/ and travel. (not for the newborn set) and won't probably use it till 3-6+ months after baby is born or until baby is able to sit in the stroller comfortably and support itself.

    I don't want to pay $800 when the time comes, so if anyone knows how often these go on sale please provide me with your thoughts and input!


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      No on sell them at full price, $629 is a pretty standard ‘sale’ price. Prices have been this low ($580ish) last time around the Black Friday sales.

      • It could have been that price for the yoyo+ so they could get rid of some stock before they release this yoyo2 in March.

        Keep in mind the yoyo2 has an increased weight capacity of 22kgs, meaning you can use it for longer for your little one. The yoyo+ is limited to 18kgs.


    • If COVID 19 has lightened up and events are back, you might be able to get good deals at expos (this is a general comment not necessarily Babyzen specific). I found that usually by the afternoon of the last day, the vendors will sell it at the lowest sale price and may be willing to throw extras in which make the deal that much better (eg cup holder, phone holder, etc).

    • I have the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 which regularly goes on sale for $429 and sometimes even lower. It's good from birth as well and is very light and compact. We have been able to take it on as cabin baggage and travelled around Japan with it. Just another cheaper option.

  • Lots babyzen yoyo knockoffs on eBay, check the designs and layout all match before you buy, I have one, and it’s really just as good lol
    I already have a baby jogger city elite so didn’t want to spend hundreds on a new pram, eBay one costed me like around $120.

    • One thing that I don't think the knock off has is the zipped storage compartment behind the back rest. It's only little but you can store the essentials in there like wipes/nappies and even stick in the odd drink/milk bottle. No need for a bulky pram caddy which would get in the way of the folding technique. I understand some people absolutely love the knock off but this feature is a lifesaver for me and one of the reasons I love the YoYo+ over the first gen YoYo too lol

  • I have first gen Yo-yo+ and am very happy with it. Folds so small and it’s a much simpler motion than say the Bugaboo Ant which is essentially when you’re using it in practice. Note the new Yo-yo doesn’t come with the rain cover anymore.

    • Damn that that raincover is perfect for the pandemic right now… Babies can't wear masks so just shield them in completely with it lol

      • +1

        It's a surprisingly expensive accessory now at around $50. Sure, not expensive in the scheme of baby stuff, but for a piece of plastic which covers a pram which used to be free/included in Yoyo+ at about the same price point, it feels like a corner cutting exercise.

        That being said, I still really like the pram and it's one-handed unfolding motion (great when holding bub in one hand). I'd caveat for those who plan to fill the pram storage with lots of things, keep in mind they will obstruct the folding mechanism if you push it too far.

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    Thanks OP. Just bought one. Any recommendation for carry bag? The genuine bag is ridiculously $120 bucks

    • those who have one and have travelled with it - do we need the travel bag?

      • The carry bag is there for protection of the pram in case you need to check it in.

        I would say it's not a necessity.

      • Sorry for silly question but I have never travelled with my little one. Question should be: do we need travel bag for the pram?

      • Personally no. It's unlikely to get damaged in an overhead as much as it will on the streets.
        It comes with a carry bag, but not a travel bag

    • +1

      I bought it and returned it when I realised the included bag (at least with the Yoyo+) was more than sufficient. The free one is essentially a drawstring bag to cover it/protect from dust but won't protect from knocks, whereas the official $120 one is a bit like a deluxe laptop bag where it offers protection, extra pockets, etc… but honestly, isn't that useful since the pram (unlike a laptop) is designed to take knocks.

      • Thanks for your advice. Guess I can save my cash and invest on the high chair for him.

        • Yep, and try not to buy one until you need it so you can try out to see which one your baby actually likes.

        • +4

          On high chairs, get one you can literally hose down in the yard or sink. Some fully plastic ones can even be put into the dishwasher like the cheap Ikea Antilop (just check what temp it can withstand.
          Don't be tempted by those fancy padded ones because the last thing you want to do is clean off food on fabrics.
          For me, I opted for Ikea Langur which is pricier but more suitable for us with different configurations. I usually snap off the tray table or take off the whole seat for scrubbing/hosing down in the laundry. Try to avoid chairs with lots of nooks and crannies cos I've seen revolting chairs that have dried up food in crevices.
          Also, some toddlers on the big side might have trouble with a few chairs in the market like the expensive Baby Bjorn. It is such a small frame that any tall 2yo would probably need something bigger.

          Edit: those interested in the Ikea Langur should note that the plastic tray table is textured (unlike the smooth shiny surface on Ikea Antilop) so suction bowls won't work on them - why I like to take the tray table off sometimes. Suction bowls and plates are really good for babies/toddlers as you don't want them flipping everything over.. Otherwise they could always eat off the table instead.
          Another tip is to stock up on one good silicone bib with catch bowl like the OG one from Weanmeister. The catch bowls actually get food and don't flatten like a lot of pockets you see on fabric bibs. These also roll up nicely for travel and can be washed and dried in seconds. Alternatively, I also like to use Bibado bibs so that bub's clothes and high chair is fully covered from food. Tidy Tots make something similar but with a huge round collapsible disk that sits on top of the tray table to ensure no food gets thrown on the floor either.

          May sound like I'm being extra but as a parent who does the cleaning every day, these items are a GODSEND for making things easier.

    • Last time we travelled, the airline asked us to put the stroller in a bag, otherwise they couldn't accept it as a carry-on, so beware of that. There's no requirement as to what bag you use though.

  • Is anyone able to recommend a knockoff toddler board for the yoyo gen1?

    • +3

      Although there are toddler boards that do fit the Babyzen range, I don't recommend having one on it.. Tried one out and the Yoyo is just too small for a toddler board. You'd need long arms to push the pram comfortably. Also, just test out the weight of the child in front and and the older one. The wheels aren't the biggest so it might not be the smoothest to operate. I tried a few third party boards on a Yoyo at Baby Bunting and Baby Kingdom. Only put one on if you're desperate as this is still a lightweight travel pram after all

      • Hey that's great advice, thanks!

        I was looking into one as the novelty factor may be convenient for short strolls when he doesn't want to get back on the seat. But now that you mentioned it, I suspect that there might be some stability/balance issues if there's no child in the front seat as well

        • All good, always nice knowing useful things and especially when it's baby gear you use daily. For a fun walk, have a look at those baby trikes with hoods and harnesses instead?

  • Great price. Especially with super weak Aussie dollars.

    One question: Anyone bought from One Fine Baby before?

  • good price and would recommend!

    compact can pack on flight

    if their was any flights

  • Did anyone manage to get free shipping working? Comes up as bulk goods shipping when I tried?

    • They changed it last night so it’s no longer free shipping for the stroller (but $24.95). I reported it but the mods still haven’t changed it.

      • Bummer, thanks for letting me know.

      • Updated post title. Thanks

      • The deal has been reverted to it's original title and marked as expired. Deal titles should not be edited to change the total price of the original deal. Thanks.

  • If anyone lives near a Baby Bunting or Baby Kingdom, price match this with them and do store pick up so you can save on the new shipping fee :)

  • At the time of posting my comment, deal has not expired and price is still showing as $580.30 with colour and frame selected in the cart + $24.95 shipping.

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