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[Switch] Ring Fit Adventure - $124.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Ring Fit Adventure back in stock at Amazon. Will probably go quick.

  • Credit to @nubix
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    Thank ! Just Got one, finally !

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      Wouldn't say it's not a deal just because it's a bit more expensive… it goes out of stock very fast whenever there is stock, so most people wouldn't mind paying a little bit more just to get a copy of it.

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        Wouldn't say it's not a deal just because it's a bit more expensive…

        It's definitely not a bargain…

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          in a sense it is, when scalpers are selling it for $200+ during the shortage. And like toilet paper and medical masks, a lot of Australian stock was shipped to China during the earlier staged of corvid-19. I had to wait almost a month for Big W to get stock.

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            in a sense it is, when scalpers are selling it for $200+ during the shortage

            So footy finals tickets at RRP should be posted as a bargain when scalpers are selling them at 5x the price?

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              @jv: I don't know, I never cared about footy :P

  • got one, saves me looking for it I guess

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      That is the bargain for me. "ring fit" notification - OFF

  • Thanks OP! Been trying to buy one for a while and always missed out.

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    thanks OP, bought that soooo quickly (even though it's retail price)

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      exactly what I did! ha

  • Amazon is selling at full price. Even Big W and JB-Hi-Fi had there's at $119. Guess they know it'll go like hotcakes anyway. It would probably sell out quickly if it was above RRP

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      JB has increased the price on their website to $124 and they still don't have stock.

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        Just pointing out the facts. Interestingly, Catch has been the cheapest at $109 (which sold out this morning) even adding postage $10 (or membership for free post $6.50) ends up cheaper. I don’t blame Amazon, they know it’ll sell at full price so they do

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    $125 is a great deal considering what people are trying to sell them for on ebay

  • Easy sell. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP - saves me having to search around for it

  • thanks op. I got one for my gf :)

  • Thanks Op, got one finally.

  • Thanks for the heads up OP, grabbed one :)

  • Thank you!!!

  • after 4 bargains and 4 out of stock message, finally. Thanks a lot OP

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    wondering why [email protected] has more pos than [email protected]?

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      Amazon's not a Catch.

    • It was available for longer but I also suspect many Amazon fans on OzBargain. Amazon’s definitely hit the front page faster

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    Looks like it's out of stock now!

  • And it's gone

  • You can go to other sellers and add it but it's temporarily out of stock. No guarantee.

  • Damn always putting my phone down at the wrong time

  • Got it! Thanks OP!

  • All gone :(

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    Yes! Out Of Stock! Resisted for 30 minutes!

  • Placed the order for $119 free delivery. Thank you.

  • Thanks OP got one. Perfect time to have one when we can't access gyms or run in this miserable weather.

  • Damn missed out

  • $199.95 now

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      That's from another seller!

  • Not even in the bestsellers list on Amazon. Goes to show how many are in stock.

    How many did they make? 10 at a time? Maybe they hate money.

    • Definitely more than 10. I’d estimate around 100. Stock is hard to come by even for retailers so it’s not because they don’t want to sell more

    • Showing as #31 when I look. Impressive given that it was on sale for about five minutes -_-

      • It was #68 in the Switch section when it sold out and still is #68. Overall list, it's not even top 100! Stock levels are minuscule.

  • oh damn, the price went up to $199

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      Just managed to grab one at $124.95. So might have one or two still available. OOS but can preorder. https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/offer-listing/B07XW8BGFQ/ref=dp...

      • likewis,e still appears to be in stock when I ordred a minute ago

      • Awesome! But sometimes Amazon tends to cancel them because they can't get more stock in a timely manner!

        • Hasn't happened to me in like 3 years of prime. Especially when sold by Amazon.

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          Completely antithetical to the OzB way, I saw that it was still available for pre-order at $124.95, to be fulfilled at some point, and just hit purchase. I am hopeful that a few more appear in the inventory if people are seeing it flicker in and out of stock….

  • Do you actually get fit using ring fit?

    • Combine it with 5kg weights my biceps are growing stronger.

    • Apparently yes- if you set the difficulty and don't cheat. Have been told it is quite a good workout…esp during these COVID times

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      Can confirm, just be on a healthy balanced diet too and you will get results.

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      It's not a replacement for a gym or swimming pool or bike track. But it's still a workout that will burn a few calories. If you view it as a fun way to add a little extra fitness on-top of your normal regime it's not a bad idea.

    • I'd consider myself a pretty active person (albeit slowing down past the age of 30..) but without gym, I am so happy that I purchased this. It can be really challenging (ironically work up more of a sweat on this than at the gym!) and it's also really fun if you're a somewhat passionate gamer. I wish they could extend adventure mode or add some additional content though.

      • This game has been super popular (even before lockdown) so I'm hoping Nintendo release more free DLC for it.

  • So annoyed. Got one of the limited stock at Target online. Got an email this morning cancelling the order due to lack of stock after these had all sold out.

  • hot damn i wanted to get this for my parents (was like 400+ on amazon wtf) guess ill wait again

  • I've been awake since 8am and have been tracking Ozbargain for deals on this for quite some t ime, the two times I look away to do other things is when Catch + Amazon have it on sale. RIP

  • Far out I keep missing these

  • +1

    Anyone know any good deals to get accessories without the game? in case you have the "digital" edition 😉

    • How did you even get the "digital" edition?
      If you want the accessories, it's not cheap too.
      Edit: Got what you mean by "digital", mind asking how much did you pay for your console?

      • I paid $290 last October for one that wasn't patched so it could still be exploited, you can check yours here: https://ismyswitchpatched.com/

        The process is a bit of a pain to setup and you can't use the switch online while playing the "digital" games but it's much cheaper :)

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    I put a back order in but just got an email saying my order will arrive 7-8 May!

  • It was very briefly back in stock for delivery from Big W this morning too. By the time I’d placed my order and refreshed the page it was gone again.

  • It's back in stock currently

    • Thx, I've removed the expiry flag.

  • was browsing blindly then saw this, finally get one!


    Now I can wipe the dust off my switch!

  • About to post then saw this post is active again!

    • Looks to be out of stock again.

    • Back in stock again, at 1752
      Price: $124.95 Prime FREE Delivery
      Available to ship in 1-2 days.

  • Very quick delivery compare to Adidas that I ordered from them three weeks ago :(

  • Packaging is bigger than I thought it would be.

  • Back in stock

  • if anyone is still after this - back in stock for $119 delivered (Amazon Prime member)