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[SA] U91 Fuel $0.599/L @ X-Convenience, Gepps Cross


X-Convenience has opened new petrol station at Gepps Cross and is currently having cheapest fuel in Adelaide.

Diesel @79.9c. I think premium ones are 10c apart from ULP91.

Its their biggest pump with dedicated truck diesel section.

Just been there couldn't find E10

Address is 702 main north road, Gepps Cross 5094

Cheaper with 4c Drakes fuel voucher.

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    Meanwhile $1.179 in my part of Sydney. meh.

    • While petrol has never been so cheap …

    • We got a shitload of competition in SA in recent times…. so much for the duopoly fear here. That and there's seemingly 10 times the options as there were before…. even more so on my way in to work.

      • mostly we get out fuel from a different supplier than most of the rest of the country

        • Didn't know that, though I do notice when in Sydney how little variety there is.

    • Costco is only 79c today here in SA.

  • What's 'Special Unleaded' by the way? Is it the regular 91-octane unleaded petrol?

    • +1

      It's 91. E10 is not very common in SA.

    • On the pumps there are fine print stickers. I actually read one once! Interesting to note was that it was a disclaimer saying that Unleaded 91 may at times contain 'up to 10% ethanol'. E10 said 'contains 10%'. So people may be filling up with E10 or at least some proportion of ethanol anyway without knowing it.
      This was around 5 years ago at a Shell and I read the same disclaimer at BP and Liberty. Not sure if anything has changed since.

    • Same question i have been asking. It is marked as 91 but I want to know what makes it special. Do they add anything extra to it? Don't care if they do but just want to know.

  • Yeah they are fairly new servo's, at least in my neck of the woods, and they have funny names for all their fuels for some reason, but the one in my area is always the cheapest so who cares what they call it.
    Edit: they call their 98 Supreme.

    • Sounds like 7/11. They do Special Unleaded and Supreme I believe.

      • Probably because they use Mobil petrol like 7ELEVEN

      • Ok we have no 7/11's in Adelaide (unfortunately).

        • +1

          Mobil sold out of retail fuel years ago. They sold all their eastern state stores to 7/11 I believe, all their SA stores were sold to OTR and those ex-Mobil stores were contracted to buy Mobil fuel wholesale for 5 years. That contract finished couple years ago and OTR/Shahin has switched to be solely supplied by BP to all stores, hence the rebranding/rebuilding some have gone through in the last couple years.
          Mobil, have begun to support franchisees, small independents and larger independents like X-convenience to wrestle back wholesale market share from OTR, but not running the stores themselves.

    • Yep. Makes no difference what they call it.. 91,95,98 is just that.

  • Well shit I just filled up to the brim yesterday at united enfield..

    • Yikes! What did you pay?

    • -1

      Take it back and get a refund!

  • +5

    Been a few of these popping up lately which is good.
    Better than those OTR crooks

    • +2

      Agreed! I never fill up at otr. Boycott the bastard.

    • +1

      Tired of hearing that… meanwhile Coles Shell stations are infinitely more expensive compared to OTRs but I don't see people complaining about them?

      • +4

        A neighbour always goes to the local Shell servo and pays 40c or more LT so they can use their 4c off docket from Coles. This is why they don't bother to compete, so many people make no effort to support the discounters that give the real value.

      • +1

        The food and drinks at Coles express are not ripoff prices like OTR

        • +3

          Is a can of drink at Shell $15 cheaper?

      • Please don't start this war again. OTR rip off Thier franchisees and Thier workers. They just lost a court case that will cost them a fortune. They deserve all they get.

    • Also Agree.

    • -3

      Otr owned by 1 guy and his brother owns mobil x not naming name's = same family 2 different servos…..

      • +1

        Shahin family (OTR) do not own X-Convenience, and even opposed their construction in multiple locations even forcing the Kosmidas family (X-Convenience) to change the name of their store in at least one location before their expansion in the last few years.

      • +1

        Brother is a doctor. But brother owns smokemart.

  • Looks to be the new one across the road from The Pines/Velodrome

  • Wow, this must be well below cost given excise is 42.3 of those cents

    • +1

      and GST is approx 6c!

      • Forgot bout that!

      • -4

        Businesses don't pay GST.

        • +3

          GST is included in the pump price though..

        • +1

          I dunno why you got negged, coz you are correct. Consumers pay GST, businesses simply collect and pass it on for government

    • -3

      well below cost given excise is 42.3

      What are you talking about, there's 0.17.

  • +1

    What do you think guys, should I drive down to SA for this essential item ?

    • Are the borders even open?

      • By the way they contradict each other, I reckon it is.

      • Yes, just need to quarantine for 14 days after coming here.

        • But Im not sick, the common practice is quarantine the sick, let's the young and healthy catch it and build up immunity. Why reverse it ???

  • Meh. I'm holding off until it hits 0.250/L

  • Meanwhile diesel is still 139 in my town

  • +2

    91 59.9¢/L
    95 71.9¢/L
    98 81.9¢/L

  • WOW, i hope its the same tomorrow when i drive past

  • +4

    If it stays at that price for the next 10 years, it might make up for SA having the most expensive electricity in the world , for all those years

    • +1

      We'd be better off running heaters and aircons in the car and sleeping there…

  • Paid 89.9 for 98 in NSW 2290 tonight :-)
    Check out Medco Windale servo on Facebook

  • +2

    Thanks OP, managed to snag 26.83L @ 55.9C/L !

  • -1

    quick question??is it safe to store unleaded 95 at home in 10000L tank or is it possible to buy that in that much quantity?? i mean it wont get spoiled after few weeks? i am planing to use it for my both cars. thanks

    • Many things involved in doing this. One main factor is the legality of it. Fairly sure to store that much fuel you would have to meet certain safety requirements.

      • well to start with i have 10000L heavy duty fiber water tank which i was planing originally to use for rain water. my friend has a flat bed trailer to transport it and i do have a shed as well.i rang my local united pump and guy told me he has no idea if i can legally buy that much fuel.

    • +2

      Tank needs to seal or the high volatiles will evaporate off, 3 months is about the max for a large vented tank, steal Jerry's are good for more than 12 months because they are air tight, plastic not so much. Other than that you need to have many safety features installed to store more than 120 litres legally.

      • +1

        Is this guy trolling? Lol

        • +1

          no not trolling, i am serious. my work involve a lot of driving and history tells us when ever fuel hit so low on price it always hit back twice the normal price.

    • +1

      Probably the same guy who always fills up in front of me……

      Think about what you just asked…

  • The recession has truly hit

  • +4

    You want cheap fuel?

    X gon' give it to ya
    F waiting for you to get it on your own,
    X gon' deliver to ya

  • +1

    Just filled up here for 69.9c unleaded. Diesel is still 79.9

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