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Free Toilet Paper Roll Delivered Free - X1 400 Sheet 2ply Roll @ CheaperDelivered.com


Don't get in line, go online!

To thank everyone for their early support of CheaperDelivered.com (and water aid) and to commemorate the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 we be giving away 1 entirely free toilet paper roll per household to the Ozbargain community!

We will be giving a total of 250 rolls away, as it runs out of stock we will re-fill it until we reach 250.

Moreover, despite paying higher supply costs, we are lowering our toilet paper subscriptions by 5% or more.

If you want to check out our range please see cheaperdelivered.com, we also supply amazing razors, washing powders and masks at prices cheaper than our competitors and delivered. Don't forget to like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cheaperdelivered/

Thank you all for your amazing support, let's continue to grow into the future. Please like us on face

Please note if anyone has any outstanding orders/issues to please PM us on Facebook as we can't respond as effectively on Ozbargain, you can also call our number on the website if you don't have Facebook.

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    • I received mine too today. I guess I am one of the lucky one who doesn't need to pay extra for the postage.

  • +2

    Free toilet paper costs $9.80 to pick up from AusPost. Not only that, but I recall seeing other people's shipping info on the site when the offer was still going. Toilet paper was not free and website had privacy breaches.

  • +2

    Charged $9.80 for shipping also, neg.

    • Hang on, do you mean that Auspost has a delivery slip for you to pick up and to pay $9.80 ? So they are not delivering it until we pay ? Why they wouldn't do that when it is shipped or return to sender ?

      • +2

        That’s correct, and no return address was provided.

        • +1

          Wow, what a scam this mob !

  • +5

    Can we vote to have this company banned from ozbargain due to this debacle

  • Can confirm I also received a slip to pay $9.80 extra shipping. What a dodgy company. Under charging shipping, dodgy website, so long to post this out. Ill pounce on any deals this seller posts on here redirecting to this deal.

    Should be banned. Crooks.

  • -1

    Received my roll today. Wrapped using a sheet of A4 "recycled" paper. No extra postage was required (and it only costed them 65c to send). Thanks cheaper delivered.com

  • +1

    Got a $9.80 aus post pick up slip for this 1 week ago. Got an email from this company today saying that it’s been delivered for free. Not happy!

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