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[VIC, WA] Whirlpool 65cm Induction Cooktop $249 Pickup Only @ The Good Guys


It's back, or never went away. Seems they found a bunch more of the 3-zone model.
But such a popular deal and long time gap, worth reposting to front page. SMC653FBTIXL
No delivery, but available for pickup:

VIC: Brighton, Nunawading, Taylors Lake
WA: Malaga, Cannington O'Conner.
NSW: none
QLD: none

See previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/524425 from March (page closed)

"This black Whirlpool induction cooktop has 3 cooking zones, so you can relax knowing you have cooking zone options. It has 18 power levels. Also, the black Whirlpool SMC653FBTIXL's automatic pan recognition lets you feel safer knowing the stove is only on when a pan is present. Heat foods fast with its Power Boost. The Whirlpool induction cooktop has a timer and comes with a child safety lock and has residual heat indicators. Plus, it has a 650mm width, a 52mm height, and a 510mm depth. The induction cooktop has electronic touch controls, so you can adjust the temperature with great precision. Cook food efficiently with this Whirlpool induction cooktop."

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Just called and no stock in Sydney 😒

  • Edit: Nevermind.

  • 3 cooking zones? That's weird. I've only ever seen 4 zone ones.

    • There's also a 4 zone and an 8 zone model product # SMP658CNEIXL. In the last deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/524425 got one of the 8 zone models for $249, the deal was pick up only which required a drive to Canberra 2 hours from me. Then when COVID-19 lockdown started they re-assessed and said that they would deliver for $25 which was a real good deal. It took 3 weeks, one email and a few phone calls to chase it up but eventually got it delivered, and they forgot to charge $25 special delivery in a truck to my door. OzBargainers rule!

    • On a 60cm cooktop 3 zones is probably more useful than 4 for most of us. YMMV

  • I bought the 8 zone from previous deal, very happy with it. Worth noting you will mpst likely need a 32amp circuit if dedicated or 40 amp if shared with your oven. Having to upgrade the circuit would negate any savings.

    • You can select the max power when you first install it though (lowest is 2.5kw or basically 10amps). But if you are going induction a 6mm wire / 32amp will give you full power.

  • Always been available in Vic. I got the 8 version. I'm in SA and the TGG over there were great. They offered to independently courier it to me for $15 (all stores in SA are pickup only). Then applied a promo code and it was $235 delivered.
    As for the cooktop itself. It's ok. Fancy features are a little clumsy with my fat fingers. Being able to join 2 zones as 1 has been good for big cook ups. The 3,4 or 8 will ultimately all do the same thing.

  • I bought 1 of these in the original deal for $349 iirc, haven't looked back, especially cooking with all my 'Lodge' pans, lol..

  • Bought two 8 zones a few weeks back, we're about to build two townhouses, seemed like a great idea at the time, drove to Gippsland to get 'em too.

    Our builder won't use them, reckons they're too small for the market we're hoping to sell or rent into. Insists on 90cm cooktops, which will cost a minimum $1500 each. Wife is in lockstep with the builder, so brownie points are lost.

    A shout out to anyone else buying them for a future build.

    • My plan is to have this, plus 2-burner gas cooktop nearby (9kg cylinder outside), best of both worlds.

      Not sure your builder or wife would approve though.
      Is there enough bench space for two matching 65cm cooktops in the one townhouse? The trend these days seems to be to have at least 4 ovens, so why not two cooktops?

  • Nice thought - thank you, 130cm of cooktops is an interesting suggestion. These are going to be smallish kitchens so probably not. (but will check the plans)

    Another suggestion was to put them into the benchtop in the adjacent pantries but the cost of additional wiring and exhaust was too much to consider.