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Bonus Beats Solo3 and $500 Discount When Purchase iPhone over $500 Outright and Sign up to $65 Optus Plan 24M @ Harvey Norman


Went to Harvey Norman today and saw this deal for buying an iPhone over $500 and signing up to Optus $65 plan for 24months but you get a Beats solo 3 plus $500 off.

Can anyone share any light if you cancel plan after purchasing the phone. It would make this deal quite good.


Beats Headphones Gift With Purchase Offer:
Offer available until stocks last. Customers who (a) purchase an Apple mobile device outright in store at Harvey Norman, Domayne or Joyce Mayne and, at the same time, (b) sign up to a new $65 My Plan Plus 24-month SIM only plan (min cost $1,560), $45 My Plan Plus 24-month SIM only plan (min cost $1,080) or $45 My Plan Plus 12-month SIM only plan (min cost $540), will be eligible to receive a bonus Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones in Matte Black. Offer excludes Apple tablets and watches. Max 5 per customer. Not available with any other offers, unless specified. Excludes recontracts, rate plan changes, TechFund and Fleet customers. Plan cancellation fees apply.

Opt for 12 month plan - $400 off:
$65pm for 12months with 60gb data, unlimited national calls and text and $400 off a phone seems like a better deal than this.


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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • It says min. cost $1560, so assume you won't be able to cancel like with Vodafone?
    Although I guess it can still be a good deal.

    • Solo3's are $279 at JB, add the $500 discount you can go through a huge amount of hassle to spend a dollar extra! Bargain!

  • Waiting for the iPhone 12.

  • Beats is so 2013

    • Majority of beats products pre-apple buying and to a degree post is trash except for the beats solo pro and powerbeats pro

      • There all overpriced and overrated. Shame it wasn't Sony, jbl or Sennheiser.

      • The solo pro get compared with the XM3 and QC35 a lot. They aren’t as quite as good as those for an ANC and sound, obviously, as they are over ears when the solo pros are on ears.
        For on ear headphones they seem to be impressive going by the reviews, and if you want on ear headphones, probably the pick.
        And if you were in Apple world the extra connectivity features would seal the deal.

        Anyway, this deal is for solo 3s, which are not in the same ball park.

  • HN wants to copy Jbhifi & Telstra deal, but Optus sucks they only have 24 months contract.

    • Why the negs, seems valid, I haven't seen a phone deal from Optus that is better than Telstra recently

  • Want me to be locked to 24m contract?


    Offer me same deal as what was offered in 2018
    1. 200G data unlimited calls ( local and jnternational)
    2. 110-138 per month ( iPhone 11 Pro Max + plan)
    3. 2G roaming data + unlimited calls

    I will sign two phones haha

    • Did exactly the same thing with xs max + $100 a month plan in December 2018. Was good, didnt need to pay for home internet with that. Worked out to $105/month with student discount applied after the fact, even cheaper with the gift card

      • Wow $100 for a monthly phone plan. You students are rich!

        • If you sell the phone u will find that the plan itself only costs $30-40 per month, and you get 200G data n calls n texts

          • @pzhon: No the phone costs you $110-138/mth as per OP; you've just taken an interest free line of credit with a telco, and have to pay them back each month in handset fees.

            I would think the average student with a $1000+ windfall probably isn't keeping that aside for lowering their monthly phone bill, which makes the whole idea pretty dubious imho, but strokes for folks.

      • That’s exactly what I did. My contract is soon due to finish, looking for a similar deal.

        The plans currently on Optus are jokes. I would rather buy a phone outright and have a monthly sim service with other carrier. Eg amaysim, my colleague has 100 G data plus unlimited international calls n texts for only 30/month

  • Can anyone shed some light if you need to port in or existing members can take advantage.

  • It seems this offer is not available to people who are already with optus. If needs to be. New service. We are with optus and our 24 month contract expires at the end of may. Pity as it wound have worked well. We want to get the iPhone xs which optus still offer.

  • How does Optus network compare with Telstra these days? Thinking about SE - don’t think it has 5G capability so assuming 4G

  • The last time I was with Optus, I got an iPhone 8 256gb near launch for $69/m with 30gb data and 300m international on a 2 year plan with no upfront payment and a $200 HN gift card. Now that was a sweet deal. Do that again.

  • So would this be $1560 (24month plan) + $1230 (Iphone 11 125gb for example) - $500 + free Headphones?

  • $65pm for 12months with 60gb data, unlimited national calls and text and $400 off a phone seems like a better deal than this.


    • Yes but this plan is OK for existing optus customers but the displayed one at the top is not applicable to existing optus customers. Only new ones and port in customers.

  • Isn't Beat headphone known for putting in fake weight into their headphone to make people thinks its the real deal?

  • Plenty of anecdotal chat regarding porting out and then in for Telsra/JB deals. Anyone have recent experience with Optus? Currently out of contract with Optus and want to take up this offer.