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[VIC] India Gate Exotic Basmati Rice 5kg $10 @ Woolworths, The Glen


Listed as $16 per bag but on scan gets $10 after $6 promo discount.

Not sure if nation wide but working for sure at The Glen woolworths.

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  • Is this good basmati?

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      India gate is pretty good.

      I haven't tried the exotic

      Coles have it for $20.

      I would buy a few at this price tbh

      (Go through at least 5kg/month)

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        This one is not good rice , I wouldn’t recommend if anyone looking for true basmati rice

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      not really. its ok. india gate classic is the best one

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      they are fine, try Falak Basmati its better.

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      There are different varieties of Basmati. This one is everyday use. It will be nowhere close to India Gate Classic (Brown colour pack) or India Gate Premium (blue and white pack). It would still be a lot better than those generic basmati packs stocked by Woolworths and Coles (many times in cloth bag).

      • Seems like you know quite a bit. How about the Golden Sella variety? What are the differences in taste profile if you don't mind me asking?

        Switching to eat basmati rice for the lower GIs, but quite interested and keen to explore!

    • Exotic is the rice you use to make biryani, the grains are longer than Feast Rozzana (your everyday basmati). Definitely what you should use for biryani, pulao or pilaf but I prefer Feast Rozzana for eating with curries. This is really personal preference. Good price, usually this rice is $11 at my regular Indian groceries.

      I've you've never cooked basmati before, make sure you soak them in water for at least an hour (I sometimes do overnight) before you cook them. I don't know about 'true basmati', India has so many rice varieties I haven't tried them all. From time to time I find Indians from different states in India using different rice and we have a 'rice swap'.

      Sella rice are parboiled rice, so they cook faster.

  • OP, did you know about this $6 discount before you went to pay? Is there a way to ascertain the price without going to the till? Thanks

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    No where near classic…..

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    Shop around. Local Indian/Afghan Supermarkets generally have India Gate for $10 5kg everyday.
    If in SA, head out Kilburn, Pooraka and Salisbury way for best value.

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      my local indian supermarkets often have it price $15-18 for classic. (In Sydknee)

      • Damn, rip off city! Basmati is floating between $9-15 here with larger discounts for multiple purchases

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          That's trash Basmati not India Gate Classic, which is $60 or more even for a 20kg bag in Costco

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            @regenade: Trashmati?

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        Where? I'm paying $25+ for IG classic nowadays :(

        • costco has it for $12 i think

        • sorry i get IG premium.

          Will see if my local Indian grocery has classic
          If it does will let you know how much!

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      Which stores in particular? I also find veg from Salisbury good bad very quickly, but it's cheap. Any recommendations for good value veg also?

  • Love these but found live maggots in one of my bags, be sure to check after you wash rice!

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      not like woollies to give anything away…

  • I read on a Costco page some people saying this wasn’t good. Others said it had to be soaked. Some questioned if it was plastic lol

    • Where is this Costco page you speak of?

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      That's a big claim. Source?
      I know there have been somw popular you tube bloggers made some videos about plastic rice- made in China, are you sure you not referring to them?
      Costco and this rice company are both huge to make this irresponsible move.

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        This is the lowest grade of basmati. Similar to those generic brands priced around $14/5kg, up recently from $11/5kg.

        It is still product of India though. You'll find many are a strain of basmati or modified through selective breeding for more yield.

        Mostly I can't tell the difference but my parents can so they buy other rice. Lal Qilla if I recall

      • It wasn’t my claim it was a comment on a private page as a joke in response to people saying it tasted wrong etc.

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      Turns out the synthetic rice thing is indeed false.

      But fake eggs are apparently a real thing in some parts of the world. Enjoy that next takeaway omelette!

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    IndiaGate Classic anytime. Its pricey but is the best.
    But if I have to buy a low price basmati than would prefer Woolworth's homebrand basmati rather than IndiaGate Exotic.

  • Hi all, any recommendations on where to buy Basmati rice other than the big supermarkets? I found that most ASian groceries only have Jasmine rice. I generally found that Asian groceries are selling rice cheaper than the big supermarkets. I am based in Sydney. Thank you!

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      You want an Indian grocer (basmati is mostly grown in India and Pakistan).

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      In terms of quality of rice nothing beats India Gate Classic and second place is India Gate Premium. They do however comes at a premium price range. Nearly all Indian Grocery stores will have these.

      Some other brands are decent as well like Lal Quila and Daawat. Pricing in Indian store will be indicator of the quality.

      • Thank you very much for the info. I will look it up

  • Just price checked at Woolies Newton (SA), price is $16 as per shelf label :-(

  • Went to the Glen and bought one pack for myself, can confirm the price is still $16, not $10. The Colonial Fresh next door had the exact same 5kg pack for $14.99.

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