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Free Satellite NBN Internet in Non-Metro/Rural Areas for Families Doing it Tough @ IPSTAR Broadband


Very similar to the Superloop deal. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Sydney company IPSTAR Broadband has announced it would give away free NBN via satellite to families in non-metropolitan areas that are doing it tough. Families that are receiving the government's Family Tax Benefit A or B may access the IPSTAR's Sky Muster Plus plan for free-of-charge, including installation. The service, delivered via NBN satellites, allows 10GB per month for video streaming and VPN access - but all other activities are unmetered.

* Have a member of the household receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A or Part B;
* Have a school-age child living at your address;
* Be at an address covered by IPSTAR's satellite network; and
* Not currently be connected at your address.

Application form here.

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  • Families that are receiving the government's Family Tax Benefit A or B

    Isn't that based on annual family income?

    Potentially lots of people that lost their jobs in March may not qualify for these payments.

    • Just based on taxable income…which may or may not include income support payments.

      • Just based on taxable incomeā€¦

        That's what I thought.

        Potentially there are lots of families with both parents being unemployed for the last couple of months that do not qualify for this, yet other parents that are working can get this.

        It doesn't seem very fair.

        • Various income support payments like Jobseeker are considered taxable income.

  • Just curious, how is the speed of Satellite NBN?

    • +1

      I think transfer speed is OK but it has fairly poor latency.

    • +3

      Speed is okay. It is the latency that makes it a poor experience. The SkyMuster satellites are sitting in a geostationary orbit 35,000km high, which means latency is 300ms.

      SpaceX Starlink will solve the latency problem as satellites are in low earth orbit and will have a latency of under 30ms. Beta testing in North America is scheduled for November 2020. 422 satellites have been launched with the next launch of sixty satellites scheduled for 18-May.

  • Pretty Genrous offer, thanks TA.
    I'm sure students will get use out of it.
    I know how hard it could be for telcos to fix some fixed line connections. The technicians sometimes travel hours one way for a single customer. Hopefully Skymusters are bringing some relief

    • And then do a shit job and the customer has to wait another month for another appointment after spending 2 hours on hold and told to restart/reset everything in their house. It is a nightmare for some rural regions.

      • I agree but you also got to look at what it costs companies, at times more than what one would pay for a year for one visit in some cases. I can tell they are paying you to have service. I heard once the tech had to travel 300k one way

        • Nbn pay for tech visits not ISP so essentially our tax money wasted on those bandaid repairs that need to be attended periodically.

  • Pretty good deal if you are married and a parent is staying home with a depended. I was making $100k and the wife was on a family tax benefit for choosing to stay home with our kid.

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