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Extra 10% off In-Store & Online @ Chemist Warehouse & My Chemist


May Day Sale - 2 Days Only
No voucher required. In-Store and Online.

Excludes prescriptions, pharmacists only medication, baby formula, any multibuy promotions & gift cards.

My Chemist also doing the May Day Sale. Also 10% off.


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    Thanks for posting!

    Now only if CashRewards can sweeten it further by increasing the cashback rate as part of its birthday special… XD

  • Any recommendations for the depression pill?
    This COVID-19 situation is decaying my mental health a lot.. really a lot

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      Victor Frankl, Auschwitz survivor: “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.”
      Before you start looking for pills, find a good doctor. Take care.

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        Thank you for your advice. I know I have to go see a doctor, but I asked because it was difficult to go see a doctor right now because of the specificity of my work and my situation.

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          Just a reminder, telehelp is a thing - so you can get all the support you need from a phone call rather than an actual appointment :)
          If you need further help as to where you can find support you can PM me.

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            @pennypincher98: No worries. I will call to telehelp tomorrow. Thanks for your concern. I really appreciate it.

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          The GP will be able to refer you also for 6 bulk billed counselling/psychology sessions which may help a lot. Also in addition to medication, counselling, or whatever route you take, I find a habit of feeding yourself good media is also helpful. Youtube, books, music, research. It's often a matter of finding the right tools that work for you to manage/relieve depression/anxiety. I find a mixture works. PM me if you want any ideas. I'm a long term sufferer, recovered alcoholic after rehab and now studying my degree, but definitely do not know everything, just what seems to work for me to keep treading water.

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            @dmbminaret: I believe its 6 and the psychologist can write a recommendation for an extra 4 sessions if required. So all up 10 bulkbilled sessions are possible per year

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            @dmbminaret: Unfortunately psychology is very rarely bulk billed. The MHCP entitles you to a rebate but doesn't fully cover the cost, even with a low income health care card. I was advised by my GP to see a psychologist at the start of the year but haven't done so because all the ones my GP wrote down have a gap of over $100. From what I can tell, this is quite standard.

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        I've seen enough depressed people to tell you most don't choose to be where they are. Bad cases of depression do actually take away that choice. It's not a case of willing yourself out of depression.

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          Frankl certainly didn’t choose a concentration camp. My use of that quote was not intended as a ‘cheer up and put on a happy face’ solution; I suspect you can no more will yourself out of a depression than Frankl could have willed himself out of a concentration camp. My take: Whether our struggle is the black dog or imprisonment, if we have free will, we can decide the attitude we bring to our struggle. Sorry for the confusion.

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      Any recommendations for the depression pill?

      If you want to try over-the-counter supplements with powerful anti-depressant effects then you can try St Johns Wort or Tryptophan.

      The warning is that these supplements are really powerful. So powerful that if someone is taking actual anti-depressants then they have to avoid taking St Johns Wort or Tryptophan, otherwise it can cause an overdose of Serotonin with nasty & dangerous side effects. (Google 'Serotonin syndrome'.)

      So, do your own thorough research before taking them. (Examine.com & Reddit are good resources. You can try the Reddit group r/depressionregimens as a starting point & search for St Johns Wort and/or Tryptophan)

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        Don't go recommending St John's wort to people.

        It has several serious negative interactions with blood pressure medicines, antipsychotics, and most pertinently - anti viral drugs.


        Do not start taking this snake oil if you are on any medications, you may get very sick.

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      The only persons advice that you should really listen to is your GPs. As stated by others use the telehealth function if you don't want to go in to see your GP in person. headspace and lifeline offer trained counselors to assist if you need someone to talk issues through and they can also provide recommendations for next steps.

      Mental health is a huge issue at the moment and know that there are a lot of people {including myself} struggling like you in various circumstances.

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      Exercise and healthy sleep routines.

    • Move to Darwin, free to go about your daily business up there. Might help with your current mental state

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      Listen to what others have already stated and get help from your GP.

      There won’t be a pill to fix it but a GP can give you strategies. Most people are having a bad case of adjustment disorder right now (and fair enough).

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    Hi Team
    Bought 2 perfumes yesterday one for my Mum and one for the wife (1yr olds mum). A day early! It would be great to take advantage of this sale. Buy again and return? Or call and ask nicely for them to consider honouring the new pricing??
    Might need to read this again in the morning but policy suggests I cant return ..I think. Thanks for the help and of course the post. https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/aboutus/returnspolicy

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      You wont be able to return perfumes at Chemist Warehouse.

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    I've noticed amazon have matched some of the chemist warehouse may day sale prices, worth a look if you have prime, or only want to spend $39, and the items are also available on amazon.

  • Combine with MyChemist free shipping for >$20 spend?

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    Murphys law - I just spent over $100 at CW yesterday :(

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    Famidoc Touch-less Forehead Infrared Thermometer is finally in stock again $98.99 with free delivery!

  • Swisse kids vitamin range $9.99

  • Last time they did one of these i remember they price jacked 90% of their items.

    Anyone know if this is the case?

    • I wouldn’t say so. May have been applied after a catalogue finished up though.

  • Stocked up on protein, 3kg for $63 delivered!

    • +1

      I checked inc sports WPI and there's no discount in the cart and the 2kg is $75, no deal.

      Better to wait for their half price rrp sale, for some items.

  • can't find microshield handwash anywhere. out of stock nationally. ebay has some but price is double or more

  • Nice! Thanks OP - spent almost $200 when I didn't really need to. It's worth checking Amazon though for some items (e.g. fragrances) as it appears they're price matching some lines, so can get extra cashback (and free delivery with Prime) if purchasing through them instead.

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    Wow, a lot of love for just 10% off.

    • Cause some things are on sale and combined with 10%, you can get a pretty nice discount.

  • Excellent! OP!

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    just lost one coffee…spent 50 bucks yesterday…

  • Hey, what was the code for free shipping above $20 ?
    started with FS iirc

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      FS7824, but it only currently works on mychemist
      (it was originally for CW though)

      • Thanks

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