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[NSW] Cooked Lobster (Min 350g) $22.99 + Delivery (Free over $100) @ Harris Farm


Similar to last time ( - just $1 more. Still a healthy discount!

$22.99 for half a cooked lobster, which is $65.96/kg down from $114.52/ kg

From the website:
Product of Tristan Island

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    I don't like these cooked on as they haven't release the stuff inside first.

  • Sucks no delivery to Tas

    • But why? Tasmanian lobsters are the best!

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        Ive been waiting for some good blue fin tuna

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    Tristan da Cunha (/ˌtrɪstən də ˈkuːn(j)ə/), colloquially Tristan, is a remote group of volcanic islands in the south Atlantic Ocean which includes Gough Island. It is the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, lying approximately 1,511 miles (2,432 km) off the coast of Cape Town in South Africa, 1,343 miles (2,161 km) from Saint Helena and 2,166 miles (3,486 km) off the coast of the Falkland Islands.

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    Don't we have a massive abundance of crayfish here (with this covid mess)? Why are we IMPORTING the stuff?

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      Like Universities and other stuff (like beef? property?) the industry has become one where they need or they are just greedily addicted to wealthy overseas buyers who can pay more than local Aussies.

      • Oh that's interesting! And dumb. Crazy high license leasing prices are stupid. Cheers for that info.

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    Heaps of talk about cheap lobster since covid can’t seem to actually find any anywhere

    • Go to eastwood, you can find it

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        Where in Eastwood?

    • So true

    • You gotta do a couple of seảch on marketplace and it will pop up some relevant classifieds every now and then. Seen some uncooked fresh lobster going around $55kg/kg in Melbourne lately,also wagyu on the cheap too. And sometimes you need to be able to speak the language too.

      • Hi, any tips for finding those prices in Melb? TIA.

        • Try typing lobster in the search box on Facebook marketplace, you gotta be multilingual though

        • They way the media portray it there should be half price lobster everywhere since it’s not going to China . All the supplies crying about losing money and yet you have to scrawl through Facebook?

          • @blackwalnut: Lol, if you believe in what the media say then you'd be better wait until melba restaurant reopen and take a Wednesday off to enjoy for yourself. I could've made the post about such deals but because the way most 'black market' operate it's kind of inaccessible to most and will disappoint a lot of people. there are some risks involved too (you can get a banana deal from those easily).

      • Where in Melbourne for $55 / kg ?

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    The price for half is still ridiculously expensive ! And yes, nothing like uncooked lobster.

  • Why is it always cooked?

    • You can keep cooked lobster longer than raw lobster which is why they usually cook it.

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    Any QLD sellers?

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      Qlders asking for lobster? Just drop by the fish market in Townsville or Cairns, there should be plenty.

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        I live in Brisbane

        • So that means you can't travel 800km for lobster?
          Mustn't want it very bad then.

          Kids today.

        • I heard you can get your hand muddy to get some crab instead, they've recently loosened the criteria for crab catching in qld. To be honest I'll take a mud crab over lobster anyday after trying both, but sometimes you've got to to see it to believe

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    Thanks OP! I enjoyed the lobster for dinner!

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