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Dodo $5/Month Sim Only Plan (No Contract) - Unlimited National Calls/Sms + International Text (No Data)


Dodo uses Optus.
$5 a month will give you unlimited calls/sms. It also includes international sms.
No data, but $10 gets you 2gb.
It might suit people that have dual sim phones (I will use in my iPhone, with an esim that gives me data)

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  • There are better deals around with data if you're willing to port a few times a year.

    • Like catch, kogan which gives 20GB per month for $5

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        You are spot, but if people don’t need the data it’s the cheapest deal around without the need to constantly port

        • Yep, need to keep tags to order new sims and port every 3 months, it can be a nightmare if something goes wrong in porting process specially in current situation with limited customer service available in some operators.

          • @bazingaa: Also you might be setting it up for someone else - having to maintain the plan can be a pain.

            If my parents didn't use data I would definitely consider this plan, but unfortunately they need it to send junk mail to all their friends and relatives.

        • Hi do you have a web link to this deal? Cheers Thanks 🤑🤪😬👍

      • 40GB, not 20GB.

        • I use 60GB for 90days sims for $15 like https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/512372

          • @bazingaa: Which occasionally has like $10 cashback and always $5. Makes for a cheap 3 months.

          • @bazingaa: Oh I get it now LOL. I thought you made a typo and were referring to this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/515083 which is $4.90 - $3.50 cashback = $1.40 for 40GB.

            But I think I beat you. :-)

            I use:

            • The As You Go Amaysim plan for incoming calls (costs $10 per 365 days to keep it active, or $0.83 per month).
            • Kogan or Catchconnect $4.90 40GB SIMs ($4.90 - $3.50 = $1.40 each).
            • The Kogan/Catchconnect SIMs with no data left for outgoing calls ($0.00).
            • And I use about 60GB per month (or 1.5x 40GB SIMs).

            So that's $0.83 + $1.40 = $2.23 per month total for 60GB internet, outgoing calls, and a permanent number for incoming calls.

            Edit- Oh and I think you get $10 Amaysim credit if you refer one person. So if you refer one person per year you can subtract the $0.83 per month too.

            • @Faulty P xel: How do you deal with your outbound caller ID changing when you change SIM? A lot of people, me included, generally only answer calls from numbers they know these days and, if I understand you correctly, you're changing your number with each SIM swap?

              • @kale chips suck: Yeah I just take the new number that comes with the SIM. The Amaysim number is the permanent one for incoming calls. And I mainly call things like businesses, government, etc who don't screen calls. But if I want to phone someone who ignores unknown numbers I just sent them a text first: "It's Abcd on a new SIM. I'm about to call you."

                • @Faulty P xel: Also do the same.
                  Hasn't been a problem in over 6 years of doing this. Friends are used to me doing this. Others don't realise I'm changing numbers frequently.

                • @Faulty P xel: So I had some time tonight and did some messing around on the callerID thing and thought I'd post what I found here as it might be of use to you.

                  I figured out how to use any SIM and have your CallerID set to the your number. I realise you won't need this often, but it might be of use every now and then.

                  Anyway, get a free account at crazytel.com.au. They are a Voice over IP provider. Calls are either untimed or timed, depending on the account type you go for when signing up, but it's 5c/minute for to mobile on all plans. Anyway, go to "Sip Trunks" and create a trunk. Default settings are fine. Set your caller ID to your "amaysim" number. There is an automated process to confirm you own this number - they call it and a robot voice gives you a code which you enter into the web interface.

                  On your phone, install a softphone app - I went with Zoiper, free version. Set it to match the details in you crazytel account. Connect.

                  When you need to call someone who will only answer on your "real" number, call them from the app. It'll use data but route through crazytel and appear as your actual number. Yell at them for only answering your real number.

                  All of this assumes a dual SIM phone, btw.

                  One question you might be able to help with; have you had any pushback from Kogan / catchconnect about the number of cards you've ordered??

                  • @kale chips suck: Thanks for that. :-)

                    Nope to any whining from them apart from…

                    • The Catch site recently refused to sell me a 5th or 6th SIM (6th one I think). So I just added a dot to my gmail address. For example [email protected] becomes [email protected]

                    • At some point the Kogan site says "provide different payment method" if you try to activate too many SIMs in the same month using the same credit card. So you just pay for the next few using a different credit card. That resets a month later. That is, if you activate a few SIMS using credit card 1, the site requests another payment method, so you use card 2, a month later card 1 can be used again.

                  • @kale chips suck: Hi if someone calls your usual amaysim number goes it go to your amaysim sim or both your sip app

    • Had a nightmare once porting to telstra prepaid. Online didn't let me and customer care didn't port with the same number. It took 3 more days and and few more calls to get it done. Not always a pleasent experience.

  • This might be good for older people who don't use data but use the phone.

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    Sounds like a good deal for an oldie who doesnt use the internet

  • This deal is also great for GPS tracking devices. Cheaper than any alternative if you update your location more frequently than 5 times a day (at 4c an sms).
    Thanks for the post OP

    • I"m curious to know about this. I didn't know you could use sms to do gps tracking? How do you use/do that?

      I use offline maps, but to use GPS, it always - ALWAYS - wants a data connection. I don't need live tracking for it, just a 'where the hell am I on this map' function..

      • +2 votes

        If your GPS always wants a data connection, something is wrong. Having a data connection means you'll get a position much faster, as the internet gives an approximate location, and your GPS can download the orbital parameters for the satellites much faster than receiving them directly from the satellites. But a modern GPS receiver should be able to give you a position within 2 minutes without any data connection.

        Does your mapping application have ads? Perhaps it wants a data connection for those.

    • Cheaper than any alternative if you update your location more frequently than 5 times a day (at 4c an sms)

      If your tracker can use data, Lebara's $10 "PAYG" plan has 365 days expiry (but it's listed with the 30-day plans), and data is really cheap - the CIS says "Data charged at $0.02/MB. Charged in KB increments."


      Thanks to Kururii for the info about the Lebara plan: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8691725/redir

  • No MMS, wtf?

    • MMS requires Data to work, would be more attractive for elderly, kids with no data requirement (lol), or ppl with separate data sim.

      • MMS requires Data to work

        Doesn't necessarily require mobile data.

        I just did a test, with mobile data turned off, and connected to the internet through home WiFi. I asked my partner to send me a photo MMS, and it came through correctly.

        My phone plan is through an Optus MVNO, connected via 3G (but data turned off). Ancient version of Android (KitKat).

        Dodo not providing MMS is just attempting to get you to pay more. Looks like they want to offer a $5 plan, while forcing almost everyone to be $10/month or more.

        • Requires data, not specifically Mobile data. WiFi = Data. Just getting it from a different source, if you disable both the Mobile data and your WiFi you won't get the MMS.

          • @BigAntz: The point is that although you should be able to receive MMS through WiFi, Dodo apparently won't let you, unless you pay extra to be on a data plan. It looks like Dodo have deliberately crippled this plan, to encourage users to buy add-on packs. Which then makes Dodo uncompetitive when compared with many other carriers at $10/month or $10/28days.

            • @Russ: I see your point now, I explained it because you wrote Mobile data, and explained it with WiFI where @pone simply wrote data.

              In saying that, could you not use say an Optus or other carrier's APN settings with WiFi?

              • @BigAntz:

                could you not use say an Optus or other carrier's APN settings with WiFi?

                That's a confusing question - APN has nothing to do with WiFi. APN is a communication between your phone/modem and your telco, telling the telco which "data plan" to use. It can't be sent over WiFi.

                • @Russ: I'm pretty sure that you still need the MMS APN so that the WiFi connection can connect to the MMS Server, else nothing will happen as it won't know where to go. Seeing that it's on the Optus Network, you could try the Optus settings (Optus Guide) they might need some tweaking to get working. This Link shows the settings without the authentication and other details, that might work.

                  If it doesn't work, you could always use an app like Signal/Telegram/WhatsApp/Fb Messenger, etc. to get picture messages over WiFi. Admittedly both users need the app for this to work.

    • MMS can be added for only $5/mth if you want

  • it used to give you one gig

  • Who do you get data through with esim?

    • I signed up for the iPad Air 3 via Optus. The esim gives me 25gb a month. I don’t know if I will have always this arrangement as I use much less data, but suits me for now.

      • Ah ok, so just trying to utilize what you're paying for elsewhere rather than doing it this way because it's cheaper. I've been looking for a cheap esim with at least 20gb of data but the cheapest out there is Optus. Might as well pay the extra $10 and get 100gb with Amaysim

  • I'm going to use this to swap out my kids' sim cards. Then sit back with popcorn and watch the show as they realise they no longer have data…. Hahahaha…. Might inspire them to get a job and pay for their own phones instead of bank of Dad.

  • Are there any Data-only sims? even the cheapest ones I can find are $10 bundled with unlimited calls/texts.

  • Got this a few months ago as it's the perfect plan for my grandmother who does not want data.

  • whats the cheapest with international calls? dont care about data

  • Great for 3G Alarms

  • Is there a e-sim prepaid or low monthly plan?

    I have an IPhone 11, got my work SIM card in it, but would like a low monthly esim (or better yet a prepaid esim service)

    Looks like most pre-paid services and low monthly plan services only offer a physical sim.

  • Excellent for people with the KISA phone. Thanks for posting.

    • Depending on your call volume you could also have a look at the Aldi 365 Pay as you go Plan.

      • This. I found the ALDI 365 plan with $15 top up would last for a year (recharge expiry), as it was primarily used for incoming calls rather than outgoing…

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    Good deal for people who don't use internet. But sadly they'll not be able to see it since they don't use the internet.

  • Long running deal , had this from early last year. Not sure why it's being brought up now lol

  • Been $5 for ages. Old news. They should start including at least some data. Guessing this is just another 6 monthly post for the newbs

  • How is dodo service in term of call centre, porting etc

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