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Silhouette Curio Hobby Machine for Crafts (Emboss, Cut, etc various materials) - $299 Delivered (Was $399) @ Craft Online


Great for craft enthusiasts, hobbyists and personalisation. Its basically a printer connected to your computer for materials, a desktop cutting system. Has apps too.

It can cut, etch, emboss, deboss (I'd like to do this at my workplace!) on various materials.

Introduction video for what the device is capable of

Loads of help videos and articles online.
Hope its useful for someone.


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    Looks like a cool machine but there seems to be a lot of upsell items to unlock all the features.

    Need to upgrade the software at a cost to unlock using svg files for example. Downloading designs from their store needs a subscription.


      is there another you would recommend instead?

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        Can't vouch for it but I know my wife is looking at cricut a lot which I think is similar.


        My wife bought a Cricut. She loves it and does some impressive things with it. Some of the attachments seem expensive, but the blades stay sharp for ages. There's a fairly big community around the cricut.


    Similar to robocraft etc ?


    Seems like some good reviews if this is the same unit


    Looks interesting. Good for arts and craft for the kids. Is this a good entry level model?


    Whats a curio?

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    I have the cameo 3 model from this company.

    Ive used it to cut tons of car stickers.

    Paid for itself on eBay selling vinyls very quickly.

    The software does SEEM very upselly, but its fully featured enough from the box.

    Most of the things you THINK you want to do with it, you don't.

    Importing complex cut files is a waste of time, because a home level printer has limited movement accuracy, so your best off letting of auto-scan your JPEG. Gets it 99% right, just tweak any corners or such and hit go.

    The silhouette software is a personal favorite, and I used to work (doing IT) for a sign writer.

    Lots have more features, but this one has 'enough' and just works.

    You'll want some temp spray adhesive to pair with the cutting trays, just FYI :)


      Which adhesive do you recommend?


        Literally any spray adhesive that lists itself as temporary.
        I just get whatever's cheapest, or use a kids gluestick.


          If you want to cut adhesive vinyl go for the cricut


            @opelcalibra: Why? That's all I cut, and I couldn't be happier with my Silhouette. Literally perfect every time.


              @MasterScythe: sorry, saw the spray adhesive comment and thought it didnt cut adhesive vinyl.
              the cricut has pretty sticky mats and havent had to use spray adhesive at all


    is this a good deal or better to get a different version?