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Philips Fabric Shaver $12 @ Bing Lee


With winter coming up, figured to dig out all the of sweaters & found most of them with fabric pills. This helps make them look brand new all over.

Found this to be cheapest so far.

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Bing Lee
Bing Lee

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  • Normal price

    • Normals 13 :)

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      I didn't know that such a thing even existed.
      Must give it a try

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    Kmart has them for this price I think anko brand, work well

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      The kmart ones are rechargeable and come with an extra set of blades too.

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        Do you have a link as I can't find them on the Kmart website.

        • Just checked and couldn't find a link myself. I bought mine from kmart last year. Seems that they don't stock this anymore. A shame actually considering its a great product.

          • @Crapple: Typical the good items get discontinued. Thanks anyway.

    • Do you have a link or name I can search?

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    Use your old shaving razor. Cheap and efficient.

  • I got a cheap version i got from aliexpress a while ago for like $5. What would be advantage of using this one? I think they should all perform kind of like the same.

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      Go back to sleep

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      I’ll buy it for you if you use it as a pubic shaver

  • Would it be any good for removing dog hair?

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      Clippers would probably work better

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        I'm assuming he/she meant dog hair from clothes…

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          I'm assuming I/me was being a smart arse and making a bad dad joke.

  • Thanks OP grabbed one

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    I just get the Daiso one for $2.80. Has worked well for me.

    • Where do you get Daiso from?

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        Daiso is a store. https://mydaiso.com.au/ have a look, there may be a store near you.

        • Thanks. 250km away. No wonder I’ve never heard of it 😊

        • If you have a cat Daiso has some great little cat teasers, they look a bit like a pu$$y Willow. We get a couple of rubber bands and slide the stick between the rubber bands and the scratching post and the cat likes to drag them out then carry it around by the soft bit. We hear The “tick tick” as the stick hits the steps when she drags it up the stairs. It is $2.80 for two of them. Unlike the feather teasers you don’t end up with feathers everywhere when it deteriorates.

    • Second this

    • I was thinking just that. Unless there's something fancy about this one I've seen these at places like Daiso, Kmart and Asian discount shops …

    • Would you know what its called at Daiso? Did a few searches but couldnt find the product on their site.

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    Is the purpose of this just to save time over picking the fabric pills off? Or is it meant to deliver better results in terms of what the garment looks like, relative to just picking the pills off?

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      I think using this is better than picking it off as it removes less of the fibres. I have a similar one that I got from disao

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    These things are amazing! I use it on socks, jumpers, some shirts which pulled a bit, couch.

    I've only had it snag once one some socks as they weren't pulled tight and it made a small hole, so just remember to keep the fabric flat.

  • It's $11 on Good Guys Commercial!

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    Pickup right now from Myer for $12.70

  • oh wow, this great, I used to just use a disposable razorbut this seems much more easier.

    Woudl be good if someone had an Ebay code for extra discount

    • just wait, there are a lot of ebay gurus browsing this forum. It'll come up eventually :)

  • Bargain or not, this is a great product. Highly recommend

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