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TaoTronics BH046 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones $84.24, BH079 TWS True Wireless Earbuds $45.59 Delivered @ Amazon


Free delivery with all of tonight's products.

TaoTronics TT-BH046 Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones Was $109.99 Now $82.49 with Code: LOESVQEQ

Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling utilize both feedforward & feedback dual-mic ANC tech to significantly reduce background noise and contain microphones both inside and outside the cups. Hybrid ANC can suppress noise at a broader range of frequencies, adapt to and correct errors, and is not as sensitive to how the person wears the headset. This all provides better ANC performance to the listener.

Upgraded Active Noise Cancelling Technology: Significantly reduces external low-frequency sound by up to 96%
Rapid Recharge: 2 hours of music with just 5 minutes of charge. Completely recharge in just 45 minutes for 30 hours of music playback
Customizable Comfort: Super soft protein cushions, adjustable headband, 90° rotation axis for comfy all-day wear
Pure Audio Power: Dual large-aperture 40 mm drivers deliver deep and powerful bass for an all-around impressive HD sound quality
Hassle-free Clear Calls: cVc 6.0 noise-cancelling mic for clear hands-free calls
What you get: Carry Case, Airplane adapter, Recharge Cable, 3.5mm Cable & 12 Standard + 18 Month Free Extended Warranty
Check out 500+ reviews on Amazon US & 250+ reviews on Amazon UK

TaoTronics TT-BH079 TWS True-Wireless Earbuds Was $56.99 Now $45.59 with Code: Code Expired

Crystal-Clear Calls: These earbuds makes your voice coherent for crystal-clear calls
40Hr Extra-Long Playtime: Stream Hi-Fi stereo sound consistently for up to 8 hrs on a single full charge
Recharge in case: Pocket-sized charging case extends playtime for a total of up to 40hours
Strong Connection: Wireless earbuds’ built-in premium chipset contains the latest Bluetooth 5. 0 technology
Advanced LDS antenna: For a fast & stable signal transmission with a broader Bluetooth range up to 20m/66ft
User-Friendly Design: Unique role switching tech enables each earbud to connect independently to your device
Ergonomic design: For maximized comfort, fit & stability for all-day wearing.
World-leading Warranty: 12-month standard + 18-months free extended upon registering for a total of 2.5 years
Check out 1,300+ Reviews on Amazon US & 140+ reviews on Amazon UK

TaoTronics TT-EP008 ANC Wired Earphones Was $45.99 Now $34.49 with Code: S672ZJZW

Active Noise Cancelling: Reduce background sounds by up to 30dB
15 Hours of Continuous Audio: Enhanced and boosted with a 140mAh battery
In-ear comfort: With interchangeable ear-buds and hooks for convenience and comfort
Metal Construction: Crafted with machined aluminium alloy that reduces battery consumption;
Full Control: In-line control for volume adjustment, track selection, and play/pause functionality.
Check out 250+ reviews on Amazon US & 1,300+ Reviews on Amazon UK

TaoTronics stands behind their products with a bonus Free Extended Warranty which you activate by registering your product at

SunValley introduced the TaoTronics, VAVA, HooToo, Anjou, Sable and RAVPower brands in 2011 to produce High Quality, Low-Cost consumer electronics, and home products. Since then they have grown to be leading consumer electronics brands with hundreds of products and millions of satisfied customers. You can view their range of available products in SunValley's Official Australian Amazon store.

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  • Which wireless headphone works with Microsoft Teams?

    • +1

      These will (BH046) I have been using it. The trick is to not only have the computer bt connected, but teams as well in the settings when you click on the three dots. Weird but true

      That said I don’t think I would wear them all day, my ears would get hot.

      • +2

        this guy teams

        • +1

          Quite over it TBH and ready to get back in the office.

  • No lights for sale at the moment?

    • +3

      Hi Mate, it's due to low stock levels. As there have been fewer flights coming in from Hong Kong recently this has meant there have been delays in new and replacement stock arriving for SunValley.

      Hopefully, this will be remedied soon.

      If you would like to be informed when there is a new deal for a certain product, please send me a private message with the product you want in the little and I will be happy to let you know.

      • Cheers will do

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Grabbed a pair of the TT-BH079.

  • +4

    TT-BH079 TWS or SoundPEATS Truengine SE?

    • +11


      But I am biased.

    • +1

      Same question

  • +2

    I have bought this (BH046) before in the last sale and it was marvellous when travelling. I was able to sleep very well in the plane when I was travelling and during the summer, the noisy fan was no longer an issue.

    Love it to bits. I feel the music is better with ANC on - therefore it’s always on for me. Sturdy design.

    • I find them very good too for the money. Very happy purchase. I might get the BH-055 if I was buying now though to get BT5. These are BT4.2

  • +1

    The BH046 product page lists the Bluetooth version as 4.2.

    • +5

      You are right, I copied the info from the first post of the BH046 that I made when there was incorrect info on the Amazon post, which was fixed up over a year ago.

      I will submit my self to Scotty for a spanking at the first convenient moment.

      • I'm confused. Are they Bluetooth 5.0 or not and do the 85's have better sound quality.

        • The BH046 has Bluetooth 4.2

          • @xev: Thanks OP, how long before we might see the upgraded version in stock?

          • @xev: I just received the BH046 today, quite impressed with the comfort and quality of the headphones. Have never had BT headphones before, so newbie (and probably dumb question) - in the user manual, it says to hold the power button down for a couple of seconds to turn the headphones on, and to hold it down for 5 seconds to go into pairing mode. Holding down the power button does nothing (no indicator light etc) until around the 5-6 second mark and then there's the "Power On" message immediately followed by "Pairing" - blue indicator light flashes twice and then alternates with red whilst trying to pair. Reviews I've watched seem to indicate these should be two separate functions, but there seems to be no way to turn the headphones on without it instantly going into pairing mode. Is this correct? Note: I'm currently using them mainly for the ANC to block out external noise in our home office, not currently listening to music or using for phone calls etc.

          • @xev: @xev, any chance the BH046 would get updated to USB-C?

        • See my comment below regarding the BH085, if you're thinking of buying them. I wouldn't recommend.

      • Does the rubber have dimples for friction?

  • +1

    Was considering between TT-BH079s and soundpeats TrueShift2. Decided to buy these.

    • What made you decide between these? I'm trying to decide as well. Soundpeats gave me 10% off the TrueShift2

  • +2

    Just ordered a set of the TT-BH079. Thanks for the PM xev.

  • +1

    OP, is BH079 same as SoundLiberty 79?

    • +1

      Yes, they are the same.

  • Does the 079 have background noise cancellation?

    • +5

      They don't have ANC but if you turn them up loud enough that should cancel out background noise.

  • +3

    Got the TT-BH046 for my paps. Should give him a good experience and get us free from his speaker phonecalls ahahah

  • Op, does TT-BH079 provide secure fit while ruuning?

    • +5

      I haven't used them for running but I have used them while out scavenging on the deserted streets of Adelaide for food and other supplies and have had no fear of them falling out.

      My only fear has been 'do I have enough rolls of toilet paper?'

      • Any deals on Bluetooth car kit???

  • do these work with Zoom and Teams on Desktop

  • Hey Xev, I got a TT-BH053 and I was very happy about it in general, except when I make a phone call, it's not stable, especially when I use it outdoor, it's not usable. Is it normal? Does it design purely for music and not for phone calls?

    • Send an email through to [email protected] and they should help you troubleshoot.

      Any further issues, send me a private message and I will speak directly to the Rep for you.

  • call quality on BH079 TWS True Wireless Earbuds?

    • I tested mine(just arrived) on approve call am other person said they couldn't tell i want just using my phone. I am very happy with them

  • Bought 046….

  • Is TT-BH046 better than TT-BH085? I just bought the BH085 and the earcups are bit tight.

    • I have the same question. I bought the TT-BH085 in the last sale. I wonder how much better the noise cancellation is on the TT-BH046 and whether I should return and buy the other one. Has anyone tried to use the TT-BH085 on the plane? Does it completely block out the engine noise?

    • I bought the BH085 from the last deal too and I'm really disappointed with them. I also have a pair of BH060 which I think are great (especially for the money) but the BH085 feel very cheap in comparison, and they give me a headache after only an hour or two of wearing them. I wouldn't recommend them.

      • +1

        I thought the BH085 are lighter and have less clamp force than the BH060?

        • The ear cups are closer together on the BH085 and they feel tighter on the head.

  • Damn I just bought the BH079 buds yesterday, and can’t cancel it now :(

    • You might be able to cancel if you get onto live chat with Amazon. They offered it to me last time.

      • Na it’s ok, I ordered another pair for my dad.

  • very happy with my BH046. Use them most days. Just need to make sure you turn of ANC before you put them down. Otherwise it kills the batteries.

    On fifo flights i use the earbuds instead (due to their size, and ears are less hot)

  • BH046 are the top of the range? I wanna buy some, but don't like seeing some negative reviews :|

    • which negative reviews in particular? Ask away. I have a pair next to me, and am slightly intoxicated, so will tell you the truth

      • Haha, I thought someone above wrote something negative but as I am slightly intoxicated myself I must of read it incorrectly.

        Isn't Bluetooth standard 5.0? I know they release another pair a week ago and it sound pretty smick, however I did notice these were their top spec.
        I'm only looking for something to wear during the day incase I have to study, and maybe gaming via PS4?

        TaoTronics TT-BH079, these good for gym? I bought another brand off here which are actually fine to be honest but always looking for a minor upgrade.

        • last time i tried to pair bt headphones with the ps4 it didnt seem to work. In all honesty i cant remember "which" pair it was. (i have several). but its a bt standard, so its probably user error.

          I'm not sure about BT5. My work and 'personal' phone are BT4? 4.2?, so i wouldnt benefit anyway.

          these good for gym?

          I would not recommend over-ear phones for gym as your ears gets hot and sweaty. I'd go for TT-BH042 which i also own. would recommend. just keep the earbuds clean

          • @Davo1111: Yeah, basically study wear or PS4 but I'm not sure how I'd use bluetooth for PS4 or I'd need wired which I have Bose.

            Are these their top spec? It seems to be their most expensive. I spose I can't expect too much for $80 or so but …

            • @Adelv: not sure tbh (of their products), im happy, wear them daily for work.

              my only 3 "comments" are that

              a) if i take them off and put them down with anc on, it kills the batteries. I think this is a benefit as if you're on a flight, you dont want ANC to turn off after an hour.
              b) (as per any over ear headphones) your ears get warm. In which case i use TT-BH042 on domestics.
              c) you cant charge them and use them at the same time.

  • I need some over ear headphones for big ears. Would taotronics be worth a look?

    • +2

      i have a big head, but "normal" sized ears. Here is a pic with a ruler included.

      I've never had an issue with ear pain, but they do get warmish, which is why i wear the TT earphones on domestic flights.

      • +1

        I expected a picture of your head…..

  • So these are Aussie stock already in the country?

    • (not a rep) but both my orders [last year] from SunValley arrived within 3 days (to Perth). So yeah, id say east coast.

  • +1

    I just don't understand why their top spec has worse spec Bluetooth? 4.2 but their lower model has 5.0?

  • +1

    I am confused between multiple models. Which is the best and the most popular?

  • Are the BH085 better or these? I'm confused to which is the top model?

  • Missed the last deal of a different headphone. Jumped on the wagon with this one. Always thought of buying ANC headphone since I tried my friend's Bose. Let's see how this one works out for me.

  • Any codes for TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier ?

  • What is the codec supported by these?

  • +2

    I bought the "TaoTronics TT-BH079 TWS True-Wireless Earbuds" in the last deal (A$43). They arrived in less than a weeek (didn't take exact note). I have been using a set of Jabra Pulse for the last 3+yrs as a comparison. I have to say I am very impressed. They fit very well. I can shake my head violently and they stay in. The battery life is awesome from my limited tests. I used for 1hr podcast and still report 90% battery left. They are supposed to have 8hrs in teh buds and 40hr total with case. My Jabra Pulse had 2hr from new and now ony get 1hr at best. Sound seems very good to me. Case is very small & pocketable. I only really have 2 minor issues. The first is that each bud has an LED on top that flashes every 12sec or so. Generally this is fine, but not if I want to listen to a podcast in bed while the other half sleeps as it lights up the room. The second is that multiple touches on teh buds (eg pause(2) and skip track(3)) are a bit hit and miss. If I tap quite slowly it seems to register better but need to do a bit more testing. Range is excellent. I can leave phone in the corner of a reasonably big house and no dropouts anywhere in the house. Have had no disconnections during normal use. Very happy so far but have only had for 2 days.

    • +1

      I can shake my head violently and they stay in.

      But why?

      • +1


      • push it to the extreme to test so you can be confident in real world less violent situations.

  • +1

    And still no deal on Bluetooth transmitter and receiver. Disappointing

    Pretty sure it's in stock.

  • So I have a pair of BH-040s from a while back and the sound is pretty good and they are comfortable, still working no problem.

    I bought a pair of BH-085s in the recent deal and they're kind of stiff, tight, they press down on your head, shallow in the ear cups and not comfortable. Ok for kids. Wouldn't have bought them if I had known.

    So I've bought a pair of these BH-046s, as they look more like the BH-040s, being the eternal optimist. My understanding is that Bluetooth 4.2 is fine for music, may reach bandwidth limits on 2-way. I want them pretty much for receiving only.

    • So the BH-046 has bigger ear cups than BH-085?

      • definitely deeper

  • Hi - thanks for posting OP

    Quick question - do the BH046 come with a jack for wired options also? I.e. id like you use them for gaming on switch, Xbox etc. - don’t think the Bluetooth will work with both.

  • Grabbed the BH046. Thanks OP. Keen to try them out.

  • Thank you OP! just wondering do you guys have any plan for the Bluetooth transmitters? like

  • +1

    "TaoTronics stands behind their products with a bonus Free Extended Warranty which you activate by registering your product at"

    Link not working

    • not working for me either

    • Mine was a piece of cake, copy and paste in order number?
      Warranty Ends:2022-11-11 21:14:35

  • how does the true wireless earbud compare with galaxy buds+ and airpod (non pro), bang for buck wise? is it slightly worse or much worse?

  • Grabbed the earbuds. Was after a set of Jabra 75T but these should tide me over until a good deal comes along for the Jabra. Or perhaps these may be good enough to save $200.

  • Anyone recommend these for WFH environment (calls, video conference etc etc)?

  • Thanks. Ordered the BH046 headphones, as I missed out on the BH085 headphones. Although, it's not immediately clear which is the better quality.

  • S5HWFJVG code not working?

  • +2

    Impromptu review:

    I have had the BH046 for around 6 months. The sound is good. Not as good as my Beyerdynamic DT770, but way better than other cheap bt headphones I've tried.

    The noise cancellation does well at cutting out uniform noises like aircon humming, lawnmowers, car noises. Not as great for blocking out voices or the sound of a TV in the other room, just muffles it.

    Super comfortable, doesn't rub my ears. Robust - the arms are metal and the clicky height adjustment mechanism is solid. It's not loose or creaking or worn-looking even though I often fall asleep in them.

    They have better range than my other BT headphones by several meters. The battery is one of the things I'm happiest with as it lasts all day and charges really quickly. I haven't timed it, but they boast 2 hours play after 5 minutes charge.

    Not associated with the brand or seller. Just my thoughts, take it as you will.

    Edit: You can't really use these with the charging cable plugged in.

    • Is it micro-usb or USB-C?

      • Micro

        • +1

          Would have gotten it had it been USB-C.

  • +1

    Deal over for the TaoTronics TT-BH079? Code S5HWFJVG no longer working

    SoundPEATS for $53.10 a good alternative?

  • +2

    S5HWFJVG code seems to be not working. Getting invalid code error message.

    OP can u plz check? Thanks…

  • Would these be good for console gaming?
    Not sure if my equipment has Bluetooth output, but assuming they do, would there be a lag with what I'm seeing on screen?

  • Would have like to have bought the TaoTronics TT-BH079, hopefully OP can deliver another code :)

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