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Click Energy $90 Bill Credit Offer


Just moved house so switched energy providers, ended up choosing Click Energy as they had this deal on offer which is to sign up before 31 May to receive $90 in bill credits over three months – $30 bill credit on each bill for the first 3 months for all new customers.

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Referrer gets $50 credit. Referee gets $25 at signup & $25 after 12 months.

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Click Energy

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  • Can be stack with Amex deal if you saved one :)

  • worst elec retailer ever IMHO

  • Click are one of the worst providers unless you have solar panels

    • What makes them bad? Hidden charges? Or bad customer service? Edit: never mind doesn't look like they service ACT

      • Terrible prices unless you have solar

        Customer service isn't great, but most of them aren't tbh

      • who are they, where are they, no about us links, borderline pass economic students in a flat in melb. retailing power ??

        • They used to be called Amaysim energy. Their plans are bizarre. Electricity requires $130/month plan and gas is $50/month. If you don't use that much, it's more expensive than most retailers.

    • What makes them good for solar? AGL have 21c FIT, how does click compare?

      • Not as good as AGL I don't think, they're mainly only recommended for solar by compare the market etc

        Since I don't have solar I haven't checked into it though

    • Not if you're in Vic with mandatory 12c FIT, click and amaysim are below average now. Before the mandatory fit and solar rebate scheme, they were quite competitive for solar with fit around 18c.

  • Thanks OP, my current 28% DD arrangement with AGL will revert back to 7% from 01st July… just got an email from AGL last week, time to switch!

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    $90 Bill Credit Offer

    Will it also work for Williams ?

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    I used to be with them and my bills were constantly $600-700 and since I moved away my bills have been $300-400 (across 3 different providers)…so honestly I'm not sure if they were reading my meters wrong 🙄

  • Been with Kogan Energy for a while now. Cheapest rates IMO.

  • Do they ping your credit when you sign up?

  • They always send me mails addressed to the “occupier”… not even with them…

  • i have 3 of these amex offers so signed up - seems to be a good deal but might need to inquire the possibility of prepaying my account to use the offers by the end date

  • I was with them for a while, charges kept going up and up, ended up really expensive, finally transferred to Alinta and my final bill was >$900 (no extra usage or time, just because they don't apply any of their "discounts"). Usual bill is ~$400. Also found there was very little information given in their bills to allow you to compare easily. Wouldn't recommend click

  • Click are appalling, I asked them to review my account to put on a cheaper tariff. They did the opposite…stay away…. Complete sharks…. I churned to Energy Aus, now churning to DoDo

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    hey did everyone get the $200 government energy credit?

  • Tango Energy FTW.

  • I'm wondering how often you can churn the cashback offers for energy providers? anyone have experience (might post a topic about it if nobody knows). For example, I've shuffled across 3 providers over the course of 15 months, but once I leave, do i still qualify as a new customer coming back? cashback sites don't seem to specify?

  • Can stack with $50 referral bonus?

    But it seems that there is no way to enter referer's account no.?