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[VIC, SA, QLD, WA] 2-4-1 Pork Ribs $45.90 @ TGI Fridays (until 28 May 20)


TGI Fridays Pork Ribs is one of my favourite, they are juicy and flavoursome.

I have found out, during month of May, they are running promotion 2-4-1 Pork Ribs which essentially makes $45.90 for 2x Pork Ribs, including salad and chips.
You can eat their pork ribs everyday… literally lol

You must use the TGI Fridays app to access this offer. Signing up is free, in case anyone is wondering.

(Order via phone maybe works too, i didn't try though)

Compiled steps on how to order it,

  1. Go to TGI Friday app
  2. Locate Order tab underneath (between Rewards and Find Us)
  3. Set your location,
    Note: I have found manually type suburb worked well, as opposed to Use My Current Location
  4. When presented with suburb name, select the location by pressing >
  5. Choose pickup in venue or delivery
    Note: there's limited range of delivery area
  6. When presented with menu, choose / tap on 2-4-1 PORK RIBS
  7. Tap on (again) on 2-4-1 Pork Ribs (yeah I know, a bit strange UX)
  8. You will be presented with two of "Please select Pork Ribs"
    • Select one of the Pork ribs order
    • Select Pork Ribs (Full Rack) (there is only 1 option anyway), then
    • Choose your favourite basting sauce,
    • You can add sauce (for exra $)
      Tap on "Add to Deal"
      Repeat for the other order
      Then "Add Deal to Cart"
  9. Pickup your order or have it delivered

Enjoy good food!

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  • +1

    2-4-1 Pork Ribs

    that's a lot of ribs.

    • I was just thinking the same.

      • +2

        Also, very hard to divide evenly between two…

    • +1

      I'm sure you could eat more than that.

      • 241 ribs - yah!!

    • +8

      2-4-1 = -3

      • +4

        That's just $15.30 per negative rib.

      • Quick Mafs

        • +2

          The ting goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka
          Skidiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom

  • Get some pork on your fork.

    • +2

      on your fork.

      or use your fingers…

  • So Pick up only right? How many ribs do you normally get on a full rack? Roughly….

    • -1

      Depends on how big the rack is. I like them DD and up.

  • +4

    all the nsw stores are closed so i think its worth adding only valid for vic/sa/qld/wa.

    • +1

      Cheers, I have added the info

    • Anyone have an idea when it will open? Presumably Friday

  • +1

    Buy One Get One Full Rack Pork Ribs with thick cut fries and slaw available on the MyFridays app and Uber Eats app until 28/05/20, or while stocks last. Offer not available in conjunction with any other MyFridays reward, offer or promotion.

  • -2

    Looked at this last time they advertised and no VIC stores will deliver, so pick up only guys

    • You're wrong - the Southbank store delivers, via Uber Eats.

      • A bunch of them do, some via menulog too - https://www.tgifridays.com.au/fridays-at-home/

        Extra $6 through the app, but they at least have the 2-4-1 on there. Plus with the recent $15 code it covers the extra cost and delivery.

        • What's the extra $6 for? Uber Eats is quoting me $2.99 for delivery from Southbank.

          • @AussieZed: I can't add, it's an extra $4.60, shows up as $50.50 in ubereats while the tgi app has it at $45.90.

        • Sorry I meant through the app, where they have advertised free delivery which is what you would use to get these BOGOF ribs. If you look through the app all the locations in VIC will say 'Closed' under the free delivery option.

  • It's a shame TGI only offer a partial menu these days - they no longer offer steaks or salads, for example.

    • +1

      Home delivered steak wouldn't be great though. Steak doesn't get super hot to begin with, stick it in a container to keep warm and it's going to sweat a bit and I imagine go a bit weird, at best you'll get a luke warm piece of meat on your plate.

      With the ease of getting a good bit of meat delivered I'd just cook at home. Buy a thick ribeye for $30, season it, bring it just under temp in the oven then sear it either side for a couple of minutes.

      • +1

        I've had steaks delivered and they're okay. You can just reheat it if it gets warm, no big deal. TGI used to deliver steaks years ago.

        • +5

          Yes but its going to taste like a $10 steak, not a $20-40 steak.

        • +6

          Rewarming a steak is not the best as once the meat hits a temperature above your preferred redness, it doesn't go back during cooling. So if you like your steak rare for example, it's unlikely your microwave would be able to warm it up while keeping the internals under 55c. You could try sousviding the steak, but tat that point you probably should have just made it yourself.

          The only scenario I see this not being an issue is when your steak is already well done - but at that point it is already a $10 steak.

          • @Kill Joy: Meh, I've done it all the time. Often, when I order a big steak from a restaurant, I can't finish the whole thing, so I take home the leftovers. It always tastes okay to me the next day. So, I'd imagine that after a 10 minute trip in a car/bike, it's still going to taste pretty good!

            • @AussieZed: Some people have lower standards then others and thats perfectly fine! If still enjoy your steaks a bit dry more power to you. I personally hate the leathery/cardboardy texture any meat takes on once it passes medium-rare. I sousvide a leg of lamb to perfection on saturday which was amazingly tender and juicy, but struggled to eat it the next day after the microwave which zapped all its juiciness out.

      • +1

        Or slap that bad boy on the Weber

        • If you want a dry steak, yes.

  • +5

    Not a bad deal OP

    But TGIF as a restaurant wouldn’t get any more than a 2/5 from me.

    -Based off dining experience at the Perth location

    • -1

      Have you tried their Jack Daniel's Bacon Cheeseburger !!!

    • The service at the Perth restaurant is terrible from my experience, and in the three times I've been there my food has been luke warm at best each time. But other people I have spoken to have enjoyed it there, I'd say it's about 50/50 in regards to liked it vs didn't like it.

  • +3

    Would not recommend. I ordered a few weeks back from chadstone on uber eats. Order was ready in 10 minutes to my surprise. Tasted 10/10 like a microwave job.

    Ribs and burgers definitely are superior.

    • Have you tried ribs from Sporting Globe? I wonder how the ribs stack up between the 3 places (genuine question)?

      • also would not recommend.
        I asked for tomato sauce and cutlery, they didnt provide (TGIF fountain gate)
        ribs over burn and dry up

        also, the amount of chips is ridiculous VERY SMALL portion, even smaller than the KFC chips medium size.
        i counted the number of chips, only 14 chips !!!

        i am not so happy, considering TGIF is a medium class+ above restaurant

        honestly, i think they need to upgrade their management and service.
        the last time i went to southbank one, they want me and my mrs to squeeze into a very small desk, which located in the middle of where the staff move all the time.
        i asked to be move, they say, they can't… too bad, i am leaving… happy to go to crown foodcourt

        • MPD in Berwick, Victoria. Most expensive steak joint I've been to. They give exactly 4 chips with their steaks.

      • +1

        Just ordered it from Sporting Globe last night. Really juicy yummy ribs. Their chips are really good too, still kept their crunch after a 17 min drive home. I think they do have free delivery between 5pm -9pm. But we are just outside their delivery zone.

        • isnt sporting globe and TGIF the same owner?

          i receive the catalogue, asking the sporting globe customer to pick up from TGIF (fountain gate area)

          • @langitbiru: I ordered through the TGIF app, and picked up from Knox.
            My first time trying TGIF BTW, so I can’t compare. I do agree their sides of chips and coleslaw are tiny.

          • @langitbiru: I think it's the same at Knox where it says TGIF is operating out of Sporting Globe. Didn't know they belonged to the same owner!

  • TGI Fridays Pork Ribs is one of my favourite, they are juicy and flavoursome.

    side eye Literally haven't had anything from TGIF that wasn't garbage.

    • Their pork belly nachos are pretty good. Tiny bit mean on the pork but thats my only complaint really

  • +1

    They are being ozbargained. Tried ordering via the app with no success. Called the Doncaster branch who told me that they had to reboot the app due to a flood of orders!

    • LOL

  • Not there anymore

    • I have just checked the app at 20:03, and the offer appears in the app, make sure you go to order

      • Back on now

  • +1

    I didn't know so many ozbargain folks would pay $45-50 for 2 lots of ribs. Their not huge and the taste is more marinade than actual rub/rib. Happily rub my own and oven (or smoke if I have the time) some juicy ribs myself.

    Hasn't this offer has been available for a long while via UE?

    • +1

      Ribs are pretty expensive here though, so $45 for two racks vs having to cook and wait 5-6hrs on the smoker

      • I might be very lucky with my local butcher, I guess I can just set and forget without applying much time to it

      • I just wish I could find a butcher that sold anything but shiners

  • +1

    Since they canned the BOGOF Entertainment Book offer a year or so ago, I ain't been back to TGIF… So this is basically the equivalent of that, might entice me back!

  • Can someone comment on how large one rack of ribs is?

    • +1

      About yay big.


      • +1

        I hope you didn't type that on your phone.

  • also available on uber eats

  • -1

    You would have to be concerned about the future of restaurants like these. They are losing tons of money on top-end rent, staff, not selling booze and copping it on delivery costs. It will get worse in the next few months as this is a bit of a cashed bogan place but this is the group most vulnerable to economic shocks. Tough to get good staff in these places and they may not come back.

  • Was thinking about ordering these for dinner on Friday, until I read the reviews, both here and on Google.

    Does anyone have anything good at all to say about their ribs?

    • +2

      They’re pretty good - just not worth anywhere near $45

      • +2

        2 sets for $45 is more reasonable I guess?

        • +2

          Value is relative to me. Considering a full rack of plain pork ribs at woolies is around $15, at 2 for $45 you are basically paying $10 per rib for all the marinade ingredients and to have it all prepared and cooked for you. To me that's a pretty good deal even for average ribs. I don't even really mind TGIF ribs, but I agree with op, $45 for 1 rack is way to much for it.

          • @Nos 4r2: Thanks for the replies guys!

            Will give it a go and see how it turns out.

  • +1

    I could order tastier ribs from a local independent restaurant for cheaper on doordash/etc.

  • Ordered through the app and currently waiting for 15 minutes to pick up at Sporting Globe. None of the staff knew what's going on. Very poor communication. This is despite me calling ahead and confirming they had the order and would be ready for collection. Wouldn't recommend.

    • What about from the taste point of view? Did you enjoy it?

  • +1

    Thanks for the deal OP, enjoyed a very filling meal between 3 people for dinner tonight :)

  • +1

    Bought 2 sets for dinner tonight, and I think they were more than decent!

    Fries - 10/10
    TGIF Ribs - 8/10
    Honey Chipotle - 7/10
    Slaw - 3-4/10

    With the promotion, disregarding the slaw, overall was a 8.5/10 for me.

    The missus gave a 9.9/10!

    Would definitely get it at least a couple more times during the promotion period.

  • +1

    Got 2 sets again for dinner earlier today. From the same outlet.

    Previous week's ribs were smokey, tender and falling off the bone.
    And had a decent size and heaps of crunchy yet fluffy chips.

    Today's ribs was none of those things.
    No flavour, tough, rubbery, had to work to get them off the bone.
    Small portions as well.
    Chips were lukewarm and soggy.

    Overall was probably a 3/10. Exact polar opposite of what I had last week.

    This inconsistency is very disconcerting.

  • This offer is still showing on Uber. I just ordered some from Southbank Vic, stacked with the 15% off pickup discount.